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  1. No I mean the two guys we traded for Saunders last year whose names I can't remember. There was a large group of people who were upset that we gave up those guys. There is always a group of people who think it's completely tlrational to give up no name players for value.
  2. It's always funny that people go on and on about the O's making a trade and then when they do people gripe about us giving up too much. How are the guys who we traded for Saunders doing? I seem to recall a large group of people who were upset about us giving up two guys who will most likely never do anything. This is the risk you take to try and win. We have a window now and I for one am glad to see the team making moves to stay competitive.
  3. Can anyone make a gif of the pitch he struck out on in the third? It was one of the worst swings I've ever seen.
  4. Maybe reactionary, but I tend to agree with you. I have no faith in him. When he comes in chalk it up to us giving up on the game.
  5. This lineup needs to hit Hughes hard tonight. On paper this is easily the most winnable game of the series.
  6. This minus Strop. The only I would pitch him is with at least a 5 run lead....and even then I would second guess myself.
  7. Agree with this. I can stomach it when we lose to a team of high salary all stars, but watching guys who haven't been good for years beat us is terrible.
  8. For the record, I am happy to hear that he looks to be improving. I just can't help but be skeptical since we have heard this about these guys before. I've always liked Britton the most of the cavalry guys.
  9. Worried yes, panicking no. Once Chen is back that will help. Hoping Gonzalez can help out. He will be better than Garcia/Jurrjems regardless. I would be panicking if we were pitching this badly and all our pitchers were healthy.
  10. With guys like Britton and Arrieta you need to wait until they leave the game before proclaiming they look great. They both usually look good for an innings or two before they melt down. How manytime have we seen them strike out the side or have a 5 pitch innings and then next inning walk 3 straight guys.
  11. In the game the other night where he blew the save my wife commented that he looked very pale and the today they had a closeup of his face he he looked like he was feeling horrible. I'm hoping the recent struggles are a cold or something. When he is bad, he is really bad.
  12. Anyone who would actually raise their batting average by going 1 for 8 at the plate probably shouldn't be in a major league lineup.
  13. Maybe I'm just being cynical, but I feel like for the most part pitchers who "figure it out" typically don't figure it out permanently. There are certainly exceptions.....I believe that Tillman has figured out some of his issues, although his appeared to be more mechanical as opposed to mental. I don't think that pitchers like Arrieta and Strop will ever be truly dependable because their mental state at any given time seems to dictate how they approach batters. Perhaps the best we can hope for with Strop is for him to figure it out enough that he at least becomes a semi-valuable trade chip.
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