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  1. I was past my fiftieth birthday before I got to attend my first O's game in person. It was in St. Louis in 2004 and I had seats behind the Orioles dugout. The late-great Elrod Hendricks was signing some autographs at the rail. I was reluctant to go get an autograph because it was mostly youngsters in line. At the urging of my wife, I went down when the line got short. When it got to my turn Elrod turned to walk away and not sign any more. I politely shouted "It's my first game and you have been one of my heroes!". He turned around, came back and signed my program. He said "I'm sorry. I thought you were the father of that kid before you." I thanked him. He didn't know but I was a fifty year old kid. Later that night I also got Tony Batista's autograph to wrap up a good evening. The worst part was that Pujols hit a bases loaded triple and the O's lost.
  2. 2015 first round draft pick (31st overall).
  3. Many of us have been sitting around wearing Orioles hats, swinging bats, and jonesing for O' info to ingest. Thanks!!
  4. Grayrod or Grayson Rodriguez.... one is his name and one is not!!!
  5. This is an O's board. I come here to escape the politics. These time are depressing enough even with a good place to go like the DU.
  6. The link goes to Casey Cox's stat page.
  7. I repeat what Atomic says, thanks a ton. It makes the winter days easier to tolerate.
  8. Thanks to both of you. I have been looking forward to reading your insights on the prospects.
  9. I hate to see him go, but when you cannot get outs at the big league level this is what happens.
  10. I agree with this. Not that we will win more games but I think there will be a renewed energy because the remaining players know the rest of the season is a trial. Those that play well have a chance to be here and the ones that don't will be expendable. Kind of like the year that Buck was hired.
  11. I don't know if anyone breached this idea or not, but it dawned on me that the Angelos family may be more inclined to trade Manny to the Phillies because it would make it more difficult for the Nats. I get the idea that with the MASN dispute etc. there is no love lost between the two franchises.
  12. From what I have seen, Knight could become a very good pick. If he adds some bulk he may become something special.
  13. It would have been nice to have some leftovers for overslots.
  14. That sure is a negative legacy to claim!!
  15. I missed the last three innings, but like you I remember not long ago a 2 to 1 lead would have been safe.
  16. The Cubs package seems very light to me.
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