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  1. Ya know... for a couple years now, post after post on this board has been dumping on Davis.... precisely because they said he was doing nothing... phoning it in. Refusing to make an effort they said. So he went out an made an effort. He bulked up, worked on his game. And now he's looking pretty good in a few spring games so far. And what does this board do? They dump on him. Kinda sad.
  2. Stick some kids out there and see what happens. Sometimes things just click, and things turn out better than you expect. And if not, you get to see progress if nothing else.
  3. The ascendance of Lamar Jackson seems to have cleansed the sins of Michael Vick. He's making the rounds on most major sports networks providing commentary these days.
  4. This precisely illustrates my point. You seem to measure the "worthiness" of other participants, rather than responding to the posts that they make. I did nothing more than offer a downvote for what I considered to be an unnecessarily obnoxious response to a poster who did nothing but offer an opinion regarding the Orioles. In response to my downvote, you sifted through the archives to find an utterly unrelated (and quite positive) post of mine to downvote in retribution. You've gone on to employ the same bullying tactics with me, that you employed earlier.. that's what earned you that downvote. You can ignore this truth if you wish, but you know yourself that it is true. I very much enjoy the contributions of the knowledgeable people here. The vast majority behave decently to all, and behave in ways that encourage participation and a sense of community. You seem to be working at cross purposes to that goal. I apologize to the board for derailing the thread, and will return to lurking.
  5. I've been a member here since 2014. In my total time here, I have downvoted 3 total posts. I have voted positively on far more posts than I have voted negatively on. (and have had a fair number of my own posts upvoted as well) So either you have a problem with math, or you are attempting to be dishonest, and hoping I won't call you on it. But that's neither here nor there. I downvoted YOUR post because you chose to be obnoxious to another poster whose status you deemed lower than yours. You didn't criticize his position. You questioned his motives for being here, and you suggested that he did not belong here. You are attempting to do exactly that with me now. And dishonestly so. Congratulations. You've managed to drive another potential participant from the board for no reason at all. Best wishes to you, in spite of yourself.
  6. I don't think he was making a mountain out of a molehill at all. You were obnoxious and snobbish in your response, and frankly so much so that I downvoted your comment. (and I was just a bystander) And your response to that downvote, was to go digging through the archives and find a completely innocuous post of mine from the past to downvote in retaliation. Beyond petty if you ask me, but no skin off my nose. It really is kind of sad, because this is the kind of behavior that discourages new posters, and makes it clear to others that you view this place as your personal playground... and that your post count makes you special. Kinda toxic really.
  7. Yes... I understand what the conventional wisdom is.
  8. These guys somehow forgot that they're supposed to be awful. Makes me want to see the organization keep 'em mostly together and add pitching.
  9. Better be careful or these guys could start to believe in themselves.
  10. After careful consideration, I am convinced he is a better hitter than Richie Martin
  11. That was about as serious an answer as I can give. There are worse things than a couple of rebuilding years. We could be in the thick of the pennant race, and in danger of losing the team. A little perspective might be in order.
  12. Tampa Bay (Montreal) Rays.
  13. That change is filthy... 15-17 mph off the fastball and no discernible difference in arm speed.
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