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  1. Granted, I am no scout, so take my opinions for what they are worth: nothing. That said, I tend to view Martin, Torkelson, and Hancock as similarly graded prospects. An argument could be made for either one to be considered best player in this class. All three of these players are very acceptable outcomes as far as I am concerned. Personally, Martin has the highest ceiling of all of them. With Martin... + handles the bat well + gets on base, walks a lot + doesn't strike out a lot + has a solid glove that can play multiple positions + good speed That's a lot of quality attributes from a kid straight out of college. And Martin still has a lot of room to grow and add muscle to his frame -- I think the power will come. Martin checks most of the boxes and is exactly the type of player this organization needs -- the type of player we always lament about not having. I get that Hancock (or Lacy, if that's your preference) would be great additions and that the team could ALWAYS use more pitching, but Martin is worth bypassing the arms this year. When you factor in the volatility of pitching, give me the guy that plays every day. Just my $.02
  2. I don't think the Orioles draft a pitcher at top of round 1. Of course it can be said that a team never has enough pitching prospects, but the Orioles have a few right now and are sorely in need of some positional prospects. And Austin may be the best player in this draft, period. Most scouting reports seem to think Martin will be a quality defender at either 2b or 3b. Personally, I am sticking Martin at 2b and not thinking about it again until we know if Henderson is the 3b of the future or not. If Henderson doesn't pan out then Martin offers some flexibility. In short, stick Martin at 2b and keep building up the middle. Taking Torkelson over Hancock as well. Torkelson seems like the most sure thing and is arguably the best player in the draft. A potential future middle of the order featuring Mountcastle, Rutschman, and Torkelson could end up being pretty potent -- supplement with Hays and Diaz for added flavor.
  3. This is pretty close to the way I see it. I want a position player at #2. Not really interested in either of the arms, though if the scouts think Hancock is the guy, I am good with that. Not very interested in Lacy, or Veen for that matter. Gonzales is an interesting prospect, but I'd pass. Martin is the guy I really want. With Martin, I don't even care if the power doesn't develop much more, I think he could profile as a high quality lead off hitter with an above average glove at second base. Martin walks as much or more than he strikes out, has good speed, and looks to be very capable with that bat. Sign me up please. Torkelson would be great, too. Stick the bat in the middle of order and have fun. Potential positional overlap with Mountcastle, Mancini, and Davis in the fold, but that would probably sort itself out by the time Torkelson is ready for the majors. I'm really hoping the Tigers draft Torkelson, so the Orioles can snatch up Martin. If the Tigers elect to go another route, I would be pretty happy with Torkelson as a consolation prize.
  4. If/when a draft happens, and Martin is there at #2, that's who I would select. Future 2nd baseman, possible lead-off hitter.
  5. Of those four, I would probably lean towards Torkleson. Sounds like he is a pretty sure bet with the bat. Gonzales is intriguing, but don't think I'd want the Orioles to roll the dice with him. Maybe the arms have higher upside than the position players, but I am leery of taking a pitcher at the top -- too volatile. None of the pitchers this year seem to be of the "can't miss" variety, so I'm more inclined to play it safe. Is Martin no longer in consideratoin based off a few weeks?
  6. I'm hoping for .239 avg and 29 hr -- no more, lest I have to eat a flip flop
  7. Strictly an economic/efficiency ploy. Won't have to staff those areas during games, or clean up after the game. Also forces fans to sit in higher concentrations in the open sections which could look better on camera -- if you care about vanity.
  8. Es4M11

    Alex Cobb 2020

    I have no powers - lol. Just have made a few educated guesses on signings that turned out to be correct. When the team signed Cobb, I thought he was going to be an important piece of a potential playoff team - worth the money. That was pretty far off in hindsight. I'm just hoping Cobb can give the team some decent innings this year. If I had to guess, approximately 130 innings/4.6 era.
  9. Es4M11

    Alex Cobb 2020

    This guy... I correctly predicted the Orioles would sign Cobb about a month or two before it happened, here on OH. This guy has been such a disappointment, I feel less smart for having done so. Hoping he can give the team some good innings this year. But my hopes are low.
  10. Wasn't Hays like the 26th rated prospect in baseball at one point? To the point there were even some 60 grades on him a couple years ago? That shine tarnished pretty quickly after the injuries. Very interested to see what he can do with a full season of (hopefully) good health. Personally, I feel pretty bullish on his prospects.
  11. I'll settle for 150 innings of mediocre pitching from Cobb next year. No way he gets traded.
  12. Es4M11

    Farewell OH

    Yeah, I got that part. Saying you had an opening sort of implied you would be continuing with The Hangout. Guess I missed the announcement. Thanks for clarification
  13. Es4M11

    Farewell OH

    Sorry not to derail the thread. But did I miss a post? Are you intending to carry on with the OH?
  14. Es4M11

    Farewell OH

    Luke, congrats!! I don't post a ton, and we haven't gone back and forth much, but I did appreciate your thoughts the few times we did converse. Very happy for you, and very appreciative of the hard work and time you gave the OH. Good luck on the path ahead. Living the DREAM!
  15. Is this really true? The average team? I personally don't think so, but I'm not backing that up with hard data at this time -- gut feeling. My perception at this time is the Orioles are firmly middle of the pack in terms of overall available resources, with some untapped potential in their market. I think a consistent winner that was scene/thought of as a competent organization would boost attendance even over levels experienced during the 2012-2016 run. JMO
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