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  1. Saw someone tweet the other day that his caught stealing rate was 41% (7/17) since the all star break.
  2. First was a huge jump to steal third. Also a runner on first who didn't run, and Sisco had a chance to throw behind him. Off the first baseman's glove into right field. Second was a pretty solid jump by one of the fastest guys on the Knights. Chance had a spot on throw that almost caught him. Third was a good jump by Moncada, and he is fast enough that Sisco didn't even attempt a throw.
  3. Chance is listed #41 on Keith Law's midseason top 50 list.
  4. How much has the Bowie rotation changed during this season? Battery mate has a huge impact on caught stealing rate, and it would be interesting to see how much that has played a role in Sisco's stats this season.
  5. Has anyone seen Sisco in these recent games? It would be great to hear how he has looked when throwing down to second base. On the radio today, they mentioned most of the Nationals steals were well timed and didn't leave much of an opportunity for Chance to make a play.
  6. ktemme

    Chance Sisco...

    Can any of the Delmarva regulars weigh in? It would be helpful to hear how his development is coming along. After all, catching is a relatively new position for Sisco.
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