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  1. He was really good. 94-96. Worked fast. They couldnt touch his curve. Didnt see a hard hit ball after the first inning.
  2. 15 in a row. He is cruising tonight.
  3. I doubt they regret the donaldson trade at all
  4. Yeah but i dont think those teams are out of it. I think we need to worry about winning our games and hoping someone above us loses theirs.
  5. Not really worried about the teams behind us at this point
  6. Since Preller took over in SD Bobby Valentine has completely destroyed Sacred Heart University athletics?
  7. Has anyone done more long term damage to the future of their franchise than Preller since he took over?
  8. Beane sounds like he wants to keep Reddick. Although I thought he was pretty emphatic that Donaldson wasn't available either. One player who will be back, Beane said: right fielder Josh Reddick. Reddick, 28, fits the profile of a player the A’s often move because he’s coming off a good offensive year and will be a free-agent after next season, but Beane said the team is considering an extension for Reddick. “Josh is a good player and he’s still young,” Beane said. “We’ve always liked having him here. Talented guy, does everything well. ... We’re all very pleased with the year Josh had.”
  9. We have one player that the Mets would consider trading Harvey for, and it's not Britton.
  10. Didn't Franklin Barreto get traded for Josh Donaldson?
  11. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/where-i-was-wrong-about-the-royals/ I think this helps explain why Beane may have done the deal. Cameron is talking about the Royals but he basically admits that he probably wasn't valuing wins 80-88 as much as he should have been considering that with two wildcards mid 80's is close enough to make the playoffs if things break your way.
  12. http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/12133309/notre-dame-fighting-irish-senior-pat-connaughton-dual-sport-athlete-torn-basketball-baseball
  13. I will watch them whenever Upton, Kemp and Myers are trying to play in the outfield at the same time.
  14. I have an xm subscription. I rarely listen to mlb network radio but i had a long drive to a doctor's appointment today and had it on for a while. Here are a few other things casey said: that we have had the worst offseason of all 30 teams. That if the Rays were gonna trade Wil Myers they may as well trade Longoria and Zobrist and blow the team up. That even if it meant saving 80+ million dollars the Angels shouldn't consider trading Hamilton back to the Rangers because he's familiar there and he recovered from addiction there and it made it likely he'd rediscover his form. That Seattle was now a contender to win the west but that they wouldn't be a true world series contender until they added another bat. That the rays were at best a 70 win team. I felt like punching a hole in my windshield by the time he was done. It's a miracle he is allowed to have the job he has. The fact that he hates what we re doing only makes me more confident that it is the right thing.
  15. I really like Gausman but I'd have a hard time saying no to Springer.
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