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  1. It's late June... and Mountcastle has raised his average 10 points. In this game.
  2. I heard he can do that "got your nose" trick....
  3. And not only are some of us tired of watching us suck... but it would appear that we could be in a not-sucking situation if we start to accumulate and hold some of the mid-level resources that are part of making a not-sucking team. At some point they've got to decide the tide is turning, and that holding on to a few potentially valuable pieces is more important than trading them for a handful of magic beans that might sprout five years from now
  4. "Gunner" As in Helicopter Door-Gunner
  5. How about now? Too early? Ok maybe now? Still too early? Let's give it a little time. OK... how bout now?
  6. To nobody in particular. Wildcard is a bit of an optimist. I think most people understand that. But there is a subset of the forum that has turned Wildcard's optimism into somewhat of a meme and personalized the objection to it. So much so in fact, that he really can't say much of anything without being forced into an alcove and beaten with rubber hoses until he confesses his sins as a homer. There really hasn't been a whole lot to cheer about with this team. Maybe a little optimism is good for the soul in such times, and can be taken with a grain of salt if that's what you pref
  7. I'm waiting for Paper Bag night.
  8. Agree. In fact, most of the points in this article are salacious and gratuitous sensationalism.
  9. If you got to THIS link https://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/2020-free-agents.shtml Sort the list by TO team Then count the number of Baltimore Oriole FA signings for each year going back to 2015... then number is 90 But even taking your number of 34 as true... it's still more than the 30 you held up for Tampa Bay as what we should be aspiring to. Funny that
  10. LOL SInce 2015 the Baltimore Orioles have signed 90 free agents. (yes 90)
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