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  1. Mary Todd was the one with the beard and the stove pipe hat.
  2. Exceptions noted... and genuinely appreciated
  3. We have that pitching. Nobody's ever out of a game.
  4. He's especially good at expec-to-ratiiiiinnng.... Gast-oooooooon!
  5. Unless it's crack cocaine... In which case... consider stopping... after the season.
  6. I believe it is technically called a troop. But i didn't think people would know what that was
  7. McKenna's got that gaggle of monkeys off his back
  8. You had me at "Don't have a long list of guys that deserve spots in the rotation"
  9. Cedric needs to quit hitting home runs so he can steal a few bases. 28/26
  10. Amazingly easy, driving from the back seat
  11. The idea that you don't believe in Kyle Stowers... but that he continues to perform in spite of your disbelief... suggesting that he is unfazed by (and therefore doesn't believe in) your assessment... is kinda funny. Maybe you're taking yourself just a touch too seriously.
  12. Sometimes its OK just to chuckle at the joke.
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