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  1. Just good to have baseball back That is all
  2. Really like the direction we are heading in with this hire. Young, analytics-focused but yet with a wealth of experience and much of that gained with a championship winning side who had gone through a rebuild. On paper at least, it sounds a perfect fit. The whole rebuild thing baseball clubs do is a little alien to me, as it never happens in football (soccer) over here - mainly due to the financial cost of relegation, which doesn't exist in MLB so this whole process is fascinating, if a little brutal at times. Saying that though, some of the principles of team building are surely universal, and if you are going to populate a team from prospects and young players you still need more experienced heads to help those prospects make the transition to the big leagues. I know we still have Davis, but I'd like to see us in for some experience as well to bolster those clubhouse leadership positions. It's such a shame AJ has gone as he would have been a great role model and captain, but I'm sure there are others out there who can do a similar role. Last season was a mess and it felt like we were going backwards. Next season may not be great results wise, but it does feel like we are making significant strides forward now, and it will be fascinating to watch. Elias and Hyde seem perfect fits for the organisation. Can't wait to see what they do together in the future.
  3. Adam Jones would be great, if we cold get away with a 'player manager'
  4. How many job openings are there for senior major league execs? Very few would turn their nose up at the job. They'd have to be already in-position at another MLB club, or so high profile they'd want to maintain that with a franchise with a shot at the winning things short term - and those kind of execs wouldn't be right for a rebuild situation anyway. Personally, I'm not crazy about the 'President' vs 'GM' thing myself, unless they have completely mutually exclusive remits. I'd rather see us get an experienced grizzled GM in, who can work the market and knows what constitutes a winning team, and have him hire a young, future-ahead-of-him manager. As for support, he can bring in his own advisors, rather than have someone looking over his shoulder all the time. Put another way, I'd rather experience in the GM position and inexperience (but potential talent) in the manager position, than the other way around - or the worst-case...inexperience in both positions.
  5. Well, we may be breaking up the Machado-Schoop bromance as it is. Maybe they should go as a package...
  6. It was a terrible game from a Ravens perspective, obviously. The upsides (for me) - lots of Baltimore folk in attendance, great 'O' in the national anthem (kneeling aside). If we had been competitive then it would have been a great atmosphere because I reckon the hardcore Ravens fans outnumbered the hardcore Jags fans. Obviously, there were the many neutrals too. Plus some hideously obnoxious Steelers fans who sat just in front of me. Cost a fortune but really pleased with my seat. Great view of the field, and the single touchdown. Much as I despise going around London, I quite like the NFL days as being Sunday it's easier to get parked a few stops on the tube from Wembley Park station, and the walk down Wembley way always fuels anticipation. The organisation outside the stadium was not great though - I had no idea about the NFL 'clear bags' policy, so my girlfriend wouldn't be admitted with her (pretty small) handbag, but none of the 'Ask me for help' people seemed to know where to get the clear bags from and it took us ages and we missed the tailgate as a result. Then, I'd ordered a shirt via NFL Europe and chose the 'click and collect' option in order to make things easier, but the 'Click and Collect' kiosk had bigger queues than the standard NFL march stands. Had to wait for 45 minutes in a queue for my jersey and only just made it to my seat for the pre-game buildup. It's just such a shame that the Ravens shat the bed in such excessive fashion though. I know it sounds like a convenient excuse, but the team really did just look 'off' and I wondered if their preparation management for the jet-lag went awry (most UK NFL games start 5pm local time, this started 2.30pm - so 9.30am US time). I read some articles during the week which indicated they had a staggered 1hr early to bed regime for the days leading up to the trip, and they should sleep during the flight in business class, however various player interviews indicated many players were planning on playing video games or watching movies during the flight. Thats okay for 'normal' folk, but 'normal' folk don't have to be tumbling out of bed 24hrs after the trip to play in a highly physical football game! The Jags have been coming over for a few years now and will be well versed on the procedure (they were awful too in the early days). Yeah yeah yeah, we are probably just terrible and thats too convenient an excuse. But it's certainly plausible, and doesn't really reflect well on the team management if it is the case. Anyway, unless I can ever make it over to Baltimore during September to catch both the O's *and* Ravens, which looks highly unlikely due to school holidays being finished by then (I am def coming back over for the O's), It will probably be years before I watch the Ravens again in the flesh. Such a shame that an opportunity to put on a show and possibly gain some extra UK fans into the bargain went down the plughole for 3 of the 4 quarters at least.
  7. Seriously? I don't think you were ever a 'fan' if you can drop a team like that. I'm hoping it was just post-game teeth grinding....
  8. Thank heavens for that good start, otherwise it would look even worse. [Glass Half Full Mode]We only get to play one less game than last season, and that game was crap anyway[/Glass Half Full Mode]
  9. It is the worst season since I started following the O's religiously, but that isn't from a huge sample size of years. My perspective is that good players don't become bad ones over night, but we do have quite a number who are exceedingly streaky, and to my mind there is fragile confidence through the team, so rather than look at Buck specifically, it may be worth looking at the rest of the coaching setup and whether there is any way this can be mitigated going forward. I'm not a fan of destroying everything based on this season. The trick will be mentally getting them in a groove and keeping them there and for that I'd look at supplementing the coaching staff and perhaps leaning more on the senior players (I do still think Markakis is a bigger loss than it first appeared, in this regard). Oh, and get Davis a TUE and get him back on the pep pills
  10. Can't wait for Sunday as it will be first chance to see the Ravens play live. Tickets cost a fortune, but will be very much worth it I think. If anyone is coming over from Bmore and is planning on a drink somewhere before the game, let me know where and when
  11. Could there be an issue with coaching? There was quite an upheaval in that department this year
  12. Surely we all know the team are better than the results they are delivering at the moment? If that is the case (it is) then the question is whether the slump is due to a specific root cause (ie. something unsettling the side), or if it is just an insanely unlucky situation where everyone is out of form simultaneously. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater seems extreme, especially as there doesn't appear to be much in the way of stellar youth coming up through the farm system. Whilst any immediate clubhouse issue is firmly in Buck's court, and I do believe they will turn things around, some focus surely has to be directed towards the GM in terms of making sure there are effective options coming through on the production line? Perhaps this is the season we need a change at the top, rather than the undoubtedly talented - and expensive - players. Once that is sorted, then look at the rest.
  13. Horrible end to that game. Still fuming about CDs last at bat and then Hardy... with Kim left benched.... ahh well we have a nice easy road trip to Houston to enjoy. Good job we started the season well and banked up some wins early as we will need them!
  14. I'm a huge Kim fan and would love to see him get more AB's than he is doing
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