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  1. So, so sorry to hear of this. Seeing this after reading the discussion of the new Athletic article (and reading that) in that the thread about Mancini's mid-season 2021 scare. Wishing him every good outcome possible for this development. Love to him and his loved ones as he works and fights through this.
  2. He will always have my undying admiration for managing to compete at the level he did this year after last year's surgery and six months of chemo treatment. To have missed all that time and to have dealt with the after effects (and the psychological strain) and to have a scare mid-season this year is almost too much to imagine. That's a lot to have on one's shoulders. Thanks for sharing. I just saw it in The Athletic this morning as well.
  3. I wrote JustD privately awhile back, but I will miss seeing all of the O's and Weams friends and loved ones. Love to all of you folks and especially to Denise. The memory of this fine man and his deeds will shine on and on.
  4. Got to see Rutschman three times their last road trip here. Felt like a nice reward for living through this O's season The Sox in their post 2004 Papi years were just not likable at all. I still treasure the Goggles confrontation with him about daring to pitch him inside.
  5. I live in the town of their AAA team, Durham, so I've found ways to pull for them in post-season play. I see their prospects a lot (I go a LOT for the Norfolk road games here and pull for the Tides). There was a time when I'd pull for Boston when they had those classic playoff series vs. Yanks, but since those four World Series titles since '04, my friends who are Boston fans (and all the bandwagon jumpers) have become even more insufferable than the NY fans I know personally. Semi-related sidebar: being a Durham guy, the UNC fans locally are sort of the Red Sox Nation of NC, loud and en
  6. Recent, but you have to add Stevie Wilkerson to that list. First position player to earn a save. Give it up for Dr. Poo Poo. And for this:
  7. I saw him pitch in Durham this week for Norfolk.
  8. The best we can hope for is no whiplash injuries as the ball goes sailing over our guys' heads.
  9. I've long thought they should go by The Foggy Bottom Boys. Some imaginative marketing could go with that.
  10. King-size Baltimore rat at 1:44 here. I laugh every time I see this scene.
  11. It was our great pleasure, Tony. Since it was about six weeks ago, it may be hard to find while digging through the thread. So here's the link to the video of that visit with Weams and Denise from July 22nd. We were blessed to know him as many of you also did. He and Denise were a joy to hang out with for a couple of hours that day. His love of music (and also Denise's music fandom) shown brightly that day. My family and I are forever grateful for their friendship. It's hard not to get choked up just typing this.
  12. So many beautiful thoughts here of Weams. I'm at a loss of what to say as they have all been written so wonderfully and with love. I just want to add my voice to those who loved this truly special man. From my vantage point, I think of him as someone I associate with his love of music as much as his love of Orioles baseball. May we all live our lives so that we are as much loved and then mourned as Weams. The outpouring for Weams in recent months really amplifies the kind of life he lived and how he touched so many and how much he was loved. And he loved us back. I feel so fortunate that my fa
  13. One of my long-lasting memories of Luke Scott was him limping around the bases on a home run trot.
  14. I loved the idea and am watching some clips today. Family had plans I could not get out of last night, but I got a lump in my throat for what I did see. Did any announcer use the phrase "can of corn" at any point?
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