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  1. Given the way baseball's system operates, it'd almost assuredly benefit the team to be near the bottom of the standings and sporting a small payroll for another season. Get the draft picks, save money to invest in players (and keep players) when it actually matters. The Orioles aren't going anywhere in 2020. So I'm not at all concerned about going from 50 to 70 wins.
  2. Why? They're not going to be a winning team next year, either. I really don't care who's doing the pitching. The end result will be the same: the Orioles won't be in the playoffs. Winning 70 games means nothing to me.
  3. MLB has also been averse to having team move into new cities until the Oakland and Tampa situations are resolved... don't want to move an existing team to a top contender for an expansion club. It's why there hasn't been talk of moving the A's to Portland, which is lobbying for a team, hard. MLB wants an expansion team to potentially go there.
  4. This sentiment is shared by numerous members of this thread, and it perplexes me. The uniforms and colors are just laundry. If the existing franchise relocates, the history relocates. All the things I grew up watching relocate. To me, it'd be the end of having a favorite professional baseball team. Even if another one moved to Baltimore.
  5. I’m not ruling them out for the No. 1 pick... awful stretch ahead. We’ll see.
  6. Sounds more like some gamesmanship from the Angelos family to either pressure the city to make the lease relationship even more team friendly in 2021... or to spur interest from potential local buyers. As to Nashville, from a strictly business sense... Baseball America did a cursory analysis of the city for potential expansion awhile back. Certainly didn’t seem like a hot spot. Link below. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/examining-nashville-as-a-possible-city-for-mlb-expansion/
  7. Seems like a boon for the Indians... help for this year, potential forces for the future... all for a guy that they weren’t ever going to be able to extend.
  8. While true, this isn't the topic I was debating. I was just noting that when the Yankees decided to cut bait for a season, they did so knowing they had borderline unlimited assets to replace the players they were trading through free agency the following winter. The Orioles do not have unlimited cash assets in that sense.
  9. A key difference being, of course, that the Yankees knew they had the borderline unlimited assets available in order to A. Re-sign those players (Chapman), or B. Replace them with equitable players in free agency at the cost of just money - no player assets. Different scenarios. The Orioles had a window. Due to their financial situation, the Yankees don’t. Every year could be their year.
  10. There’s certainly not much harm in Sisco playing catcher with what remains of this disastrous season... and they need to let him get as many at bats as possible. So they can find out if he’s got enough stick to warrant trying him at another position. It’s clear he has no value to the Orioles - be it as a player or as a trade chip - at catcher.
  11. Eh, it was a bad move, but it was 3 years ago and I’m over it. I still take more umbrage with how the team managed four whole hits in 11 innings. I don’t know that the O’s would have scored again had the game gone 20.
  12. Agreed with everything here. It was definitely time for Buck and the organization to part ways, but fans should have nothing but kind words for this guy.
  13. Given the control he has left, he should be.
  14. Possible, but Rosenthal is already speculating that he’d be an unlikely playoff roster addition if the Sox make it, given the guys they should get back from the IL by then.
  15. Cashner is far from a hot commodity. He’s been good this year but he’s a rental that’s not a game-changer.
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