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  1. I was talking in context to the Marlins trading with the Cardinals. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/12/cardinals-favorites-for-marcell-ozuna-multiple-teams-pursuing-christian-yelich.html
  2. I don't think so. The Marlins want controllable outfielders amd the O's want pitchers.
  3. I have been a fan since the mid 1960's. The whole attitude about bonding to star players has changed. Free agency, for good or bad, has made it so that you no longer look at players as lifetime Orioles etc.
  4. I second that. Givens has the stuff and the demeanor.
  5. Substitute Sam Tuivalala for the injured Rosenthal and add in Austin Gomber.
  6. Thanks, I had Lee in there because other than this past season he had been solid in the past. Reyes does have a ton of potential and may have to be across the diamond at some point but his value is higher if he can stay at third.
  7. This is my top 30 Contribution: RANK TALENT LEVEL RANKING 1Hunter Harvey 2Austin Hays 3Ryan Mountcastle 4Chance Sisco 5Anthony Santander 6D.L. Hall 7Keegan Akin 8Cedric Mullins 9Alex Wells 10Adam Hall 11Cody Sedlock 12D.J. Stewart 13Zac Lowther 14Ademar Rifela 15Tanner Scott 16Gray Fenter 17Brendan Hanifee 18Lamar Sparks 19Cameron Bishop 20David Hess 21Trevor Craport 22Chris Lee 23Lucas Long 24Mason McCoy 25Michael Baumann 26Yefri Rameriz 27Jomar Reyes 28Ryan Meisinger 29Matthew Deitz 30Jhon Peluffo
  8. I totally agree. He may have been the most consistent players among the rookies.
  9. It disappoints me to say it, but (B) make the playoffs, may be the best we can expect.
  10. All the choices here are legit choices, and much needed. I chose Bundy just because of the severe need of starting pitching.
  11. They are too busy signing Jumbo Diaz to a Minor league contrat.
  12. I think the Dodgers want Britton and Yu Darvish and are trying to figure out how to get both without having to give up Buehler.
  13. I noticed that Jose Montanez, a 21st round catcher from Puerto Rico, has played in 2 games with the GCL Orioles. He is not listed as having been signed but apparently has.
  14. Thanks Tony, I appreciate the reports on the minor leaguer's.
  15. After reading this article, I sense that Jones is getting frustrated. Also his earlier comments about the outfield defense tell me that he desires more action to address the team's weaknesses.
  16. I don't post often, preferring to read others writings, but today I will offer my top 30 prospects. I live 600 miles from Baltimore so I do not get to see the prospects in person. My opinions are based upon what I read and study from this and other informational outlets.
  17. Mountain Bird

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    Thanks for the updates! Info like this is great for fans and posters like myself who live a long way from the affiliates.
  18. I saw Julio hit 99 mph in St. Louis a few years ago.
  19. I was 12 years old in 1966 when a team that I had not noticed swept the heavily favored Dodgers. Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, and Jim Palmer immediately became my favorite players. I was hooked and have been a die-hard O's fan since.
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