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  1. It shouldn't matter whether he would put up the numbers here or not. If Bundy has the talent to put up the 11th best WAR in baseball in any stadium, the GM should be able to get a significant value for that. Of course, I assume there were big budgetary concerns this year. I get why we did it. Save money, get a few lottery tickets and help maybe even help us tank a l ittle this year. But I just brought it up to show that no GM is perfect. As for people being upset that we haven't cut Davis, I totally defend him on that. The contract is so bad you are hoping a) maybe he'll somehow turn it around b) get so embarrassed that agrees to let you pay him less than what he's owe so he doesnt have go out there every day and embarrass himself. The moment you cut him, you owe him $40 million +. I'm wondering if we saved $12 million by having him on the team this year. Since 2/3rds of hte season was cancelled. he's only going to make about $6 million this year instead of $17. If we had cut him prior to Covid-19, would we have owed him the whole 17 mil for this year or would the team have been able to argue that no one got paid their whole salary this year so why should he?
  2. Let me start by saying I'm happy with the way the current season is going and by saying that I like Elias. But the way things are viewed on here drives me nuts. People act like Elias is some new age genius and have totally forgotten what Dan Duquette did for us. It does seem that the development work they are doing in Bowie and the analytics the pitchers/hitters have is a help but can we not at least pause for a moment and appreciate Dan Duquette? The dude was pretty good at what he did. People talk about the increased depth of our minor league system but it seems to me that virtually all of the Orioles current players that everyone is excited about were brought in by Duquette: Mountcastle, Hays, Santander, Mullins, Kremer, Scott, Akin, Harvey, Rodriguez, Means. Heck can't we even count Rutschman as a Duquette guy since Duquette gave us that awful year that resulted us in taking Rutschman as the consenus #1 overall pick? Plus last time I checked Duquette didn't trade the 11th best player in baseball away for almost nothing. I haven't seen much talk on here about Dylan Bundy. Is anyone besides me upset he's not on the team or that we didn't get way more for him in a trade? Do people forget that he was the #4 overall pick in the draft and we traded him away for basically nothing? His 1.9 WAR is 11th best in baseball this year. Imagine if he was starting for us this year. I don't get why anyone would trade him for what we got - other than to save money (and saving money and tanking this year is probably would be what I would have done as the GM as well). But if we're going to blame the trade on money,, do you not think Dan wanted to have more of an international presence? He was dealing with budgetary constraints as well. But if the new management gets all the credit for the way things are going now, can we at least give them a little blame? They clearly could get A LOT more for Bundyu now. It just seems to me that to trade Bundy when we did (unless ordered to by management) was not good. Does anyone remember what we gave up to get Andy Miller for a 3-month rental? Imagine how much value Bundy would have now in a trade. Or imagine how much better our record would be if he was starting for us. Now, in a normal year, the playoffs would be unfathomable for us and one might not have thought last winter that paying him say $3 million before we traded him near the deadline would result in an extra player worth at least $3 million but I do think it's interesting to think about. Clearly, analyzing the deal right now it looks horrific. I'm not sure what the overall point of my post is. I guess it's mainly that I just want everyone to acknowledge that DD did a very good job for us. I thought about titling this topic "Can we all admit that Dan Duquette was a very good GM?" but went with the slightly more negative headline just to remind people of Bundy. I think Elias is good as well but don't like how so many people view things as either / or . It's like Manny. I think he was a great player for the Orioles but I'm glad we didn't sign him for an extension. I feel like fans should be able to appreciate both Duquette and Elias but it seems like many seem to think it's one or the other.
  3. A few questions. 1. What is CC? 2. Did the site acutally go dark for a few days. With a toddler at home, and with Orioles losing all the time, I hadn't been on in a few weeks.
  4. Where is everyone? I haven't been here in a few weeks and see a statement saying the site is being shut down but see some new posts.
  5. How willl we the fans react when if we are sitting in a playoff position at the end of the month and they trade away our two best pitchers? Normally the season ticket holders would have a right to be irate but what if no one is paying to play? I hate when teams tank while still in contention for the postseason but we saw it last year and Elias is likely to think, "Even if we get into a best of 3 postseason, the odds of us running the table are next to zero." Personally, I love playoff baseball and want to see it but many seem to view the WSeries title as the only goal.
  6. This^^^^" I definitely don't want the season to be cancelled for 3 reasons. 1) For starters, I love baseball. 2) As you point out, I think the experts can learn a lot about how this disease spread from having these tight groups going all over the country and being tested every other day. If we don't end up getting an effective vaccine, the more we know about this thing the better. 3) This disease is honestly not very dangerous for young people. For people under 35, you're 4-5 time more likely to be murdered than die of Covid-19. https://twitter.com/AlexBerenson/status/1287766420995145728
  7. What was Harvey hitting on the radar gun in the minors? He was consistently 98 to 100 tonight!!! I thought I heard Palmer say he was like 94 mph. Got me excited for the future.
  8. What a horrific take? You want to DFA Bleier? The guy who before his injury had the greatest start in the history of MLB baseball. From the Baltimore Sun: His ERA+, which adjusts a player's ERA to the league-average, was 220 — the highest of any pitcher with at least 100 major league innings in baseball history. We should hold on to him. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-richard-bleier-activated-20190516-story.html
  9. Look, if you aren't going to get a player back that you think can help you in the majors, what's the point of trading him? I think setting the precedent that you don't just give away people for nothing out of desperation is good to set. If you are worried about salary, you could just cut him but that obviously looks bad from a PR standpoint.
  10. Here are a couple of articles on him: https://birdswatcher.com/2019/06/21/baltimore-orioles-kieran-lovegrove-joins-organization/ https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/giants/why-giants-are-excited-about-south-african-born-prospect-kieran-lovegrove
  11. What's up with the MASN announcers not even talking about the record? That's why I tuned into the game. How do you not mention it? It's almost like we are living in Russia or something? That's just bad journalism. I know they work for the club but it's a fact. Please report a basic fact that is garnering national coverage.
  12. I sometimes wonder if they Orioles are trying to keep him out there so he gets so embarrassed that he either a) quits or b) resorts to a PED and gets popped. Both would save them some big dough. Regardless, I'm glad the fans aren't booing tonight. Those fans that are booing are probably the same one that called Angelos cheap and demanded we sign him. When we signed him, I remember thinking, "I guess I'm happy for now but all of the stats indicate this doesn't end well."
  13. I'm gong to enjoy booing him when he's with another team.... particularly if it's the Yankees. How could his attitude not hurt in the FA market? In the previous at bad, mind you we are in a one run gaem at the WORLD SERIES, he didn't run hard on a ball he hit to the wall. That at bat there was difficult as he was facing some heat but Manny so ofen plays hero ball.
  14. 1. The Orioles obviously should have used analytics more. As I watch this post-season, particularly the Brewers use of pitchers, I thought to myself, "Would Buck ever do something like that?" HIs use of Ubaldo over Britton in Toronto was one of the biggest gaffes in MLB history. Analytics could also have been used to project Chris Davis regression which will hamstring this team for 4 years. 2. That being said, people are piling on. The fact of the matter is we had a great run and for years, under Buck, the Orioles defied the analytical projections. However, humans like to have something to blame and right now it looks like it's Buck. People need to remember the following. From a Rosenthal article: People are too quick to say one said is definitely right. -Rojo PS.I've always wondered why our pitchers get much better after they leave here but we tried multiple pitching coaches.
  15. I've only lived here for 5 years but I thought the Os did an AMAZING job of marketing this year. 1) Kids go free. For the life of me, I don't know how this didn't make us the darlings of the national media. 2) They also added in things like Star Wars night, bring your dog to the park, etc.
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