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  1. I think the thing everyone has to realize is its 250 vouchers per session per time frame. I wouldnt be shocked if several thousands of people were on right as they went on sale and went after Manny. Everything is timing and dumb luck. The people who make the most noise are the ones who don't end up with vouchers, I personally bribed several of my coworkers with lunch to go after Manny for me and we were 1 for 7. So I know its possible to get them.
  2. I dont want to hear anyone on here complain about not getting playoff tickets! It's 1:11 an hour after the public sale started and you can still get them!
  3. Never take no for an answer. "Sellout" doesnt mean sellout until the first pitch is thrown. Just try everyday and you will have a chance.
  4. Seattle has a cakewalk in the A's so they might find a way to sneak in there.
  5. Tigers better not look past the Braves. The Braves were my first love before moving to Baltimore 20 years ago. I still regularly check in on them and they have been doing pretty good the past month or so.
  6. If they back out stub hub is super easy to use and you can probably pay for your actual seats as well.
  7. I respect the spread the wealth a lot of you seem to be doing but I personally have no less than a dozen friends asking for ticket hookups every opening day/playoff game. I cant imagine you guys dont have the same! I took full advantage of the 6 tickets per game. I know if the games are played I will never have a problem finding someone to buy them. This way the bots cant control who gets the tickets.
  8. There is no need to knock on anyone young or old who collects autographs, trinkets, brings their glove etc. Everyone has their hobbies and as long as they are not breaking the law who cares. How they spend their free time as long as its legal there is no right to judge.
  9. They really do not anymore. They were selling for $80-100 when they first came out. At Fanfest the following season they were still giving them away and I dont think they are worth much more than $10-15 bucks any more .
  10. The statue year was the best year! I just bought a house that season and those statues paid for my lawn mower all of my blinds, and so much more.
  11. I hate to give away my secret but you actually do. Its not as good as it used to be but if you are good about predicting trends or demand you can do alright. The Manny Gnome was all fans. After my cost I made about $200 and I was able to bring my parents, my sister, brother in law and my niece and nephew. It was about 2 hours total worth of work. $100 per hour is pretty good if you ask me! It does require you front a lot of money. Other give away's not so much. I only made about $7 per bobble head after cost on the bobble boy and bobble girl. I still earned a respectable hourly rate but it almost wasnt worth it. The people calling you names and giving you weird looks sometimes isnt worth it. haha. I originally had 9 tickets for the hoodie give away but there wasnt much early demand for them so I sold 4 of those tickets at my cost so I wouldnt have to go through the gate so much. In this instance it was probably actually the most in demand of the give away but for fans who actually went to the game. I think Saturday is the earliest a give away ran out all year. The profits would have been there now but I wouldnt have had the time to go through that many times without help. I am glad I sold my extra tickets or I would have been caught with my pants down. Like the other poster said though I put almost all of my profit right back into the Orioles by buying more tickets to other games or upgrading my seats for the games I really want to go to.
  12. I dont think you are losing your mind. If you were holding a give away when you came back in they dont give you another. They also will not let you scan all of your tickets at once. You have to go through the gate 1 time for each ticket. I think they are supposed to refuse to let you get extra's but unless you go to the same gate/person over and over its kind of hard to police that.
  13. Yeah it was called raising the prices and making the profit margin smaller =) I will openly admit I have purchased extra tickets to get extra give away's for the sole purpose of resale. Its great basically getting to go to the game for free by buying a few extra seats. Also the extra space is a good benefit as well. It's also cool as I have sold these to people all across the country. Its nice to see displaced Orioles fans still interested in the give away's.
  14. The Orioles do not care because the second all of those seats are sold out if forces people to buy the more expensive seats. Also I dont really know how you can stop it. You cant kidnap a fan and force them to stay. If they want to leave they get to leave.
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