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  1. I'd still give a few more starts before we pass judgment one way or the other. People were saying the same thing about Cole after the Houston start. Hasn't looked that hot since, and certainly a decline overall post-crackdown.
  2. That's an impressive backflip. Gets really good height and sticks the landing perfectly.
  3. I would think the owners would want to push for it as a potential better return of investment. You give all these young highly rated pitching prospects multi-million dollar signing bonuses, it only makes sense to try to maximize your chance of a good return.
  4. Is this a league-wide agreement? You'd think particularly in pitchers starting with the correct ball early in their professional development would make it more likely they succeed. All the investment in analytics and this is neglected?
  5. So his spin rate was down, strikeouts a season low, and hits yielded a season high. He still managed to pitch an effective game? Sounds like with this tiny SS, the foreign substance ban is working like a charm. Maybe his numbers will look more like his 2015 with a K/9 of 8.7 rather than the gaudy 11.6+ of the last few years.
  6. In an opposite situation, the UNC streak like tonight ended too with a last minute choke job by a bad team.
  7. I'm content with the fact that it is mathematically impossible for us to lose 100 games this season. We can't extend our "modest" 2 season streak by default.
  8. Also Millar making that postseaon pep rally commercial for the Red Sox's while still being an Oriole I thought was pretty low.
  9. Nice article. I was most interested in the organizational rankings by prospect WAR the author did. It passed the eye test with the Astros and Rays being some of the top. However I found it fascinating how several of the recent world series winners (or highly competitive teams) were so low on the prospect success rate. The Red Soxs, Giants, and Cubs have all had a lower prospect success rate than our much maligned farm, but have managed to churn out several, and near, WS winners. Not that this is of any comfort to we struggling O's fans, but I think this data suggests there is much more to
  10. Price was basically the same until he broke out of it in the ALCS/WS last year.
  11. Quite a few Orioles as honorable mentions in that list
  12. This had always been my argument to non-baseball watchers. Outside of football, what other sport do you have so many interesting plays that could happen that you don't see every game? Triple plays, shutout outs, stolen bases, balks, steals of home, bunts singles etc. I don't watch the NBA because I feel like the lack of variation between games becomes monotonous and boring. I feel the three true outcomes style of the current game is making baseball like that. It is killing what makes baseball such an interesting and dynamic sport, the variety. I think this is really hurting the appeal for
  13. Can we vote for two seasons? They could a winning season in sequential years.
  14. Waiting to see the long term results of viewership ratings? Casual fans for sure dig the long ball.
  15. The question is then, has Wells made that adjustment already in the minor leagues to compensate for the subpar velocity? It would be a great story if the guy can compete in the majors at his velocity.
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