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  1. Been driving up from NC at least once a year (sometimes 3 times a year) for 22 years. The last five years, it's often been a train ride and not a drive. This will be the first year since then. There was one year where I caught an O's / Nats series in DC and didn't make it to Camden Yards.
  2. CJ Fogler (@cjzer0) Tweeted: Nationals ground crew attempting to get the tarp on the field with Yakety Sax, as one does https://t.co/FT3pRU3rSm
  3. Out of rep. Thanks for this clarification. Seems clear to me. I hope Hyde brings this up to the league office. I know games can be protested, but can a game that isn't completed be protested? I'm thinking back to the KC protest of the Pine Tar Game (apples and oranges, of course).
  4. Basically, it looked like they were trying to make up a bed while still in it. I know, I've tried it.
  5. Red Sox walk off vs. Jays. Non-compliance on the social distancing at the home plate celebration. Let's see if MLB is serious about their enforcement of this (their strict memo from earlier in the week).
  6. Let's pray that when we go to the automated strike zone that no one gets hurt in the process. I imagine the testing will be a risky endeavor of life and limb. They are a doing cost / benefit analysis as I type this.
  7. I don't know how I missed this when it happened. I think I was checked out from baseball a bit in the mid 80s.
  8. They could have done a more effective job throwing rain ponchos on the field.
  9. Garceau: "There's going to be a meeting tomorrow." Game called due to grounds crew incompetence? I haven't seen anything like this since the Bull Durham rain delay scene.
  10. Looks like me trying to put up a tent when camping.
  11. I'm not henpecked, I just have chicken house ways.
  12. Win column! Just the way Hyde drew it up!
  13. Good point. I think the robbery may have indeed made him more cautious about flaunting jewelry.
  14. 6'7". 205 lbs. That Castro is one lanky fellow. Probably the high socks accentuate his long legs.
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