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  1. I would only be speculating but he has a bit of NYY 'I'm the best' vibe, and he earned it from his success in Korea, but I can see it being an issue on this team. We know Buck is not racist but he does not tolerate divas. Either way, it seems there is something going on more than the numbers.
  2. Have you seen this? Kim could be a beast: Likely he rubbed Buck the wrong way due to cultural differences, and got on the **** list.
  3. No I just notice a pattern with Buck, that he sets players up to fail who rub him wrong, then play the Ryan Flahertys and Joey Rickards into the ground because they are 'finds'.
  4. He hits 230 at most, Kim has the ability to be a new Arod or Ichiro, they definitely set him up to fail. They tell these players Spring training stats don't matter, it's just to warm up then use it against them.
  5. This guy was the Arod or Ichiro of Korea and they did not even give him a chance. They should be playing him every game and if in mid-May he's not cutting it, fine. It annoys me seeing losers like Pedro Alvarez who look sluggish at the plate get to play everyday but not a potential superstar. :angryfire:
  6. Valhalla


    Anyone else disturbed by this and think Jones should be reprimanded? Buck specifically banned the pie, but Jones thinks he is above his manager's rules. Not a good start.
  7. Exiling this topic to a board no one visits will not make this terrible trade disappear, he is going to win the Cy Young. Tomorrow the O's will be sitting and watching him dominate the playoffs, while they remain losers on their sofa.
  8. Why is no one holding DD accountable for one of the worst trades in the history of the franchise? All they had to do was let him throw a cutter and use his own mechanics, and our genius coaches would rather throw him in the garbage than let him do that? This is why we may have a good season or two every decade, but are destined to be losers.
  9. With you on KC, this year especially. There is a reason they are #1 in HBP so far.
  10. Yes I think outside the box, it is my career and I am at the very top of my field, because I see what others don't and am a valued asset. Only on a sports forum if you think outside the box, the pitchforks come after you. In the corporate and business world it is the #1 most valued asset. But I won't argue with you, just know that when the O's miss the play-offs next year, remember this topic that the Red Sox are making moves to win, and the O's are taking advantage of their fanbase's loyalty and letting key pieces walk away. Also, signing JJ Hardy before the ALCS was an insane move.
  11. It seems you guys do not like someone who thinks outside the box. When Roy Firestone does it, it's okay, but when others do it, it is a big thing. That is fine. I won't post topics anymore but you should think about being more welcoming to outside the box opinions. In a vacuum of blind optimism, nothing is ever accomplished.
  12. I know that people only want to see puppies and sunshine here, but the Red Sox are spending hundreds of millions to sign talent like Handley, Sandovel, Cespedes, Lester. The O's are not putting any extra money in to compete. It is a lovely thought that we don't need any extra talent, or free agents, but it is unrealistic. While the Red Sox are building a team stacked to win another WS, the O's are letting Cruz and Miller slip away. If you take away Cruz from 2014 we wouldn't even make wild card.
  13. Nevermind, not worth fighting. Being called an 'idiot' and 'moron' though, I am going to take the high road. Great maturity on this site. At least I remember why traditional internet forums like this are dying across the web.
  14. There is nothing wrong with only following winning teams. Who is keeping score? Wasting thousands of hours a year on losers is a loser's mentality. Fans need to be way harder on their teams and put more pressure on their markets to bring out winners IMO. You all seem to be acting like it is okay we lost but that is a loser's mentality. WS or nothing.
  15. I just look at the results. The fact is, Buck has had a track record of failure in the post season, followed by success by the managers who follow him. You can all make excuses and act like this is all a magical coincidence, or realize there is something in his managing style that does not lead to post season success. If this was one instance, maybe, but it is with every team he has ever managed, they choke in the post season.
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