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  1. Hope everyone is about to relax for a spell and enjoy a day or two with family or friends. I don’t post a ton, but I still try to check in and read what I can here at OH. Still a marvelous place. Thanks to you all for making it that way. Still making music with my kids. Here’s our 2019 Christmas video. Some of these may sound familiar. My daughters (12 year old on drums and 17 year old on bass) knocked this out about a week ago. Happy Holidays! We’ll have an EP on vinyl of our original music by summer. Note: You may note I have my custom O‘sCaster guitar at the top right of the frame in the first song.
  2. I saw him twice when the Keys came to Winston-Salem early on. Such high hopes. Did see him maybe 3 times in Baltimore. Sad to see him go, but it’s for the best (for him and the rebuild). I’ll pull for him no matter where he is.
  3. My DirecTV bill fluctuated between $90 and $110 the last ten years or so depending on what tier I chose and any add ons (HBO or Showtime, etc. but usually only for a few months). MASN was part of my overall package all that time. In 2019, finally cut the cord, dumped DirecTV and I decided to just listen via the At Bat app ($19.99 / year) to the O's radio broadcast team. I miss Palmer, but now that my YouTubeTV subscription gets me what I basically want for $52 a month, it was a better financial situation for me. If I can at some point stream MASN, I'll do it. I'm not holding my breath with MLB waiving the in-market blackout for MLB-TV. I'd have had MLB-TV if that had not been the case. I tried 3 VPNs over two years in an exploratory effort to cut the cord in recent years and Apple or MLB-TV eventually got hip to it and I ended my VPN experiment.
  4. I hear that a lot about the Walgreens logo as well, but from what I recall, the Nats just adopted the old Senators logo. I do see the similarity, but the Senators cap I grew up with is what it looks like to me. I kind of like that continuity. I was surprised to learn the original Washington franchise at one point (1905, their 5th year) were officially renamed The Nationals, but The Senators nickname just caught on and they went with that. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/list_by_team/79/Washington_Senators/
  5. Wait. This is what I remember about Moose in ‘97. Edit: Ok I see it’s multiple postseason starts, not just doing it once. I was searching for what he did vs. Mariners in the ALDS, but he didn’t hit double digits in Ks in his two starts. He had 9 and 7, beating Randy Johnson twice. https://www.mlb.com/cut4/heres-mike-mussina-striking-out-15-indians-batters-on-his-birthday/c-159069820
  6. Re: the breaking in of a glove with shaving cream. I’ve definitely heard of it. I’ve read in more than one place that Brooks did it and so did Ozzie Smith. Brooks: http://www.danielleflood.com/id36.html “Yankee pitcher Ron Davis uses shaving cream on his, any kind he can find in the clubhouse. He just sprays the foam on, and lets it soak in, then repeats the process every now and then. "It makes the leather darker, softer, smooooth," he says as he runs his fingers over his glove.Where did he ever get such an idea? "I saw Brooks Robinson do it." Ozzie (and a tidbit about Brooks that I *didn’t* know) https://www.si.com/vault/2003/03/17/339796/for-love-of-leather-finally-the-baseball-glove-gets-the-recognition-it-deserves “Brooks Robinson kept his glove fingers firm with tongue depressors; Ozzie Smith broke his in with shaving cream.”
  7. Strike. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Take me out OF the ballgame Please. I beg of you.
  8. On the street behind me, I had a Thomas Thomas and a Harry Ball (of Harry Ball Fence Co.).
  9. There is another letter in the mail bag. “Dear Chris, Have you done anything to change your approach at the plate in 2019? Sincerely, Mary Chestnut”
  10. Fair enough. I just don’t have the same gut reaction to the whole Babe Ruth story as you. And this whole exchange is because of my joke which fell flat regarding John Angelos’ wife and Nashville. It’s not been my best day.
  11. Any opinion on Montville? Shaughnessy wasn’t alone in this opinion. I’m only familiar with Montville due to his Ted Williams bio.
  12. Apparently it was a 1919 play that was later adapted to music as No, No Nannette. “A popular myth holds that the show was financed by selling baseball's Boston Red Sox superstar Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees, resulting in the "Curse of the Bambino."[1]However, it was My Lady Friends, rather than No, No, Nanette, that was directly financed by the Ruth sale.“ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No,_No,_Nanette?wprov=sfti1 “Neither the lore, nor the debunking of it, entirely tells the story. As Leigh Montville wrote in The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth, the production No, No, Nanette had originated as a non-musical stage play called My Lady Friends, which opened on Broadway in December 1919.[12]That play had, indeed, been financed as a direct result of the Ruth deal.[13]Various researchers, including Montville and Shaughnessy, have pointed out that Frazee had close ties to the Yankees owners, and that many of the player deals, as well as the mortgage deal for Fenway Park itself, had to do with financing his plays.[12]” Montville, Leigh (2006). The Big Bam: The Life and Times of Babe Ruth. Random House. pp. 161–164. Shaughnessy 1990, p. 33 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curse_of_the_Bambino?wprov=sfti1
  13. Well, smack my head. I’ve been perpetuating this myth since about 1919.
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