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  1. With $26 million left on the remaining two years of his contract, Mark Trumbo surely would be difficult to move, and the Orioles might have to eat some of the money. But should they try to trade him for a starting pitcher? https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/26/will-mark-trumbo-be-back-with-the-orioles-in-2018
  2. Even at 42, R.A. Dickey was an innings-eater in 2017, something the Orioles desperately need. More from Rich Dubroff: https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/25/could-the-orioles-sign-rhp-ra-dickey
  3. After 10 years, it seems hard to fathom a Baltimore Orioles team without Adam Jones in center field, but that's a reality the Orioles could face after the 2018 season. https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/19/orioles-will-face-tough-decision-on-adam-jones-after-2018-season
  4. Stan "The Fan" Charles says trying to live up to big contract has messed with Orioles slugger Chris Davis' head: https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/16/trying-to-live-up-to-big-contract-has-messed-with-orioles-slugger-chris-davis-head
  5. Jim Henneman on the career of longtime Orioles trainer Richie Bancells and how his career was intertwined with Cal Ripken: https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/16/breaking-in-with-cal-ripken-orioles-trainer-richie-bancells-an-iron-man-in-his-own-right
  6. Dan Duquette has said the Baltimore Orioles want to add a left-handed starter this offseason, but what options are out there in the free-agent market or within the organization? https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/18/where-can-the-orioles-find-a-left-handed-starter
  7. For the next 12 months and perhaps longer, you'll be hearing about Manny Machado's contract. Rich Dubroff looks at five factors that could affect Machado's contract in 2018: https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/17/five-factors-that-could-affect-orioles-third-baseman-manny-machados-contract
  8. Dan Connolly says Dan Duquette is going to find starting pitching any way he can, but the most logical route is to trade for it -- and trades can easily blow up on you, too. https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/16/to-improve-starting-pitching-orioles-must-be-willing-to-make-a-trade
  9. What players could make a difference for the Orioles in 2018? Rich Dubroff looks at some of the top prospects who've already played for the Orioles and a few more who could make a difference in 2018. https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/11/2017-orioles-roster-review-part-3-who-could-help-in-2018
  10. Rich Dubroff continues his analysis of the Orioles' 2017 roster with a look at the pitchers who are likely to be replaced, some who could be replaced and some who already have: https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/10/2017-orioles-roster-review-part-2-replaceable-pitchers
  11. Rich Dubroff breaks down the Orioles' 2017 roster with a look at the position players who are likely to be replaced, some who could be replaced and some who already have. https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/09/2017-orioles-roster-review-part-one-the-replaceable-position-players
  12. After watching the Orioles' young players get a chance during September, Jim Henneman says he learned two things: 1) The Orioles seem to have finally developed some position players with promise; and 2) collectively, they aren't ready for delivery to the big leagues as a package. https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/04/orioles-young-players-show-promise-but-not-all-are-ready-for-big-leagues-just-yet
  13. Dan Duquette on what's next for the Baltimore Orioles: "We've got to rebuild our starting rotation. I still think that [Kevin] Gausman can be an elite pitcher in the league. We'll have to find some starters beyond that." More: https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/10/02/for-2017-orioles-problems-began-with-pitching
  14. In 2013, the Orioles led the major leagues in defense, committing a record-low 54 errors (one every three games). This season, the Orioles have made 94 errors in 157 games and are in the middle of the pack in defense. Buck Showalter: "I think we've taken a step back defensively, really the last year or two in some places. I think we need to get that back in order, especially with a pitching staff that doesn't strike out that many people." More: https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/09/26/buck-showalter-says-orioles-need-to-tighten-up-defense
  15. Former Orioles pitcher Ross Grimsley: ""If you're serious about contending and getting deep into the playoffs, you're going to have to get starting pitching. And right now, in the organization, I don't see anybody that's ready to step up next year." https://www.pressboxonline.com/2017/09/25/ross-grimsley-orioles-are-two-starting-pitchers-away-from-contending-in-al-east
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