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  1. One thing that seems to already be improving the team as a whole are the international prospects. We are getting great news about all of them and their projections are looking to be hitting the mark. Hell we even are getting great news about Mayo. I’m hearing he’ll be a future middle of the order bat and there is talk of him having the most power of any bat from the 2020 draft class. My point is our scouts are picking the right guys and all these fellas are going to blossom at the same time. You can call up a guy like Mayo to be your DH, you can call up a guy like Henderson and Westburg early
  2. I highly recommend the podcast On the Verge. They cover the potential prospects better than any beat writer paid to cover the Orioles that I can find. I trust their analysis more as well. They have a great deep dive of our top 30 and fringe top 30 prospects as the DSL and GCL are starting up.
  3. I put this on his kin Ben Macdonald. To me, this was a situation where Ben may have talked his cousin on to the team and by doing so talked Pop off the team. Never listen to Ben. He’s a meathead.
  4. It’s like everything you say SG is contrary to what the Orioles should do or how to win. Look up the Pirates from the early 70s. We are about to see the Orioles follow the same blueprint. It’ll be fun, I just wish you could wrap your head around how baseball teams are built and what it takes to create a window of opportunity. It actually is amazing how wrong you are, continually.
  5. Glad to see Jannis up. Sclerorererrrer vs Pop…we chose poorly.
  6. Sulser was available. Both wells and sulser may be terrible, but one was well rested. No way to tell if Sulser would have had more success there but all things being equal talent wise, you might get more out of an arm that hasn’t thrown the day before. That being said, Hyde has a track record of pushing the wrong buttons consistently.
  7. But impatient Orioles fans want to see Adley now and shorten our window of opportunity. Impatient Orioles fans are like kids touring Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. They want their candy NOW!
  8. No, this has been discussed. It does nothing for this year. It starts his clock early. There is zero reason to bring him up early other than maybe selling some tickets.
  9. Again, stats don’t lie. Batters are learning that in this age of sticky illegal goo, batters are getting plunked more now than ever before. This is no longer a valid argument.
  10. You don’t start the clock early on these guys. You maximize the window of opportunity. In situations like Machado where you already have a complete team but need an additional boost, that’s when you bring up a player early. I think we may see that with a guy like Hernandez, Henderson, or Westberg but not with your core contingent in Adley, Grayson, Hall, and Baumann. It pays dividends now to have them build report. Trust Elias. He knows what he is doing.
  11. I like that we are calling it the Bauer unit. MLB may do their best to hang the scandal on one exalted victim. Bauer is clearly their cat. Let us not fall prey to what the NBA did with Pat the “rogue ref” this scandal must swallow more victims than merely one sacrificial lamb.
  12. You know what’s interesting as well is the main argument that “batters like when pitchers use this stuff because it increases their control” well, that argument is thrown out by the data showing batters are being hit more now than ever including several players in the face and head. When pitchers are reliant on a system of using sticky substances, they must also compensate where they are releasing a pitch. A normal increased spin rate will direct the ball away from where they are throwing and to the intended target. When they mess up or slip, the spin rate is not applied and the ball goe
  13. Zero reason to do so quickly. Especially this year. Take your time. Follow the plan. 2022 is the year.
  14. Agreed. What are they going to say? Would you ever risk saying something negative publicly about a guy who decides whether or not you are going to play?
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