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  1. Texas kinda came through for me this past weekend.
  2. VT's lost to ODU is the kind of loss that just kills a staff. Year 3, trying to build recruiting momentum, and you lose to Old Dominion. For a staff that wasn't exactly known for being great salesmen on the recruiting trail, that's just brutal.
  3. I'm not sure why anybody is able to keep their job. From the AD all the way down to the S&C coach? What has any of them done to where one would say, "Hey, this is bad, but lets not jump to conclusions." None of them have any clout built up. The AD does nothing but give out horrible contracts (see Turgeon) and make either horrible hires (see Turgeon again) or hires that are still on the fence but not looking the best (see Durkin). When none of the parties have a positive leg to stand on, you don't get to say ,"Oh, and here's a PR disaster for good measure."
  4. Negligence has always been the most common tort, even before "today's world," and negligence has never been in "intentional" tort.
  5. Penn State has very good front end talent. Starters, and some of the two deep. But you saw it last year in the Ohio State game. Ohio State just sent waves of talent at them. And Penn State buckled as the game went on because they didn't have the roster to go blow for blow over an entire game. Franklin is just owning the entire Mid-Atlantic in the recruiting world, and will have them as an elite team in the future. But I don't think they have the roster yet. Give them one more recruiting class.
  6. I think the Braves taking on O'Day's salary wasn't costless to us. It's reflected in the return. You think they took on O'Day for free because they are just sweet on Dan or something.
  7. Walk me through the logic of this? You're saying the return we got for Gausman is what we would have gotten. Then we asked the Braves if they would also take O'Day, and the Braves said, "Yeah, we're feeling generous. Throw him in too." The Orioles would have to give consideration for the Braves taking O'Day. There's no other way to look at it.
  8. That's not really a "belief." The Braves took on O'Day's salary as a salary dump. They didn't do that out of the kindness of their hearts. All anybody could possibly argue is the extent to which it diminished the return. But nobody could, in good faith, argue it didn't diminish the return.
  9. I can't. I've already explained all of that in numerous other posts. At this point it would just be me copying and pasting.
  10. It's not really overrating Gausman per se. Whatever Gausman's return should have been. What Gausman gets you as a stand alone. "This amount in international slot money and these prospects." By including O'Day in the deal, just so you can free up money for the glorious run next year, that package was diminished to whatever degree. Which makes it a dumb move.
  11. I'm talking about not sacrificing prospect returns. And what is actually the smarter payroll strategy during a real build.
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