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  1. I'll settle for 150 innings of mediocre pitching from Cobb next year. No way he gets traded.
  2. Es4M11

    Farewell OH

    Yeah, I got that part. Saying you had an opening sort of implied you would be continuing with The Hangout. Guess I missed the announcement. Thanks for clarification
  3. Es4M11

    Farewell OH

    Sorry not to derail the thread. But did I miss a post? Are you intending to carry on with the OH?
  4. Es4M11

    Farewell OH

    Luke, congrats!! I don't post a ton, and we haven't gone back and forth much, but I did appreciate your thoughts the few times we did converse. Very happy for you, and very appreciative of the hard work and time you gave the OH. Good luck on the path ahead. Living the DREAM!
  5. Is this really true? The average team? I personally don't think so, but I'm not backing that up with hard data at this time -- gut feeling. My perception at this time is the Orioles are firmly middle of the pack in terms of overall available resources, with some untapped potential in their market. I think a consistent winner that was scene/thought of as a competent organization would boost attendance even over levels experienced during the 2012-2016 run. JMO
  6. I really like this analogy - bravo!
  7. I would hesitate to to say one draft dictates the future as well. That said, the possibility is real. And if the alternative to that very real possibility -- however slim -- is to win a few more ultimately meaningless games... it's an easy choice for me. Examples can be found to support both arguments, although I admit there are certainly more cases to be made on the other side of the argument. But consider Stephen Strasburg as a recent example for the Nats of how a top pick can have a major impact and transform a franchise, and throw in Anthony Rendon while we 're at it. Of course it takes more than one guy, but certain individuals can have outsize impacts and I am all for increasing the odds of finding and drafting those guys.
  8. Of course on a game to game basis as a fan one would always presumably root for their team to do well. I'm not going to be too upset when the team lets one get away though. IMO, still have to maintain the proper perspective -- sacrifice at the major league level for another year while the team is hopefully building sturdy foundations for what is to come. I like the overall progress and I'm a believer.
  9. It certainly could. It remains to be seen if that will be the case, but it's disingenuous to suggest it couldn't possibly.
  10. It really is the best thing for all parties for Davis to be released. The only thing that makes any sense to me is that Peter Angelos is really dug in on this topic, or at one point was and his family chooses to respect his wishes. I would imagine that if Peter were no longer with us, Davis' status with the team would change quickly.
  11. I have none. I have a lot of confidence he is the right guy for this team going forward.
  12. I'm content with the rebuild thus far, and am ready for another year of bottom dwelling. Doesn't really bother me at all. Maybe it's due to the Orioles being a losing team for most of my lifetime? Guess I'm used to it, and 5 years of mostly winning baseball didn't shake me free of it. For now, I am enjoying the team building. I'll wait for '21 to start caring about wins and losses again. The rebuild gets a passing grade from me, so far.
  13. Honestly, I don't really care if the pitching is improved overall. I'll be happy if they can find another useful piece or two for the team going forward. Not advocating outright tanking for this upcoming season, but I have no problem with a hgih draft pick again next year and see no need to go spend good money to get some middling MLB vets just to give the MLB team a shot at a few more wins. I think this will be a much more relevant topic of discussion next year at this time.
  14. #1 Rutschman and Hall. Extremely excited for both players. Feel as though they both have star potential.
  15. For those with more knowledge than me: which prospect in the system has the highest potential ceiling? Is it a given that the answer is Rutschman? I tend to think maybe DL Hall could be the answer if he can figure out how to consistently control his stuff.
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