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  1. I know what you mean about Roch. I don't think I would call him a shill, but he definitely engages with the fanbase in a way that is dismissive and sort of "if you are unhappy with 'X' aspect of team, you just can't understand the intricacies as to why that is lacking or the overall strategy." Maybe there are some Roch fans who disagree, but that has always been my read of him, wrong or right. I think on some level though, the reporting falls to the macro vs micro level as well. So on the macro (national), is it good to see a team clearly not doing everything it can to win, as to improve
  2. But no matter what, there is interpretation that you are making on the manager or GM's answers. For instance, I don't really see them dancing around questions when they are asked. They seem to fully acknowledge the poor performance of the pitching staff and underperforming players in general. There was even an instance on MASN where one of the commentators was trying to nicely refer to Maikel Franco's poor play and he was cut off by the other guy who said, "Bad. The word you are looking for is bad." Now, they don't call that player trash or call for launching them into the sun, but I don't thi
  3. Root for the W, but when the L inevitably comes take solace in the silver lining so we don't cry ourselves to sleep. I can genuinely say I was mad yesterday, but after moving through my stages of grief, I have that silver lining to explain to all my baseball fan friends that though it looks like I took nothing but Ls the past couple days, really they are Ws. I'm practically addicted to copium at this point.
  4. Surprisingly, the MASN podcast has been critical of players, debates the attention to major league product, talks about disappointing minor league players who were supposed to be quality, how bad the trades in 2018 were, etc. Baltimore Sun pretty regularly talks about the disappointing performances of the team. Now don't get me wrong, they are not raging the way the fanbase is and even me responding the way I did, isn't really to undermine your point of this thread. When you see a performance like we saw this weekend, this is so below major league quality that you want to see local m
  5. I've seen regular criticism of the team and individual performances from local media sources (including MASN), but it typically isn't laced with profanity and/or irrational knee-jerk terminations and call ups of the entire minor league rosters so people choose to ignore it. But yes, even MASN has questioned whether enough attention was put into the major league product this season. I think fans just want to see their vitriol echoed and if it isn't, they are shills.
  6. Anyways, good luck to Josh Rogers. Maybe he will get some consistent playing time and prove to have some value for the Nationals. So far, there is nothing about his performance that really should warrant a post lamenting us moving on from him. If he can prove to be a major league quality pitcher, congratulations to him, but I don't think the O's missed out on an essential part of an upcoming Os playoff team.
  7. I'm starting to notice some consistent trends in your posts.
  8. Good performance by Chris Ellis today. RISP still incredibly disappointing, but he gave us a great start for the day. Take the W!
  9. The only thing I am thinking about right now is the at bats they had with RISP and still failed to get the big hit. We know the inconsistency of the bullpen exists so, they have to start capitalizing on our chances that they do create. It's a difficult game, but got to take advantage and create as much cushion as possible with the caliber of pitching that they bring to the field every day.
  10. I hope whoever has that whistle has an absolutely terrible evening.
  11. Between this and some of these New Era hats (prototypes?) you see from time to time, really concerned about the design standards for some MLB merchandise these days.
  12. This is all just a "feeling" about a team, but, while I loved the 2014 season, that 2012 team was so fun. 2014 just felt more like a powerhouse and I felt like we were the favorite to win every single night, but there was something about the grind of that 2012 team (and somehow only a 3 game difference between the two!). It was scrappy, it seemed to have more personality to it. I loved that confidence I felt about the 2014 team, but 2012 just felt like the underdog, good guys breaking through. Sometimes we forget, there was air of fun around Chris Davis. I still remember "Big Game" Joe Sa
  13. I'm leaning the same direction as you. I think with everything I've read about power struggles and some of the nonsense that has been going on, I'm really interested in seeing Dan Duquette being given reigns to build this team. Hopefully he gets the chance to get involved in the international market and get to operate like a modern franchise. I'm not pulling Duquette to the side and saying this team is bad because of Brady and Buck alone, but I want to succeed or fail knowing that this was the vision of the club, not a product of conflicting voices and factions behind the scenes. I'm loo
  14. I truly hope that he was just criticizing the semantics of the word choice because with the way this team is playing, it doesn't look like the fans are buying anything, especially tickets. If Buck isn't on board with the rebuild than it's time for him to pack up his desk. He needs to understand, reality dictates a rebuild. It's entirely possible he is just portraying to the media that he isn't giving his guys and excuse to lay down and they still want to win, but if even a part of him is going through his cellphone contact list, scrolling past Cody Rasmus, looking for more aged veterans w
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