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  1. That's an impressive cry for help.
  2. The Phillies announcers about the Orioles: "they're relentless ".
  3. I complained several times last night about the radio broadcast. It was the first time this season that I listened in and it was horrendous. Perhaps they just had a bad night, but it was a REALLY bad night. The dropped popup was described as a pop up in the infield. The pitcher was under it. He fell. The ball dropped. We tied the game. Now it was done with great excitement...don't get me wrong, but as a radio listener I had no idea what happened. Then there was a 5 second pause and the announcer excitedly proclaimed that Santander had scored and he couldn't believe that he was going on the popup. The announcer had actually forgotten there were two outs. Then he realized it, corrected himself and talked about that for a couple of minutes. That and the fact that it was an incredibly bizarre play. However, no one on the radio ever fully explained what happened. I had to find out by asking in the game forum. That seemed to be how the entire broadcast went. It sounded like some college kids were announcing a high school game. Damn I miss Chuck and Jon.
  4. MLB has thankfully instituted all these rules to speed up the game.
  5. Imagine the Phanatic taking the lead at second. Sticking his big tongue out and mocking our pitcher. Flopping his gut around. That's what baseball is all about.
  6. Does MASN have control over that? I thought they were at the mercy of the home team's broadcast team.
  7. Wow...it's rarer than the unassisted triple play.
  8. I think the mascots should be the leadoff runner on second. I would have tons of fun watching that.
  9. Two bad bullpens going into extra innings. Each team getting a free leadoff runner on second. It's the baseball our forefathers had always dreamed of.
  10. In one sentence, without giving any names, you gave me a far more accurate description than the "professional".
  11. From the Oriole's radio broadcast it sounded like a trip by the pitcher. Maybe a dropped ball. Possibly a line drive. The guy is painting a picture with words, but it looks like a Jackson Pollock.
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