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  1. Baseball is very expensive to play and you can't play it that effectively with no equipment and a couple of friends. With football all you need is a ball 2 people. With basketball a ball and a hoop and 2 people. Baseball, unless you're hitting off a tee or throwing into one of those bounce back nets (which gets boring quickly), you just can't do by yourself. Besides playing catch I guess. But how much can you do that? Baseball is going the way of the dodo because it hasn't (and probably won't) adapt to a changing environment. We can't be mad at people for not being entertained by a sport that was basically the only form of entertainment aside from movies in its heyday.
  2. I think this would be a good signing. I think it's important to see what we've got (pitching wise) and the best way to do that is to back them up with above-average defenders behind him. If we're not concerned about winning, let's try it.
  3. if we're talking about ex-Phillies infielders, how much would Cesar Hernandez cost?
  4. Really good stuff. I love reading about these DSL guys and hope one works out.
  5. why don't you take your all-knowing powers and help him do some pitch recognition? Is this actually Cal Ripken posting? Because if not, you're just a troll.
  6. I don't think you can blame buck entirely for this loss. However, his management of the roster this season has not been up to par. Specifically, the pitching staff. It doesn't take a scout to see that gonzalez came out with NOTHING in the 6th inning, yet it took getting smacked around by numerous batters to even get anyone up in the bullpen. Then, strop. Why does strop need to pitch in this game? In a high leverage situation? This is a time for Tommy Hunter who can ease the pen for a few innings if needed (or lose the game with a HR). At least he's going to throw strikes and not make it painful to watch. Strop needs to work in low leverage situations and get his confidence back and not thrust into a situation that he isn't ready for. I truly believe it's a lack of confidence in strop that causes manny to rush that throw.
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