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  1. Didn’t the Red Sox pick before the orioles ?
  2. Nothing ages better than a forum poster saying a draft is terrible. I remember the outrage at GrayRod. I was similarly upset but then i realized that I don’t know crap about any of these players and i doubt anyone here knows much about them either.
  3. You can't legally stream the games for free though. You're just fine with stealing it (not casting judgment, but that's what it is, no?)
  4. Yeah I don't really agree that this guy is killing this level. I'm no scout, but when I've seen him the 3 times I have, he has not looked like someone well above the competition. Good pitching seems to routinely have his number.
  5. Certainly there must be some arms out there that can eat innings while we wait for the cavalry, right? Harvey looks like he's a lost cause.
  6. We can see from the NFL with Mel Kiper how little people care about these so called "scouts" and predictors of success being accurate
  7. 100% agree. Was triggered by the Mike Flanagan thing. Would delete it if I could but I can’t. Apologies to all.
  8. Eddie, I'm confused. You said that you wanted to have a discussion and you didn't like my short replies. So I made a long one. You didn't like that one either, but your response was short and didn't say anything except something that I never said. I think you're being intentionally dense here so there's not much left to say. I think my point was very clear. I didn't call you names (just returned a dig that you tossed at me, but certainly that hasn't upset you this much) and now I've got this jackwagon telling me to leave my children without a father. As for the other comment I ma
  9. You just called me ignorant and now you're going to say I'm ad homming you??? I guess you're not interested in a discussion either! But you can take solace, really genuine people like @OsFan2001can back you up with racist, homophobic, and violent statements on the internet!
  10. Please point to where I said the data you used was made up. Actually, don't. I really don't need you to show me where I didn't say that. Who's ignorant now? My point was: I really doubt anyone was interested in seeing a giant post that takes up your entire screen with posts on it. You posted comments from accounts with a very minimal amount of followers. NONE of them are verified. NONE. This doesn't mean that they're BS, but it should be taken into account. What in the world is Hold2LLC? Why should I care what they say? Their twitter bio says they "invest intelligently in
  11. Don't really see the harm and seeing if he can figure out.
  12. I am glad you've said your peace. This is an orioles board, not a spam everyone with twitter posts that support my beliefs board. Take it to 4chan
  13. what a bunch of absolute tripe
  14. It's pretty obvious after even a cursory search.
  15. I think this report is the exception to the rule, not the rule, and should be treated as such. Don't get all worried so easily
  16. It would seem like they are using some device that requires a phone screen, not paper. I've seen this in many places, or maybe they want to avoid you printing out the paper and then handing it to the person checking you in. Though, I'd assume a lot of people will do that with their phones.
  17. You're probably right. I always liked his stuff. I hope he makes it
  18. I hope Zach succeeds and I think it was a mistake to lose him. I do not think this is proven by him throwing a couple spring training scoreless innings, however.
  19. Baseball is very expensive to play and you can't play it that effectively with no equipment and a couple of friends. With football all you need is a ball 2 people. With basketball a ball and a hoop and 2 people. Baseball, unless you're hitting off a tee or throwing into one of those bounce back nets (which gets boring quickly), you just can't do by yourself. Besides playing catch I guess. But how much can you do that? Baseball is going the way of the dodo because it hasn't (and probably won't) adapt to a changing environment. We can't be mad at people for not being entertained by a spor
  20. I think this would be a good signing. I think it's important to see what we've got (pitching wise) and the best way to do that is to back them up with above-average defenders behind him. If we're not concerned about winning, let's try it.
  21. if we're talking about ex-Phillies infielders, how much would Cesar Hernandez cost?
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