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  1. That's nice how you pick a year. It's fairly common thing to do for someone with a narcissistic personality disorder.
  2. Cruz never had enough PAs to hit 40 HR until last year. It's not like last year was completely abnormal for him, his OPS was .030 above career.
  3. I don't expect much from him. If he produces, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
  4. The whole thing spells trouble. From what I understand, there is also a clause that Peter (MASN) agree'd to (Peter Orioles wanted it) that states the Orioles will always get the same amount the Nats get. We all know, if the Nats get 300 million (going back to 2012), the Orioles won't get 300 million. I haven't kept up with it, makes my head hurt.
  5. I believe Tillman is a keeper. 6/78 to 6/96 I might want to wait one more year to try and sign him long term.
  6. Attendance was better back then. We're still trying to get back 2005 levels. Man, we were the laughing stock for quite a while. Simply horrible. Explains a lot.
  7. Tough question. I think the Orioles wanted another LH hitter with some pop and I agree with that. On the other hand, we need OBP. Last year, 5 of the 7 teams that scored more runs than the Orioles had a lower SLG pct while ALL 7 of them had a higher OBP. I voted Aoki and actually I might have gone with what we had.
  8. :agree: That said, IF we sign Rasmus, I hope it works out. I don't think the Orioles will get rid of Lough. He's the one OFers that is under team control for a few more years. I was hoping he'd get 400+ ABs this next year.
  9. That's pretty much what the did.
  10. Just google 'Colby Rasmus malcontent' and you can take your pick of several articles. Guys do change/learn/grow up, so I wouldn't hold that against him. I would keep it in mind when dealing with him however.
  11. Nothing beat the Orioles pennant fever record from 1964.
  12. For Brandon Maurer straight up? wow
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