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  1. Found a way to catch the game at the beach. My main goal is to stay awake the whole game. Nursing a Scotch as well. https://imgur.com/a/z3AaDw7
  2. 4 minutes ago from Roch. It's raining harder now. That's my only update #orioles https://twitter.com/masnRoch/status/1381761331477544960?s=20
  3. This still gets me worked up. Papi charges the mound and stays in the game. Ump warns both benches even though Gregg was pitching inside, just like the Sox do. Gregg gets tossed for motioning at Papi. GRRRRR ....
  4. A friend of mine who used to co-own Orpheus Records in DC told me once that Mike Curb (who ran MGM, but later had Curb Records, too) came in to his store and asked if he had any Curb Records. My friend directed him to the bins where he may find the appropriate acts but added, "Why in the world are you looking for anything associated with Curb? He's an a-hole." About twenty minutes later, the woman who was with him came to the register to pay for the LPs and CDs and the credit card read "Mike Curb". It was Mrs. Curb at the register and (I presume) Mike Curb who asked where the records were.
  5. I think my sis had the 3rd album. But the song I dug (and still holds up) is Crazy Horses. I think Jay sang lead or split the duties with Donny usually, but this was the bassist on a really growly lead vocal. I always thought the older brother looked just like Jimmy Page.
  6. So your sister bought a lot of Osmonds, too?
  7. Would be nice to spread some of those out on the rest of the road trip, but hey, the baseball gods give and the baseball gods taketh away.
  8. Ugh. Any reports yet? Just checked Roch and some though it was ankle and some guessing it was hamstring.
  9. Just logging in. Did I miss anything?
  10. I was relieved it was not anything to do with The Pesky Pole.
  11. Weams is a true buddy and a firm friend of my family. We've enjoyed hanging out with him and Denise at games and staying in touch. Much love to our main man and to D. We're pulling hard for him and send much love his way.
  12. Saw that for the first time in ages this past spring. I read up on it and I think I remember reading they used large dump tanks, gelatin, water and reverse photography to create that.
  13. Such is fate. In '65 and '66, HOF SS Aparicio was blocking him (just 19 games total). Played in 69 games in '67. And in '81 Weaver had him in just 64 games. In LA in '82, he was a backup to Bill Russell in 54 games.
  14. I like this list, has probably been referred to in this thread. Out of the top 6, four had been in the Orioles infield. 1. Ozzie Smith 44.2 2. Mark Belanger 39.5 3. Brooks Robinson 39.1 4. Cal Ripken Jr. 35.7 5. Joe Tinker 34.3 6. Luis Aparicio 31.8 3 shortstops plus Brook Robinson. Definitely a source of pride for the organization. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/WAR_def_career.shtml
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