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  1. Thanks to both of you. I have been looking forward to reading your insights on the prospects.
  2. I hate to see him go, but when you cannot get outs at the big league level this is what happens.
  3. I agree with this. Not that we will win more games but I think there will be a renewed energy because the remaining players know the rest of the season is a trial. Those that play well have a chance to be here and the ones that don't will be expendable. Kind of like the year that Buck was hired.
  4. I don't know if anyone breached this idea or not, but it dawned on me that the Angelos family may be more inclined to trade Manny to the Phillies because it would make it more difficult for the Nats. I get the idea that with the MASN dispute etc. there is no love lost between the two franchises.
  5. From what I have seen, Knight could become a very good pick. If he adds some bulk he may become something special.
  6. It would have been nice to have some leftovers for overslots.
  7. That sure is a negative legacy to claim!!
  8. I missed the last three innings, but like you I remember not long ago a 2 to 1 lead would have been safe.
  9. The Cubs package seems very light to me.
  10. Thanks for the info. These reports are truly appreciated.
  11. I wish some of them would pitch to my area code 276.
  12. This series was what prompted me to become an Orioles fan. It was awesome to even see on tv.
  13. Thanks for pointing this out. This may be the most disappointed I have been with the O's. Perhaps I had my expectations higher than I should have, but this team had the potential to be more than they have shown.
  14. An amazing stat from last nights game. The three Shorebird pitchers made only 100 pitches in their combined nine innings. With a efficient 83 strikes, no walks, and 10 strike outs.
  15. Normally I try to keep my posts somewhat positive. Lately though I see some things that in my opinion are negatively affecting the Orioles performance. First, Chris Davis looks like a lost ball in the high weeds. His bat speed is missing as well as his ability to even make contact with even mediocre pitches. Second, Chris Tillman, even though he has never had a lot of FB velocity, has even less pitch speed,and shows no command. Third, while I have been a big Buck supporter and consider him to be among the best managers, being loyal to past performance should only go so far. I have been a big fan of the two Chris's for years but it is time to admit they have lost "it". The ugly elephant in the room is obviously Davis's contract, and where do you hide someone whom you are obligated to pay that much money.Tillman is much easier, just release him. The way he is pitching right now he could not get out minor league hitters. Maybe he can sign with an independant league team and get himself straightened out. after all he is still relatively young. In Chris Davis' case we are stuck with him.
  16. If the Twins did a shift with a no hitter they would get what they deserved.
  17. I don't know who this Sherman is but seemed like a negative comment to me that may have been made by someone from another team's following.
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