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  1. Considered him and here are my thoughts: If Davis were any good, I'd care, but I don't view Davis as the driving force behind whether a manager stays or goes. Yes, we've committed money to him, and he won't go anywhere. If he was a detriment to team morale I would suspect its not because of Buck, and it better not be because of his salary, it would be because he is blocking someone. Deep down, even Davis probably wants to get out of the way.
  2. I keep hearing the sentiment that Buck's shtick gets worn out on players after long, and that a change would be well timed so the players hear a fresh voice/style/etc. But if we turn over the roster THIS significantly so it is essentially a brand new group at the MLB level, his message would be fresh to them, no? If we're talking about him not being aligned with GM/FO moves to the detriment of the on-field record, that is one thing. But if the veteran MLB roster became tone def to him, and they were not aligned with Buck, we're replacing those guys.
  3. Strong contender for my new #1 nightmare. 😨
  4. Sometimes I wonder which I like more: eating the food or eating the menu. A transforming org is a treat compared to an expensive, sometimes winning, MLB team. I must be an operations guy.
  5. DUUUUDES Duuudes dudes dudes. This is fun again.
  6. I think there should be an Adam Jones fantasy camp. Where you get to BE Adam Jones, I mean. Wasn't there a vacation you go on with Adam, Jim, Cal and Roy maybe? Or am I still asleep?
  7. I'm curious if there is a way to measure opposing player performances against the Orioles as having been their career best. I have to think a fair amount of career bests like: innings for starters, strikeouts for starters, fewest hits allowed for starters come against us the past few seasons.
  8. I used to pine for easier matchups, but now I prefer the team to just beat whomever is in their path. If it's going to happen, have it happen like that.
  9. This could be why he has a foot on the bag, then. To give him a boundary or point of reference. I recall in the KC series in 2014 where we had that unorthodox choreography with Pearce to try and slow down the speedy KC runners. Here's an article on it from the series: "Orioles become imposition to Royals running game"... KC has just one stolen base as Showalter employs first baseman off the bag
  10. Would the 1st baseman need to be standing in foul territory for this to work? Would that put him in the wrong place, fielding-wise, if the pitcher throws to the batter and not 1st? He'd be out of position of the ball is put in play, no? I think it's easier for the middle infielders because everything is coming to them... The throw from home, the runner, even the bag for the shortstop who is moving that way. For the first baseman holding the runner, the ball may still be out in play and they need to be able to cut down on the whole between 1st and 2nd by stepping into that area of the pitcher doesn't throw over. It makes some sense for throws behind the runner by the catcher, but that's an awful lot of footwork around the bag.
  11. De Aza comes to mind. Both provided a spark too.
  12. AdamK

    Crazy stat.

    brach and givens?
  13. Is this a report I can get an RSS for?
  14. not so far today on my phone (Android Nexus 5 running lollipop) but it was multiple times daily prior to that. Sent to some facebook looking survey with a pop up of its own. </Russia>
  15. AdamK

    DFA Ubaldo

    It would be nice to trade him for something that had a repeatable motion. Srsly though, I was hoping to log on this morning to find the issue has been resolved.
  16. The only appropriate response then is for Buck to charge Farrell, or what Frobby says below.
  17. The crowd started the applause. Some Red Sox joined in because of it. You know players on that team were thinking... oh fudge...are we still doing this now with Manny?
  18. It can't really be more if the Manager, or someone on his staff makes the call to do it. The player could be afraid not to in that case. Managers need to know they'll get suspended too, so they can make it clear to the team to not go coconut hunting. Until they are implicated (either for making the call themselves or allowign a staff member to do it for them) the total suspension won't feel adequate.
  19. Full disclosure, this is not Vasquez or Martin, but is essentially what each frame attempt feels like to me...
  20. This is what I'm getting at. At some point, perhaps with some of the less subtle catchers, it should have a negative impact instead of zero impact over the course of a game/season. I actually like the move when selectively used. But seeing a guy like Martin or Vasquez bring 3 out of 4 pitches into the zone gets under my skin. I don't watch other games, so maybe the are worse offenders.
  21. Russell Martin might have competition when it comes to the distance his mitt travels after receiving a pitch in Boston's catcher. Over the course of one season, I'd guess Martin's glove travels 3/4 mile. Should this be a new metric? This, coupled with "strikes that were balls", might actually be interesting, and potentially ID catchers who are more selective at this AND those who abuse the tactic. PS. It's irritating.
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