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  1. Spot on. I felt the same way. It was tough to get through on all levels.
  2. Part of the problem is people equating criticism of the decision's impact on the team's ability to make a move, with saying he's a bad guy. Nobody is making the argument exercising his rights and caring about charity makes him some kind of jerk. But if you want the team to be able to do everything they can to acquire talent and get better. Jones vetoing trades doesnt help. Having said all that, I doubt anybody the Phillies woulda gave us would be all that intriguing.
  3. The crazy thing about Trumbo is his numbers are demonstrably better when he plays RF, vs 1B or DH. So making him full-time DH doesnt work any better. You make up for his defensive liability, but you lose the bat, which is all he's good for. Since he's been an Oriole, he's got an .877 OPS when he plays RF. These numbers were as of a couple weeks ago. As a DH: 2016: .243/.296/.496 .791 OPS 2017: .207/.268/.367 .635 OPS 2018: .223/.291/.386 .677 OPS As a RF: 2016: .267/.332/.556 .888 OPS 2017: .331/.368/.508 .876 OPS 2018: .316/.361/.509 .869 OPS
  4. So are any of these guys they got in all these trades gonna be able to crack the rotation in a couple years? I mean, they will because somebody has to pitch. Just seems like a lot of relievers. As far as I can tell, Kremer from the Dodger trade is the best SP prospect.
  5. I mean, between the two of 'em can you give me one? I'll take #100. No? Ok, gimme what you got then. lol
  6. Agreed. That MVP at 22 screwed with people.
  7. Trumbo always seems tad surely to me. Could just be the look he always has on his face.
  8. I can see that. A hypothetical scenario like Coolbaugh was inclined to work every day for a month, they worked hard for a week and Davis says "I'm good". Palmer's re-telling of the convo coulda been related poorly, where "We didnt work as much as we would have liked" turned into "we didnt work" on the post-game. Or something along those lines.
  9. Taking this and Palmer's convo at face value, it almost sounds like they did actually work, but Coolbaugh either didnt care for the results or the effort. But I'm admittedly reading a lot into it and filling in the gaps
  10. Then he should have plenty of people to commiserate with. That's 75% of the team.
  11. These names being tossed around as additions, with the ones already signed, are not inspiring much optimism for the coming year.
  12. justice98

    The Rotation

    I thought it was interesting the difference in his numbers when he played first base or DH vs OF. As an OF: 350 PA, 10HR, 44 RBI, .271/.327/.435, .761 OPS As a 1B/DH: 230 PA, 10 HR, 32 RBI, .313/.357/.531, .888 OPS Basically, they need to unload Trumbo to free up more opportunties at 1B/DH to get the most out of Mancini.
  13. He was on it, had an MVP caliber year. Was off it and slumped badly. Got back on a new ADHD med and rebounded. That had me expecting the meds made all the difference. But he presumably has been on whatever he takes ever since and he's been not good, so that theory went out the window.
  14. Or making contact on pitches right down the middle of the plate.
  15. With all due respect to Jones, I dont care what he wants. This should be a situation where the owner sends them back to Buck and Duquette. What is the desired outcone of this, other than Jones goes to Angelos, than Angelos goes to Buck/Duquette saying "Adam wants X, Y, and Z, let's make it happen", either on a personal level to Jones or on roster construction.
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