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  1. It was blatant that he was targeted twice in the past 70 games.
  2. He was once hit 50 times in a season. And lead the league 7 times in HBP. I've never heard of him before, but logic would probably dictate that this guy was standing directly on top of the plate.
  3. Papelbon just did it. He's been blatantly targeted twice now in like a 60 or 70 game span.
  4. It's the American League it is the pitcher's responsibility to drill there best guy if you intentionally drill our best guy. The DH rule protects Ventura. So you destroy Cain and then it stops.
  5. HBP stats don't tell the whole beanball story. HBP is part of baseball. Majority of HBP's are unintentional outcomes when a pitcher loses control. Also, a guy could be hit 20 times a season. Another could be hit 6 times per season. But the guy who was hit 6 times could have been targeted intentionally far more than the guy who was hit 30 times. If you stand right on top of the plate like Anthony Rizzo you get drilled by accident. That's what happens when your toe is 3 inches from the inside corner.
  6. Agreed. I would have preferred if Manny hadn't stormed the mound solely because of the indefinite suspension. Would gets back to the point of the thread. Our pitchers need to drill somebody in the letters. Preferably Cain and Homser. And maybe do it a couple times because we're not ****ing around with this hitting our best players stuff.
  7. Good post. Manny is far and away the #1 target. 1. He's the best player on the team. 2. Jones is too respected around the league to be plunked. 3. Chris Davis is just too damn big to be plunking like that.
  8. One of the best mound rushes I've ever seen calmly walks toward mound, blocks punch, lands a few punches and then massive DDT takedown. Well done.
  9. The umpires and league have allowed it to spiral out of control. It's up to the players to police Ventura. And the most effective way to do that is to drill Cain repeatedly until Ventura either stops beaning people or is released.
  10. Well then Cain goes on the DL and Ventura gets ostracized. You can't just let people sucker you.
  11. That would make sense if they were both at fault. But Ventura is clearly in the wrong here. He bears the responsibility. He's intentionally hitting people while unprovoked. Everybody sees it.
  12. No they say hey this is what happens when our pitcher keeps drilling the opposing teams best player. That's how to handle it. You drill our best we go high on yours. See how quickly that ends it.
  13. The league obviously can't reign in Ventura. So let Cain do it. The rule should be this: drill our best player and Cain takes one to the upper back. See how Cain likes that. See how the Royals and Ned Yost like that. Ventura stops that crap real quick then.
  14. Who cares of Buck gets tossed. He doesn't play in the games. Just have somebody drill someone. Let them know, stop hitting our best players.
  15. Don't you guys ever tire of opposing teams beaming our best players? They do it every single year. And our pitchers do nothing. All they do is just sit around and suck on it.
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