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  1. Ummm...we aren’t a semi-good team, are we?
  2. Cash Alberto, Santander, and Castro in for those PTBNL’s!!! Get em while they’re hot!
  3. Palmer can say whatever he wants with no repercussion. Not the case for any of the other MASN sheeple
  4. Failed hit and run? That was not smart base running. At. All.
  5. Sulser! Could be a huge steal...
  6. Talent is definitely there, just needs experience. Growing pains are expected.
  7. It’s a broken record, but Davis kills this team. I bet anyone else in that spot would’ve at least put the darn ball in play.
  8. Not really. Couldn’t catch up to 91. Then watched 2 meatballs down the pipe.
  9. Well, I mean, if presented with a choice😝
  10. Meh. I’d take Perlman over her
  11. That 3B coach should be sent home. Gotta send a speedy guy like Hays home with their ace on the mound. Got to.
  12. Hays could’ve scored. That’ll hurt.
  13. You can argue that this is more of a cost-cutting period than a rebuild. I think people just need to adjust their expectations. 3-4 years is not realistic in this case. 2025 is when I think we may start seeing a bit of an uptick. The question, though, is can it go that long?
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