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  1. That is what I fear, although new ownership will be nice. We’ll get a few years into the rebuild and Elias will take a better job elsewhere. Then again, the transition from McPhail to Duquette went pretty well…
  2. Health issues aside, the Kjerstad pick really threw me for a loop. Until then, I would’ve gone “A” all the way, but I am not so sure now. Going the cheap route on a #2 pick signals to me that ownership is all about cutting costs and Elias may be here for reasons none of us will like.
  3. Elias said Davis’ rehab is going well! If we’re lucky, he’ll be back in time to seal the deal for another below-slot top pick!!!
  4. People I talk to in life and those posting on this board seem to think 2022 is the year this team starts “contending.” Won’t happen. We are banking on three guys to come up and magically spark this team into contention. What if one or all of them bust? Then what? I’m sure people will be calling for Elias’ head if things aren’t trending up in a year or two. Everyone needs to temper expectations, especially when hinging the future on just a couple of guys.
  5. I guess Wynns is not the savior after all😢
  6. I just hope he’s still in Bowie July 30. That’s when the Baysox come to town to take on my Flying Squirrels!
  7. I don’t think any effort has been put in whatsoever from day 1. I think Elias and company jumped ship from Houston knowing what allegations may be coming down the pike. BUT, that is merely my opinion to which I am entitled😝
  8. Hey, I’ll take the national attention. It was cool to see the white Sox stadium alive and rocking today.
  9. It’s all good. I’m sure there is one heck of a mean ping pong tourney going on in the clubhouse. That’s probably what he’s referencing.
  10. Let’s face it, these guys were brought in to slash payroll. There’s no way the franchise can be making any money.
  11. You mean Fran from the Nite Lite? 😂
  12. I’d say to withhold judgment on this kid’s first appearance, which came in garbage time. Mike Wright dominated the Angels in his first appearance...
  13. They’ll trade off anyone making or slated to make over $1 mil and continue to pump the “international” and “analytics” narratives. I hate to be so negative, but I’ve learned to see past the BS with this organization, sadly.
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