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  1. This is all well and good, but the post I quoted clearly seemed to be agitated that people were being paying large sums of money to play sports in general. The post showed no signs of lobbying for redrafting the CBA in order to make the pay scale more “fair” to players as a whole.
  2. The hate for Manfred is so overblown. He’s doing his job. That’s all. Dude isn’t there to do anything but HIS job.
  3. So I can only presume your reasoning for this is sheer jealousy.
  4. Blaming the current situation exclusively on Manfred is as silly as blaming the players’ stance exclusively on Tony Clark. Manfred is representing the owners here, who clearly have their own motives and objectives.
  5. Can’t be any harder than this year, where some of the top prospects didn’t play at all. It’s very reasonable to think we’ll get a College and high school season next year. Not guaranteed by any means but the odds are far better for baseball than the fall amateur sports.
  6. The answer is no. In the most recent proposal it’s good for 2020 and 2021. You can bet that means it’s coming in the next CBA. Baseball is soon to change. The playoff structure will look more like the NBA’s and NHL’s, where better than 50% of the league gets in.
  7. I am presuming that the former Pirate names Snell you’re confusing Blake with is Ian Snell. No relation.
  8. That doesn’t change the fact that years after we traded the guy he still wasn’t beating down doors. Was he a prospect we once had that has since found success? Yes. But is he some gargantuan miss everybody saw coming? No.
  9. Or maybe as we get closer he'll open the wallet and buy a few arms - be it with cash, or with excess position players. The cupboards didn't have a lot in them when he got here, it's going to take time to reshape the organization.
  10. I'm always a little loathe to call Hader a guy we missed on, since we traded him at age 19 just a year after taking a flyer on him in the 19th round, and we weren't the only team to trade him (Houston did, too). Then his success as a stud reliever appeared out of nowhere after two pretty poor stints in AAA with the Brewers. The dude's success is awesome, but it's not like we gave up on a guy that anyone foresaw this from at the time. Davies and Rodriguez, at least, were guys that had come a lot further along in their development before we kicked them. Brault and Tarpley I don't think anyone should lose any sleep over, they were fringier players even when we moved them and haven't become anything more than run of the mill arms.
  11. Well that’s the hard part about a complete organizational overhaul, which the Orioles are really still just starting. Ideally in 3-5 years diehard fans will still been keenly award of the 17-18 year old high school kids we’re drafting, but not getting impatient over their long roads to the majors - because we’ll have a better baseball organization as a whole and won’t have to be desperately awaiting any small bit of good news. It’s just that right now... we’re a good ways out from that.
  12. Indeed. Though I certainly can’t speak for him, it certainly seems like Elias is more comfortable trading assets for already developed pitchers than he is trying to develop them.
  13. There’s not been a lot of analysis short of being pumped they got Martin at 5. We won’t know who “won” for 4-5 years.
  14. I do recall several of the key names the Astros traded for those three arms... and it’s a valid point. At least 1-2 guys from the Greinke trade will have to develop into damn fine players, otherwise it’ll have been three consecutive cases of highway robbery. Though admittedly Houston acquired Verlander when he was 34 and appeared to be losing a step. His renaissance since then has been nothing short of phenomenonal.
  15. Unprecedented territory. The owners would have to work something out. Since the institution of the draft, there's never been a year where we just haven't had any baseball.
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