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  1. Because people make pronouncements... and they become lore
  2. Crab cakes that don't have diced red pepper in them.
  3. Random trap-doors into alligator pits, in the infield.
  4. At least he makes up for it in the broadcast booth.
  5. Kinda hard to call it a trope when it's played itself out precisely that way a half-dozen times in the last couple years.
  6. Elias pulls another tarnished bauble out of the dumpster.... shines it up on his sleeve... waits a couple of months, and trades it in for another scratch-off ticket...
  7. But... But... he's been working on his game in the off-season, and he's looking forward to Spring Training and stuff.
  8. Maybe... or maybe Stewart had a better MiL 2019 in the 200-some at bats he had there. The full body of work of the two shows an edge for Shaw. A fragment of a Minor League season shows an edge for Stewart. The minimal ML time both have had shows a significant edge for Stewart... but I would once again hesitate to draw conclusions from Shaw's 70-some ML AB's I guess my point in all of this is that I don't understand the dismissal of Shaw. He has been arguably at least Stewart's equal
  9. In short, D J Stewart lacked the requisite 2019 AAA plate appearances to qualify to be considered in the Offical International League Metrics. And I was comparing their performance in their own leagues, so I used 2018. (pre ML baseball) http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?y=2019&t=l_bat&lid=117&sid=l117
  10. I don't think there's much question that the PCL is more hitter friendly than the International League. But the original premise of all of this discussion was relative comparison of Shaw and Stewart. Particularly as hitters. And while the difference in leagues makes that a little tricky... it doesn't make it impossible. The best way to do that is to look at the each player's performance relative to the other players IN THEIR OWN LEAGUE. We know that Shaw and Stewart are products of the same draft, and were at a comparable state of development in 2018. And in fact this is the year in which they have a significant enough number of AAA at bats to make a direct comparison meaningful. If we look at HR's in 2018.... Shaw had 24 (tied for 7th in the PCL)... Stewart had 12 (tied to 25th in the IL) If we look at HR's per AB in 2018.... Shaw had a HR every 16 AB's (4th in the PCL)... Stewart had a HR every 35 AB's (outside of the top 40 in the IL) If we look at OPS in 2018 Shaw had a .813 (28th in the PCL)... Stewart had a .716 (28th in the IL) I think it's fair to say that both of these players are being compared as hitters.. as neither is a flash with the glove. My point isn't to suggest that Stewart is a bad hitter, or that he doesn't have potential. It is simply to suggest that there is enough information available to suggest that Shaw may be an even better hitter. And that attempts to dismiss this possibility with a wave of the hand because "Pacific Coast League" is simply an appeal to traditional lore... and does not consider that Shaw and Stewart's differences can be normalized by comparing them to players in their own respective leagues. And if we compare them each to players in their own league in 2018 (the most useful comparable data available) Shaw is significantly better. Stewart has arguably had some modest success in the MLs. (and it is honestly pretty modest). Shaw has had none. (although I don't think it's reasonable to draw any real conclusions from a total of 76 ML AB's. I'd like to see what he can do.
  11. I told them to leave him at 1B...but did they listen? Nah... put him in left they said... he'll be fine they said.
  12. But in fifth grade, Shaw had 4 more Little League HR's
  13. Shaw has 72 scattered Major League AB's. Stewart has 254. Thought their MiLB numbers were more indicative of their potential. Even considering league differences. Maybe we'll find out.
  14. Minor League Career Numbers Shaw 18.2 AB/HR, .861 OPS, 28% SO Rate Stewart 27.5 AB/HR, .790 OPS, 23 % SO Rate
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