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  1. Thanks for posting. I can handle the Bundy and Gausman heartbreaks, but Yaz really has me wound up. Why couldn’t we have at least given him one chance in the bigs?
  2. The only reason this guy was ever relevant is because he pitched in NY. Anywhere else and he would have only gotten attention for his WS performance and then likely forgotten thereafter.
  3. Honestly, I’m surprised Thorne stuck around as long as he did. To go from calling the exciting times of 2012-2016 to the swill from 2017 on must have been tough. Classy guy and I wish him the best.
  4. Never want to see anyone lose their job, but this was way overdue. Hunter was just too much of a cheerleader for my tastes. I always got a kick out of his postgame interviews with Buck after road games. Hunter would act like a hyper puppy dog and Buck would be clearly annoyed by it😂
  5. Classic clickbait article. Connelly loves to speculate on random stuff that drums up comments and views. Yet, he doesn’t have much source behind it, does he? Remember his article a few months back talking about Surhoff and all the sour grapes from those being let go? Really relevant now, isn’t it?🙄
  6. Why on earth does it seem like these amazing acrobatic plays always get made against our hitters? From the Buck days to now, we get so many “web gems” made against us. Is there any reason behind it? Maybe our hitters are just not quite good enough to hit it where they ain’t? Or just bad luck? Either way, I smell a sweep coming this weekend at the hands of NYY to drive in the dagger😢
  7. Will we ever beat these guys? My goodness, this is their AAA team🤦‍♂️
  8. That entire inning about sums up the season
  9. We are allergic to scoring with the bases loaded
  10. It’s coming from Angelos. They don’t pay people to sit at home.
  11. I know the Sox and Yanks are the big barriers in the ALE, but this Toronto team will kill us for years to come.
  12. It’s almost like this was never expected to be a playoff team and they’re regressing to the mean...
  13. As good as Alberto has been, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him in a clutch situation
  14. I don’t care how good this pitcher is, our guys’ approaches have been hot garbage
  15. Some pretty terrible AB’s there
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