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  1. I heard a rumor that we had some dudes down there in Bowie. Maybe he is one of the dudes. (The Dude Abides)
  2. Centuries later archaeologists find their desiccated remains... clutching a stat sheet, with margin notes lamenting the lost opportunity that was Villar.
  3. At some point, the "We are rebuilding" vector, and the "We are playing better baseball" vector will naturally intersect. Perhaps we are at the intersection.
  4. Certainly should have at least a couple more wins in a fair world.
  5. When you're a terrible club, you have the luxury of letting terrible pitchers be terrible. Dare I say that window is closing....?
  6. Interestingly, I disagree with your fundamental premise, but agree with your conclusion. I think we are reaching the point where we can say with some level of confidence that more than luck is involved here. At least for some of these players. Between the number of games, and some notable difference in approach, confidence, and even the fight in them, it's becoming clear that not all of these guys are the same players they were last year. And you wouldn't necessarily expect them to be. You'd expect some development out of some younger and journeyman ballplayers. We just happen to be comprised of mostly younger and journeymen ballplayers. That said, your suggestion that there is no logical reason to keep a guy down on the farm if he is ready for at least an audition in the Bigs. and that Akin-Kremer-Lowther-Baumann might be better than some of what we are throwing out there is something I strongly agree with. I think the real question in my mind, is whether we've passed the point in the rebuild where our primary question is "what can we trade away?" And perhaps can start asking "did our strategy of picking guys off the scrap heap and developing some of our own position players pay enough dividends that we can think now about what to add to the ML club... instead of what to subtract from it?" Not really sure we're there yet... but just being able to consider the possibility is progress.
  7. I don't know about Spahn and Appling... but our regular position players not named Chris Davis have an average combined OPS that's over .900, and we have what passes for a pretty good bullpen. The starters are raising an occasional eyebrows as well. And the whole team doesn't seem to have a lot of quit in them at the moment. You're right to suggest it's a small sample size.. but it's growing... and enthusiasm is still high.
  8. Starting to get the idea that these guys don't like losing
  9. I think you're right... the original plan has been complicated by many things. The plan WAS to tank. And we have done that. For multiple seasons. Perhaps that was even the plan for this season. But there comes a point where that is no longer the plan. And the rebuilding of the Major League club begins. Are we there yet? I dunno.. Sometimes circumstances (an over-achieving bunch of journeymen) might even modify what were your original plans... because maybe a few of them can usher in your first wave of Minor League talent at a discount and still make your club competitive. Maybe the future is blossoming now. This is a pretty savvy front office, Don't be shocked if they're having the same conversations.
  10. I think you're probably on the money. Some of these guys might be better than they were in the past. It's probably a little early to tell. But damn if it isn't fun in the meantime.... and it's been awhile since we could say that.
  11. Yeah... I guess I wasn't really trying to suggest that everyone wear pom-poms and give a group cheer... just that sometimes we can get a little carried away with being "objective" and so much so that we become anti-fans. I guess it's a fine line. To your point, and to your credit, I thought your post was very reasonable. You don't need to be unreasonably optimistic to enjoy your team's success. But if you become SO pessimistic (particularly when caught up in a personal squabble) that you have nothing good to say, you take away from things.
  12. How 'bout dem O's. (take em how we can)
  13. You can question my motives. No skin off my nose. I really don't care about your squabbles. I was commenting on the degree of negativity directed at the club. Your squabbles with others didn't enter into the picture for me. I didn't notice or care. I you want to personalize it that's on you. I said what I wanted to say on the subject.
  14. I am not speaking in defense of anyone's bad behavior. (and I was reluctant to comment at all, for fear that I would become a lightning rod for the hostility)... But it seemed to me that if I were a young Baltimore Oriole ballplayer reading some of this, I'd think my fans weren't exactly in my corner. I understand the nature of a rebuilding club, and I understand that bad teams of part of that. But part of that is knowing that there's a corner to be turned. And honestly, none of us really know when that's going to happen. Not you, not me, not the club. If the team happens to piece together a little early success, why not be happy about that? Why not entertain a discussion or two about the possibility that some of their journeymen are overachieving... and might even have enough years of team control yet to usher in the young arms and position players that are coming...? Maybe there's some underlying bad blood and history here that I'm not privy to. But from where I sit, it just looks like the two guys in the muppet show balcony talking about how the O's suck, and here's why. Again, just my two cents.
  15. I guess I always figured fans were the people who wished their team well, and looked forward to their success. Not that there's anything wrong with discussing your team's strengths and weaknesses. But brow-beating anyone with an optimistic outlook seems a little over the top. Just an observation. Do with it as you choose.
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