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  1. Walks always scoring. High school defense. Boneheaded base running. Just terrible to watch baseball.
  2. How come nobody corrected Gary yet? It's SOLE-Air, not SOLE-AR lol.
  3. Highlights of the game: Danny Valencia's assists! How much lower can this go?
  4. These AAA position players on the team are just embarrassing, excruciating, and just not worth watching.
  5. At least he got to get a feel for his pitches. The Red Sox at their hottest start on history is not a good team to face when you are, as Jim Palmer said, spring training pitching.
  6. Yes. How did they not make sure he was able to deliver pitches with sound mechanics before signing him? Jim Palmer reminds us every inning he pitches how Chris is just not getting over top of the ball. It's keeping everything belt high, and giving his fastball that little cut where he can't locate at all. Same as last year. How was this not noticed before his resigning? Did they not watch a showcase of him and just cross their fingers hoping he would be better?
  7. You could just tell from Buck's face that bad things are about to happen.
  8. There's no entertainment derived from watching Chris Tillman pitch.
  9. The offense was what shit the bed despite the runs given up. Too many holes in the middle of the lineup. If they did better than 0-10 with RISP, then O'Day would have pitched in the 8th.
  10. Pathetic. Just keep Wright in there until his arm falls off. Not going to win against a team with a pitcher that actually knows how to pitch.
  11. Where in the world is this strike zone? Belt high was too high on Gardner, which led to him scoring. Pitch at the knees too low on Austin which led to two more RBIs. Give. Me. A. Break.
  12. How come the Orioles pitchers don't have the ability to throw a fastball inside to a hitter?
  13. If only Cashner got that in the 1st inning against Sano to strike him out instead of giving up the HR on the next pitch.
  14. These announcers are terrible. I almost feel sorry for Red Sox fans.
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