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  1. DNM13

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/26

    Are they seriously talking about how Davis can win ballgames with one swing of the bat? When is the last time he has done that?
  2. DNM13

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/26

    I really hope not...I just can't see it. I think I'm going to pick up a 6 pack just in case to prepare myself
  3. DNM13

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/26

    Thank god the NFL draft is tonight
  4. DNM13

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/26

    Well, even if Bundy gets it together this game, I doubt the O's can score 4 runs; they will be pressing and swinging (and missing) for the fences every pitch
  5. DNM13

    vs. D-RAYS, 4/25

    Damn, tough break for Davis there.
  6. An elite 3rd baseman/shortstop hitting 35+ home runs...I'm sure a few teams with World Series aspirations would give up some prospects for that. His 50 RBI's might not look that impressive by comparison because he has nobody to drive in, but hopefully that gets overlooked.
  7. Did Rick Dempsy seriously just say the Orioles aren't swinging that bad right now, they have just been unlucky?
  8. The good thing is that if we blow this thing up for prospects by the trade deadline, the results can't be much worse
  9. Davis strikeout...did not see that one coming
  10. They seriously just had to pinch hit a hurt/rusty Mancini because they are so desperate for an actual hitter. This is pathetic. Sadly Manny already got a base hit with no run, so we have to depend on Jones....Time for some Oriole magic
  11. Yeah, fixed. This is a complete reversal from this time last year. The bats were on fire but the pitching was garbage. Can't we just have both working at once? Why can't we have nice things?
  12. We're about to lose a game where Gausman pitched 8 innings with 2 runs given up, WTF?
  13. Nice play Davis. See, he's worth every penny, lol
  14. Looks like Chris Davis gave him a few pointers on how to strike out looking on a hanging pitch in the zone
  15. Valencia actually looked somewhat competent at 3rd on that play
  16. I looked at Pedro Alvarez's batting average of .209 and got excited for a second, then I remembered that a .209 BA freaking blows...it just looks good when mostly everyone else is batting below that
  17. I remember complaining that Nick Markakis was too slow to be a true lead off hitter....I would gladly that performance now. Now Buck is just throwing shit too see if anything will stick
  18. Loosing streak ended. Besides the hit batter, O'day was dealin
  19. This team can't manufacture runs for shit, but we already knew that
  20. Sacrifice fly time? Maybe?
  21. Who ever thought Bleier would be our best reliever?
  22. Oh god, that doesn't look good. Hopefully it's just a stinger
  23. Yay! We're hitting...these types of inning feel very rare lately, like I need to treasure it.
  24. This is starting out well. The guy that should have been out on a routine popup is now on third. That's so Orioles
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