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  1. It might just be that our pitchers fare better in non batters' parks. We do have some fly ball starters. Loud outs are better than 1st row squeakers.
  2. Sisco the stoic is teaching his young apprentice well.
  3. Yeah we really turned into an awful team after we lost Iglesias.
  4. Hyde has hinted that this won't be the last call up. Perhaps we see some of these young starters. We certainly have some arms to check out in the bullpen with guys like Kramer waiting in the wings. I think Elias will inject these little shots in the arm as we progress. We are in a great position to be honest. While other teams in our division are subtracting players due to injury, we are in a position to add quality depth. Very exciting weekend!
  5. Oh I do remember that scene! I'll never call you Phil again. "Pass the Philip" doesn't have the same ring to it, you're right. So you're not Uncle Phil then either. Got it!
  6. Kano Ruiz is ready to play! Something tells me he'll be locked in at the plate from here on out!
  7. This brought such a smile to my face!
  8. much love to you phil. By the way, your name always reminds me of this scene from City Slickers 2:
  9. Now that Mountcastle has finally joined the birds, this team will be back to being fun to watch again! These baby birds never grow old and they never quit...or die.
  10. Do you even MK bro?! There's a theme from my OP. Here's a refresher mah dewd.
  11. I am a believer in your ability Seva. I do think you would do just as well as Davis at the plate. You'd get a freak hit and a freak rbi. That pretty much makes you tied. I don't see how we don't see Mountcastle at LF now that Hayes is out. Once Mountcastle is called up, I find it difficult to believe Davis would still be here. It's time to cut bait with that overweight lack of try.
  12. Just bumping after another fun as #@$% win. Damn does this team fight like Liu Kang after his brother's soul was taken by a Sorcerer.
  13. Its from major league duuuuude. And damn is this team fun to watch!
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