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  1. And we have seen Brad Brach blow saves, O'Day not being as solid has he once was, and Givens struggling. Just imagine had we traded Britton away, he was not injured and was shutting down for another team. We then see Brach blow saves, O'Day get hit hard etc and then you would hear "We should have never traded him if we were going to contend". Just my thoughts.
  2. When you are playing for a WS title yes, yes it is idiotic. Why would you sell the best bullpen piece, the one who shut EVERYONE DOWN in a non rebuilding year. Window is closing.
  3. Should have traded him when they could have gotten something for him.
  4. And I was just going to say "Cue the should have traded Britton" talk... which is just idiotic IMO.
  5. With the way he was crapped on this year, I dont think I would ever hear those words on this board. But then again I should have expected it because the grass is ALWAYS greener.
  6. terps19

    Guthrie article

    Always liked the guy and thought he had a great character. He played well for the Os in a time that will be soon forgotten. https://sports.yahoo.com/news/jeremy-guthrie-trying-make-sense-start-ended-career-154922508.html
  7. DET offense is just horrid, or at least it should be on paper. Im not at all scared of DET, KC, MIN.
  8. That the Orioles are still playing over their heads and its time for relocation back down to Earth. There is another way to look at all this--- Orioles are not hitting well and still winning. What happens if Gausman starts to pitch like the usually does and Orioles start hitting? Too many what ifs to think about that would get you down. Why stress over it?
  9. Well can we remove the doom and gloom shtick from the orifice and put in a happy stick?
  10. If we are overreacting over 20 games and jumping to ill-advised extensions, EXTEND MILEY NOW!
  11. Just off the plate but Davis needs to be protecting there. Take the pitch down the 3rd base line where they arent playing you.
  12. RedSox now know what it feels like to be the Os. Get runners on 1st and 3rd no outs and cant score
  13. If Britton is telling the truth saying the arm is feeling better then I dont think it is serious and would need that surgery that will not be named at this time.
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