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  1. I just can't stomach the thought of seeing him go. Went to his first game with the excitement that we finally had the guy. I haven't been on the board much often but it seems everyone is ready to trade him. I still haven't gotten over resigning Davis last year and now we're going to ship Manny off. Going to be a tough pill to swallow. I want years of Manny (SS)/Schoop up the middle, guess not.
  2. I've been incredibly busy between work and coaching so haven't been super tuned in this year like I normally would be, but I like Castro from what I've seen recently
  3. Forgot to quote. Maybe we've talked before in the past, your username looks familiar lol
  4. Maybe we've had this discussion before, you totally stole my username lol
  5. Another game where the offense has to bail the starter out. Please shelve Ubaldo and Tillman
  6. What if the family and friends also approve?
  7. Does it mean were not getting into scoring position nearly as often as others?
  8. Oh it got fairly mediocre but it has come back strong! Yes, very beautiful women. That also helps my perception of the show.
  9. Was going to watch "Suits" at 9, but I'll stick around to see how Jeremy finishes out
  10. Seems like a problem we've had for years now....Or is that just me
  11. Ubaldo is just sooooooo good
  12. I enjoyed reading this, hope you guys to as well. http://deadspin.com/root-for-the-baltimore-orioles-in-the-playoffs-1787401183?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_twitter&utm_source=deadspin_twitter&utm_medium=socialflow
  13. Rosenthal start trash talking us yet?
  14. Orioles win 5-1 on a pinch hit grandslam in the 9th by Ubaldo
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