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  1. Saw that for the first time in ages this past spring. I read up on it and I think I remember reading they used large dump tanks, gelatin, water and reverse photography to create that.
  2. Such is fate. In '65 and '66, HOF SS Aparicio was blocking him (just 19 games total). Played in 69 games in '67. And in '81 Weaver had him in just 64 games. In LA in '82, he was a backup to Bill Russell in 54 games.
  3. I like this list, has probably been referred to in this thread. Out of the top 6, four had been in the Orioles infield. 1. Ozzie Smith 44.2 2. Mark Belanger 39.5 3. Brooks Robinson 39.1 4. Cal Ripken Jr. 35.7 5. Joe Tinker 34.3 6. Luis Aparicio 31.8 3 shortstops plus Brook Robinson. Definitely a source of pride for the organization. https://www.baseball-reference.com/leaders/WAR_def_career.shtml
  4. I've seen it (I own the DVD). There's not as much game footage as I had expected.You may be in for a let down in that regard. There actually may be more on YouTube just from watching the '69 and '70 World Series. But it's still very worth your time. A lot of the focus is on his upbringing, his high school basketball heroics (he was legendary in that part of the state) and maybe not a total surprise, quite a bit on his post baseball career. It really focuses more on his life story and where he came from. Btw, I hurried through this thread and not sure if anyone caught this. I saw the local paper of his region write about this and Dan Duquette was instrumental in getting this on the Network. "Dastoli said that getting the documentary on the MLB Network was made possible by two Taconic High School graduates, Dan Duquette and Mike Ryan. "Dan had seen the film. He didn't go to the premiere party [at the Boland Theatre at Berkshire Community College] in 2018," Dastoli said. "Once Dan saw it, he knew that Mike could help us out with Mike's background in programming at ESPN." " https://www.berkshireeagle.com/stories/documentary-on-berkshires-native-belanger-to-air-on-mlb-network,613421?
  5. I'm glad this is getting a larger audience. I bought the DVD directly from the filmmaker when it was first available. There's a thread on it somewhere. I don't know who started that thread, but it's where I learned about it. I'm thinking it was from 2018. Edit: YeOleDugger started a thread on the making of the film.
  6. I was -> this close <- to being a Mets fan due to Seaver. But some kids across the street talked me into the O's in '69. Sorry to hear this. So many memories flood to mind due to him being such a dominant presence in baseball then.
  7. Bautista (or whoever runs his Twitter account) followed me a few years ago when he was still with the Jays. Kind of weirded me out!
  8. I know so many folks who say it's hard to dislike Jeter, but I got so tired of him getting borderline calls and him faking like a ball was close inside. Let's just say I hated that about him. Top of the list: Bautista Big Papi was sort of in the same category as Jeter. Probably likable if he was your guy, but his complaining about inside pitching grew tiresome fast. Especially when O's pitchers would be ejected for something Sox pitchers started. Was really happy to see Kevin Gregg stand up for himself vs. Papi several years ago.
  9. Couldn't resist. One of my favorites ever.
  10. Ben lives in Denham Springs, a small place with roughly 10K residents. It's outside of Baton Rouge. His accent is more rural Louisiana. My wife is from NOLA and most folks she grew up with there have a more cosmopolitan accent, NOLA being a bit of a melting pot. Of course, folks like Dr. John and Professor Longhair, (ie musicians) had that distinctive accent we've all come to know. But Ben's is more "country Louisiana".
  11. A little bit of everything with this O’s team. They have spunk. Of course, that is if you like that kind of thing ...
  12. Tuned into the game late and then napped after 5 innings. I resumed on MLB-TV and am just now in the 8th. I noticed when Harper hit that triple in the 8th, with his hemet off and with that head band, he looks a lot like Kirstie Alley.
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