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  1. That's great. Good for you. I take my kids down to the dugout almost every game they come to, but that's besides the point I was trying to make. You could get in and do all those things 2 hours early last year, right? So, assuming you're a STH, what's the added benefit this year? I see I ruffled some feathers....so sorry to have a differing opinion.....but I only brought it up because the Orioles have very clearly advertised "Early Admission to Oriole Park" as an added STH benefit. So.....how is getting into the bowl area 2 hours before the game (just like last year) considered "Early Admission to Oriole Park"?
  2. Just got this response from the Orioles: "Thank you for contacting the Orioles. Gates will open at noon tomorrow for all fans to enter into the seating bowl. For the rest of the season, gates A, H, and D will open two hours prior to game time with season plan members being able to enter into the seating bowl. All other fans will be able to enter into the seating bowl 90 minutes prior to the game. If you have any other questions, please feel free to respond to this email or give us a call at 888-848-BIRD(2473)." And from their website: "Gate Opening Times For all Orioles home games, Gates A and H (at either end of Eutaw Street) will open two hours prior to game time to allow fans to enter the park. At this time, fans can watch batting practice from Eutaw Street, the Eutaw Street Bleachers, Orioles Legends Park, and the Flag Court. Gate D will also open exclusively for Season Plan Members to access the lower level seating bowl. All other gates will open 90 minutes prior to game time, and at this point, all fans may enter the seating bowl. All gate opening times are subject to change." I think it's interesting to see that "early entry" is basically nothing more than a marketing ploy. Sounds like everyone can get in 2 hours early (like usual), but seating bowl access is limited to season ticket holders for the first 30 minutes? So the benefit to season ticket holders is what? They get first dibs to get ignored for autographs? Or are both of these explanations still not clear?
  3. I'll be there with my 7 year old. Game at 3:05....gates open at 12:05? Or earlier with season tickets? I see there's an early entry again this year for STH.....does that come into play tomorrow at all? I've looked a couple of different times on the website, and I don't see specifics for the 2018 early entry. Gonna look again now.....
  4. It spun for a while for me at first also..... I was selective.....I was searching tix from 10:00 until about 10:35.....at which point, for some reason, it suddenly let me pick my own individual tickets (maybe I rejected so many?)....so I got 2 in section 6.
  5. Trading his buddy shouldn't change the way he conducts himself as a professional. At 26, he's a grown ass man with 5 years MLB experience. Just because you "see" something doesn't mean squat. Davis and Trumbo were free agents. Schoop is not. He will have his time just like Davis, Trumbo and his buddy Manny. In the meantime, he's making MILLIONS on top of the $10M+ he's already made (w/the $5m deal he made). If he's so close with Manny, he should know all about arb years. Have you ever been to a FanFest? Most of the players don't even field questions....they scribble their signature for an hour and move on. Hard hitting questions? Don't think so.
  6. Seems pretty doggone clear. Face of the franchise....sounds like there hasn't been a single discussion regarding an extension....Manny's got one foot out the door....no pitching in a division with the Yanks and Red Sox. So....yeah. He gone.
  7. I'm in line for GA now. Sent my wife and youngest in with my ST admission. So far....seems like just another fanfest. Enjoy it for what it is guys. It's still our team. Have fun with your kids.
  8. I still can't print most of my vouchers. Called the Orioles, and they are aware of it. He said to try and go back into the original email from the 17th and print from that, OR....keep your eye on another email that he thinks should be out sometime in the next hour or so. What. A. Trainwreck.
  9. Can you bring in sandwiches, snacks and drinks like OPACY? Also, anyone else having issues printing vouchers? Only 1 of mine would print. The rest....I keep clicking on "click here" and it's not doing anything.
  10. I don't disagree with trading Manny...I wanted them to trade him last offseason. Just saying....you make that trade, there wouldn't be much of a future in the AL East facing a lineup with Judge (25), Sanchez (24), Stanton (27), Machado (25), Schoop (25)........and others.
  11. So you want to just give up on the next decade or so? Scary scary young lineup that leaves the Yankees with.
  12. Didn't he make millions last year? Is his contract the fault of the fans? I think you have it backwards who has their head up their ass.
  13. No. It wouldn't surprise me. Neither scenario would....whether it was them or the O's.
  14. If they didn't want to go, it should have been apparent to everyone MUCH sooner than the day before. Pulling out last minute citing "Private matter" and potentially coordinating it....that's garbage. I'm not saying that's definitely what happened, but that's sure as spit what it looks like.
  15. Yeah.....not good. On the bright side, I'm still going and the crowd might have just been cut in 1/2. Kids should clean up with autographs. Imagine the people who are going for Manny and don't get the news until they show up tomorrow morning. There will inevitably be some.....
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