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  1. I would rather have Manny on my team But its not like he isn't replaceable. This is baseball There are thousand and thousands of players out there
  2. Money shouldn't be an issue. Just do not give Wieters a QO and offer him something team friendly. Just my opinion
  3. I would rather have Worley than: McFarland, Wilson, or Wright
  4. What exactly is the Howard Schnellenberger treatment? He was the coach at OU for one year. He showed up for practices and games drunk. Glenn Mason the coach at KU at the time called OU's president the day after we played KU and informed him that Howard was drunk during the pre game chat
  5. MdSooner

    Buck Stuff

    I think these Orioles will go down as the worst hitters in our history. And I have no problem not using Zach in that situation. But to replace Kim with Reimold??????????? Inexcusable! And I have a man crush on Nolan since 2011 But I dang sure would not have put in Ubaldo. Anyone but him. In fact I muted the tv once he trotted out there and watched videos on youtube. But then again I wanted Bob Stoops gone as Oklahoma's football coach several times over the years. So don't ask me - Im an idiot//////
  6. This is the dumbest question and I hate it. There are always better or as good coaches out there. Look at Herman for Houston Football. I could give countless other people
  7. NO But it was dumb. Just like the Remold at bat for Kim.
  8. that has to be one of the worst at bats all year for us
  9. why does school follow davis in the batting order????????? there is no reason to pitch to davis in that situation think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Have you ever played sports? To show emotion is not bad in and of itself bad. Just do not try to show someone up.
  11. And our corner outfielders ALWAYS play toward CF Why does this surprise anyone?
  12. And Bourne is the answer in RF????????? Get someone up in the bull pen
  13. my goodness Schoop gets robbed more than any other batter
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