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  1. It just seems long to me. Been watching this team since I was 6.
  2. "As there ever been any thread with LOL in it that made sense?" It doesn't make sense if you have comprehension problems.
  3. For folks that are old enough, you are used to this kind of front office failure from the O's. Whenever an O's squad is competitive, or they have a core group that can compete for the playoffs, I know they have about 3 years to win. The last few years' window was a little longer (2012-2016), but you can ALWAYS count on ownership to NOT do what is necessary to win it all. I'm 47, so this is nothing new to me. When I'm in my 60's I'll probably have another chance to see an Orioles championship (or at least go to the playoffs), since it's about every 15-20 years that they are competitive. Or maybe this ownership hopefully decides to sell and someone with a winning attitude and actual "know-how" can build something here. Then it might be a little sooner. Good Luck Manny. I hope you finally get a chance to win a few World Series. And in the next few years, I'll wish Adam Jones and Schoop good luck when they finally go to another organization who actually wants to win.
  4. vikkt

    vs. CUBS, 7/14

    At least it was fun watching the Yankees blow their game earlier.
  5. vikkt

    vs. D-RAYS, 6/30

    Whatta you know..."Blown Save" Brach strikes again. HAHAHAHA
  6. Can they just play home games from here on out? LOL. Well at least I won't have to waste the whole night on this.
  7. ...and then Tommy Hunter in 2014. LOL.
  8. Need 4 more with Brach still in the bullpen.
  9. Who's more worthless..."Blown Save" Brach or Michael Giv'ems?
  10. vikkt

    vs. TIGERS, 5/16

    In the bullpen warming up.
  11. vikkt

    vs. TIGERS, 5/16

    Damn. Now finish this one off!!! Have to have this one since tomorrow is an automatic loss (Ubaldo pitching).
  12. vikkt

    vs. TIGERS, 5/16

    This year. Last year. The year before...
  13. vikkt

    vs. TIGERS, 5/16

    How is it possible for a manager to be so stupid...AND keep his job? Answer: Be a manager in Baltimore.
  14. vikkt

    vs. TIGERS, 5/16

    Don't forget about Tommy Hunter after he had proven over and over that he was a choker.
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