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  1. Akin had the best stuff of any oriole pitcher last year. I expect him to get better as time progresses. These guys are special, young and more are on the way. The numbers don’t lie and I have full faith in Chris Holt when it comes to Hall. Look at the transformation of Scott. Expect great things for the future. Super bullish for multiple playoff runs. Be positive and trust the numbers.
  2. I think the above posters are correct. I think he just wants to get back to being successful and will buy in completely on whomever can deliver that result. Harvey said it when he said he was humbled and how things came naturally to him at first but now he is forced to learn. Some guys would just walk away as pride would have ended their career but not Harvey. I look at this situation as a major redemption story and I am excited we get to see that play out in Birdland. I really do think Chris Holt is a major catalyst as to why he chose to come here. We have plenty of arms and as we have seen with guys like Tanner Scott, Holt’s approach can fix pitchers and make them better every day. If Holt can make Harvey and King Felix “work” not only does that yield us prospects this year, it also opens the door for future acquisitions down the road. More and more pitchers will give the O’s a look and it may be the edge we need to get a big free agent to complete the team once we start playing in the World Series soon.
  3. Yeah I never understood that. Did he #@$% someone’s wife? Only explanation.
  4. If both guys bounce back, we trade them at the deadline for post season contenders and rob their farm systems, a needle won’t be the only thing that moves. Chris Holt and his analytical prowess might be a bigger move than we thought. He and perez are going to make a lot of Orioles fans very happy when we make it to the World Series several times in this decade.
  5. Good point. I just believe he has what it takes but we do have to see it, you’re right.
  6. He’s young. No need to be negative and bearish on the kid’s talent. High high ceiling low low floor on this guy.
  7. Well, DL Hall for one. With Grayson we have what looks to be a bonafide number 1. With DL you’ve got all the makings of a 2-3, Dylan Kremer looks to be a 2-3, Akin looks to be a 2-3, then you’ve got much much more waiting in the wings. I’m very excited about Kevin Smith, well, we could list names for days. I think we need to be thinking of this team as the 70s Oakland A’s. Young, immensely talented and with it, a window of opportunity for 5 years. I think we make the playoffs in less than 3 years and have a shot at winning it all.
  8. Now I know why holt got the nod. He seems to be working his ass off with these young pitchers and using the best tech to get them the greatest results. It’s very impressive!
  9. Here’s a cool story. I called up mlb radio on xm and talked about the kid you are referencing. They were intrigued and next week, they called him up and gave him an interview. Zack is a cool guy. He posted on a message board a long time ago and we interacted. He ended up sending me a signed ball and T-shirt his friends made for him. The “no spin zone”.
  10. Let me play Devil's Advocate on Ruiz. Throughout his career his defense was horrible at third. It's what got him booted from his previous team so he works his ass off and last year we saw some good plays from him. At the start of the season, he was hitting well, at the end, well, not so much. My point is, Ruiz knows what he needs to work on and I trust our coaches to get the highest possible return out of him. He clearly wants to unlock his swing and be consistent and as we have seen with his rise in defense, so too should we expect to see a rise in his offense. He had 9 homers in 54 games in 2020 vs. 12 in 152 in 2019, that's an uptick for sure. The average fell ten points from 2019 to 2020 so that's not a good sign. Eh, you guys are right, he's just a stop gap. Isn't he only signed for a one year deal?
  11. Exactly. The goal is not to win but to develop the future. Expect that for the next two years and reap the rewards soon.
  12. It’s a good deal if only to ensure the #1 pick this year. All good with that. Our window for success is in two years anyway. Just keep loading up on 23 year olds like a cougar at a dive bar.
  13. I remember interviews with Rylann last year. He envisioned himself as a 3b. He has good bat speed and though undersized would provide an option at the bag if he ever served to be a utility type player. I’m thinking in a similar mold as pat valaika.
  14. Could Gunnar be the future at 3b?
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