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  1. This is a single-A pitcher vs our starters. You’d think we’re facing Scherzer the way these MASN shills are talking.
  2. I love how he is slobbering all over Davis as if he has turned a corner. Only 2 strikeouts vs JV pitching. Yippie!
  3. This is the best offseason news for me. I cannot stand Jim Hunter one iota. Not on tv, not on radio, not at all. He strikes me as a complete phony. I understand he’s just doing his job, but he grew up a dang Yankees fan! His Goodship Lollipop spin on everything has gotten so tiresome over the years. My mute button will finally get a rest this summer.
  4. I got 61%. I can’t believe I didn’t even think of Eddie Murray! That’s embarrassing. Surprising factoid: Matt Wieters has never hit 25 HR or more in a season. Most he’s had was 23.
  5. Sarcasm? The Nats will be lucky to finish over .500 next season. One of the oldest rosters in MLB and they just lost their best player.
  6. All good. Don’t refrain from posting. Look at all the responses to this thread! That keeps the traffic flowing on this board. It is a good topic and I appreciate you posting it for the non-subscribers of the Athletic. My real point is that Connolly seems to be a pot-stirrer, which is actually quite a refreshing departure from the MASN soldiers. Since all the front office firings, he’s gone on a bit of a crusade against Elias. But, I’d honestly rather read someone who challenges and debates what the team is doing versus a company shill that spits out rainbows and lollipops.
  7. Click-baity title to this thread. Connolly is purely speculating. It’s an opinion piece. And what’s the point of taking on a bad contract at this point anyways? Unless, of course, it involved swapping Davis for said bad contract.
  8. Moose, that is a perfect response. No doubt, feelings will get hurt when making changes. But, baseball is a Business last time I checked. Connolly is highlighting the whole problem with all these articles: too many artifacts from the old regime were clogging up the machine. Whether he realizes that or not, who knows. But, corporate America is all about evolving with the times.
  9. I subscribe to the Athletic and Connolly, while a very good writer, seems to have had some kind of axe to grind since all these personnel changes were announced. This is like the 2nd or 3rd article he’s had in the past month where he laments the personnel changes being made. What did he expect? A new broom sweeps clean...
  10. Who owns the team again? Lawyers or something? I can’t imagine where he would get away with not showing up to work and not be taken to court. Agree to disagree.
  11. I have a feeling it is not his choice to continue to play. It has more to do with “we will not pay you to sit at home”
  12. And, shockingly, the good ole “ho- hum nothing to see here” response. Curious, what would’ve happened to, say, Chance Sisco, if he reacted the same way? The wealthy have no accountability, imagine that...
  13. I just can’t wait to hear Goodship Lollipop Jim Hunter’s take on all this!!!!!
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