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  1. And BRob hitting something like half a dozen HRs in April. I remember being astonished by that at the time, but it didn't occur to me to be suspicious of it until Raffygate.
  2. Because hopefully Trumbo is now our fulltime DH. Think Harold Baines with better knees. I like Mancini. I wouldn't let him go for a bucket of balls -- for one thing, in the post apocalyptic world (2019) he might have to be an everyday guy for us.
  3. Will reserve judgment til I see the Tucker / Tavarez Royal Farms commercial.
  4. On a cheap 1-year pillow they very well might.
  5. Let's just legally change his name and be done with it. "Hunter" is clearly a last name and obviously "Harvey" is a first name.
  6. from what's being said about his arm, I wonder if RF could be his destination.
  7. I've heard "worm burner" many times; assume this is synonymous.
  8. If I want to help Davis' freshness I'd give him a day off rather than DH him.
  9. Very befuddling hashbrowns there. Why on earth should he resign? Way too young to quit now. Hasn't even reached that first big payday yet.
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