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  1. I watched the entire game last night...and then, after the ninth inning, my wife who doesn't even like baseball got to hear all about it.
  2. I'm leaning the same direction as you. I think with everything I've read about power struggles and some of the nonsense that has been going on, I'm really interested in seeing Dan Duquette being given reigns to build this team. Hopefully he gets the chance to get involved in the international market and get to operate like a modern franchise. I'm not pulling Duquette to the side and saying this team is bad because of Brady and Buck alone, but I want to succeed or fail knowing that this was the vision of the club, not a product of conflicting voices and factions behind the scenes. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys out there. Hopefully we keep stocking up.
  3. I truly hope that he was just criticizing the semantics of the word choice because with the way this team is playing, it doesn't look like the fans are buying anything, especially tickets. If Buck isn't on board with the rebuild than it's time for him to pack up his desk. He needs to understand, reality dictates a rebuild. It's entirely possible he is just portraying to the media that he isn't giving his guys and excuse to lay down and they still want to win, but if even a part of him is going through his cellphone contact list, scrolling past Cody Rasmus, looking for more aged veterans with a busted wheel, he is going to need to be shown the door.
  4. I'm definitely appreciative of the good times. There was definitely a time when I felt like we had a chance to win every time Tillman was on the mound. Sure, there were games that we would still be the underdog in the pitching match up, but you felt like he could keep us in striking distance. He probably never had the aura of a true ace, but he was a fighter and for a time that personified the feel of this team, for me at least. On a side note, anybody else do a double take when they realized he was only 30?
  5. "Rura Penthe was a penal colony planetoid utilized by the Klingon Empire. Located in the Beta Penthe system in Sector 21166, in the Beta Quadrant, it was widely known as "the alien's graveyard," due to the fact that the life expectancy for a prisoner there was, at most, one year. " Posting this just to save everyone else the time. I'm not a Star Trek guy so that reference went right over my head.
  6. Right. I haven't even seen Dustin Mays pitch or even heard much about him, but then I see all the enthusiasm for him so, I'm like "oh, nice!" Then I see a bunch of writers saying he is in the deal, then a bunch of others say he is not in the deal. I am just going to shut up until the deal is done. I don't even have the background knowledge of these players to even add to the discussion!
  7. I really don't think he is going to be able too. Like I said, I think what he was actually doing was trying to be shocking, but I think with some of the later tweets also it's clear that he had some prejudice in him as well. Bottom line though, he tweeted these things and he is going to have to answer for them. Me saying I think he was going for shock comedy is a spin on a tweet from a guy I don't even know so, it's purely giving him the benefit of the doubt. He has a lot to own up to, especially with his fans and teammates.
  8. This is what got me. Granted, I have never actually been to his twitter so, I don't know how often he tweets, but you have to believe that these were buried. So, some guy went and saw that Josh Hader, a relief pitcher of all things, was on the all-star team and he just went to work on that twitter. Why weren't they deleted? He probably didn't even remember he tweeted these things. I think it's song lyrics and really just trying to tweet shocking things for comedic effect. I'm sure these things will be used against him and he will have a lengthy PR rehabilitation campaign, but it's a teenager tweeting stupid stuff to shock and make their friends laugh. Doesn't help him that it happens to hit on the blessed trinity of triggering topics in 2018 (racism, homophobia, language about women). I'm confident that he has grown from that time period and I think exposure to the world around you and the different people you meet sort of inspire you to not want to post things like that anymore, not because of fear of consequence but because you see the world differently.
  9. Definitely looks like a PR nightmare is about to descend upon Josh.
  10. He's working on becoming a 2-tool player.
  11. Really disappointed to see the limited number of wins to his name when he has that kind of production. Luckily, his other stats speak for him, but when you consistently put out that type of performance it's very disheartening to see that his team was not able to translate that into more wins. Hopefully his next team can take advantage more often.
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