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  1. Moderators, you threaten to ban posters for using the word "apologists" and you let disparaging remarks like this to continue?
  2. What I meant by insulting I fell some of your responses are sarcastic/caustic. I believe you when you say you have been critical in the areas you documented
  3. I feel for you. I am in the same boat you are. I love the O?s, and I am a current season ticket holder. Anyone that offers any criticism of the team in the vast majority of posters on this forum ?hates the team.? They don?t realize that we love the team but we are not going to be a rubber stamp for everything we see wrong with the organization. Can of Corn insults posters regularly. You use the word ?apologist? and the moderators threaten to ban you. It is becoming obvious that this isn?t a forum. This is a Baltimore Orioles public relations site. Many us were not happy with the club doing nothing to improve in the off-season. Through 44 games it looks like we knew what we were talking about
  4. Even though we are 10th in all of baseball in operating budget I will go with the prevailing opinion on this forum that the prudent thing to do was to let the three free agents walk. Are you find with replacing them with Travis Snyder? I believe we have 12 free agents at the end of this year. Our minor league system is rated next to last in all of baseball. What is our plan?
  5. [ Point well taken Drungo in regards to my earlier post. I apologize for my rant. I would have signed Andrew Miller. If you do not sign Miller, I would have paid for the additional year in Cruz?s contract. I would not have resigned Markakis. If you lose all three players you have to come up with more than Travis Snider to replace them. According to Forbes the Orioles are 10th in all of baseball in operating income. According to baseball America http://www.baseballamerica.com/international/2014-international-spending-team/ we are 29th out of 30 teams in international spending. Our minor leagues are ranked 29th out of 30 teams. http://www.baseballamerica.com/majors/2015-organization-talent-rankings/ We are next to last in international spending, and our minor leagues are ranked 29th out of 30 teams. What does this say about our future? What is this organization?s plan? Is it to save money in order to pay the Nats a lump sum in the MASN dispute? Does Mr. Angelos want to put a winning team on the field, or is he more concerned about the bottom line.
  6. Stating the facts. I have been an O's fan for 51 years. I want them to succeed. But I am not going to be an apologist and a rubber stamp for everything they do. We could put Adam Jones on waivers and some posters and moderators would show their blind support for the move. Nothing this club does in their eyes can be a bad move. They will come up with a variety of acronyms to justify Adam Jones being cut. I have coached college and high school baseball for 31 years. I have always surrounded myself with good baseball people that challenge me. The media in this town writes out of fear that any criticism will result in lost advertising from the O's Buster Olney documented the tongue lashing he would receive from Angelos when he wrote anything critical about the club. The only media member that stands up to the Angelos regime is neither a viable nor a respected journalist. I want the best for this franchise. I am sorry I did not see the commitment to winning like I saw from the team 50 miles down the road.
  7. In the month of May 2.94 runs per game Overall record 18-20 Only four teams have a worse record in the American League.
  8. Stop, Stop, Stop!!!!!! There is such a thing called the eye test. Have we replaced Markasis's defense? What about the pitches the batter in the lineup that batted before Cruz last year? They could not pitch around him. We have 8 games where we have scored three runs or less. There is a lot more to the game to than the analytics you are trying to apply. Pitch selection for the hitters in front of Cruz is enormous..
  9. We are 40 games into our season, in last place in our division, and have only three teams in the AL have a worse record. Our plan to let the best reliever in baseball, the defending HR leader, and a right fielder that was adequate leave and do nothing to replace them appears to be flawed. Our plan that production from Manny and Wieters returning and would offset the loss of the free agents would only be successful if we had no injuries. In the winter of 2014 Keith Law said in an interview that he thought in 2016 the Orioles would have a dominant pitching staff with Erod, Harvey, and Bundy. With Harvey possibly facing Tommy John surgery, and Erod in Pawtucket, only Bundy is left. Which brings me to this question. What is this organization?s plan? What the organization has to realize is they have a potential World Series team right down the road. You better try to put a good product on the field. If not you are going t lose fans particularly young fans in Howard And Anne Arundel Counties. People like a winner. Right now that is the Nats.
  10. Defensively Snider compared to Markakis is a major downgrade. Not even close. We will see where we end up at the end of the year. There is a lot of season left. Right now the lack of trying to make improvements to the team from outside the organization has landed us in last place.
  11. I was quoting Stan the Fan who I hold in high regard. If you lose Cruz, Miller and Nick, when the team is in position to be a contender, you have to make an effort to replace their production. We miss Nick?s defense and on base percentage, Cruz?s bat, and Miller is the best reliever in baseball. We did NOTHING to replace their production. We went in with a flawed theory of Manny and Wieters returning. For that theory to be successful the team would have to go through the entire 2015 season with no injuries. We have gone from being on the cusp of a championship, to a team that through the first 29 games appears to have numerous flaws. People keep up bringing up the economics of the three free agents, and the club not being able to afford them. I will go with argument. My point is you just can?t lose three players of that caliber and replace them with a rule 5 pick, Travis Snyder, and I don?t know who they were planning to fill the void left by Cruz.
  12. I was driving home from baseball practice yesterday morning listening tom1370 am and Stan the Fan Charles the owner of press box. Charles said that he was in favor of signing Miller. He said the O's made no effort to sign him. He said since the front office made no effort to sign Miller, they should have taken the Miller money and allocated the money for the additional year Cruz was asking for. Charles said both moves right now look have backfired on the O"s. He said Miller's success with the arch rival Yankees "has been a real slap in the face." The logic of doing nothing and depending on Manny and Wieters was flawed from the start. I know there is a lot of baseball left, but right now there are not a lot of positive signs.
  13. I know you are being sarcastic but multiple players on the team also question the poor off season. Near the bottom in international spending, and more importantly you lose the best reliever and defending home run champ to free agency and you replace them with Travis Snyder. If this season continues to go south the poor off season second guessing in the clubhouse will grow.
  14. The best stuff of any releifer in O's history. I got destroyed on this board this winter when I said that. Who is doubting me now? Once again this club did NOTHING to improve themselves in the off season.
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