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  1. Score! That shirt combines my two biggest passions, Orioles and Beatles. Did you get to see the Weams video yet? I know you replied on the YouTube that you were still watching the Means performance.
  2. So here's the visit my family had with Weams and JustD a week ago. Hope you enjoy. It was a delight to see our old friends and to hear Weams comment on the random stack of vinyl that she pulled from his collection. JustD adds a lot to the conversation too! The video format was in keeping with last year's half hour music show we did for 19 weeks during the lockdown. But instead of our usual 7 minute segment as part of several usual segments, we extended "I Want My Daddy's Records" to about 40 minutes for this special one. We shot it more like a documentary with 3 cams than the way we usual
  3. My daughters, wife and I had a really sweet visit with Weams and Denise on Thursday of last week. We drove up from NC to see a couple of games in the Nationals series and made arrangements to see him our first afternoon up in PA. In the weekly video show during last year's lockdown, our daughters and I (family band) had on YouTube last year, we had a segment called "I Want My Daddy's Records" and we talked about a random armful of LPs on camera. Weams loved that segment and we agreed to do one with him while visiting with him. I'm about to put the finishing touches on it this evening and
  4. My exact question when I saw that and noting no one had made it clear. I really am not sure. Btw, what a weird day. Daniel Cabrera and Sidney Ponson are both titles of threads on the board here in July 2021
  5. I did like that when I saw it. I am a big fan of cameras that are not the usual CF behind the pitcher angle. So sick of that in real games. Even an occasional press box angle shot is nice. I have watched all of the '69 - '71 World Series YouTubes and the behind the catcher view is so refreshing. And they used it fairly regularly then. After almost 50 years, I'm really tired of the slightly off center CF cam looking into home plate. It's hardly ever lined up properly anyway and it's not as accurate in telling inside vs. outside pitches as one would think.
  6. I did write a tongue in cheek one a few years back called Take Me Out Of The Ballgame.
  7. If it's 50 to 75K per the original post, for about 26K to show up for Hawaiian t-shirt night (and then crawl back under a rock the next game) this year was a herculean feat. I think it's far more than that. There's probably a complicated MLB merchandising formula that is pretty good at estimating what the actual number is.
  8. I think an overhead shot of some sort would be an improvement than what they currently use. If it's hard to see the ball from that distance, they do have the computer generated lines to follow the path of the ball. I rarely watch the derby, but I did like the fast pace of it. I only vaguely remember the outs format as I never gave the derby much thought unless an Orioles was in it (or my hometown guy Josh Hamilton). I had to keep yelling at the kids to "hurry up, come back in the den, Trey is up!"
  9. If this doesn't move you, then it's reasonable to say that the undertaker should be summoned. Trey is indeed a warrior.
  10. Yes. I was wondering what it was that bothered me outside of the head bobbing. But not gonna let it dampen the show Trey put on. Seeing Trey outside of the usual game context, he looks much thinner in the face on TV tonight. The man has been through a ton and still was able to challenge him to the last round.
  11. I had the family huddled around the TV like it was The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Trey made Baltimore (and O's fans elsewhere) proud.
  12. Paraphrasing Casey Stengel: "In ten years, Eshelman has a chance to be 37."
  13. I think the quote is "just how they drew it up."
  14. Well, this disappoints my daughter. In happier days, ie. 2017.
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