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  1. TouchemAll


    How the hell did the Astros choke that series? if I was a betting man I would have lost a pile
  2. Ynoa I think that sums him up pretty good 😉 and right now the O's can't afford to lose any pitcher that can get some outs.
  3. NO that train left the station
  4. This is pretty simple, Davis is the LAST GUY ON ANY TEAM that should take a shot at his manager for ANY KIND OF CRITICISM. The dude is hitting .183, and most likely owns the worst contract in MLB history from a performance stand point. This IDIOT should be happy he's in a major league dugout at all, let along playing or starting. I feel pretty safe in saying if it were not for the contact he would be OUT OF BASEBALL COMPLETELY, or at the very least in the minors. There is no other team that would carry Davis on their MLB roster, and he's going to attack his coach in the dug out? REALLY! Send this dude packing he makes my biggest MLB idiot of all time list.
  5. I would LOVE to know what Hyde said... Hey Davis take it out on the your next at bats please 🙄
  6. TouchemAll

    Lotta moves

    Mullins is done... This guy would have to make a 360 turnaround to get another look JMHO
  7. Oh come on now tease me some more 😔
  8. Pathetic game today just awful 😔
  9. Wow a professional blow pen performance 🙄
  10. Ain't it the truth 😐
  11. The blow pen in good form today 🙄
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