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  1. mine was meant to be a bit of sarcasm (ref bundy with his injury) but I get you guys aren't interested in Sale
  2. fwiw Feldman 91 IP/ 79 H/25 BBs/ appears to have a GB/FB ration of about 3-1. given up 10HR. Definitely some decent stats and the O's defense will prevent some of those hits. Very solid trade lets hope he translates to the AL (again)
  3. I hope this doesn't follow the predictable path
  4. Not a huge Wang fan but did we forget what he did to the good guys less then a week ago?
  5. exactly. Or maybe are dear friends in the Bronx decide he's better then Overbay. Quite frankly, they can have him
  6. suspect he wont be for too much longer
  7. Those two haven't exactly torn it up the past year or so. We're starting to see the long awaited slide of the MFYs
  8. whynot38

    Chien-Ming Wang

    Interest? From rotoworld The Orioles are one of several teams keeping tabs on Chien-Ming Wang. Wang is able to opt out of his contract with the Yankees Friday. He might do so, given that he doesn't appear to be poised for a call-up despite a 2.65 ERA over eight Triple-A starts. The O's would have competition for the right-hander's services.
  9. so the o's of last year, Flaherty hits a 3 run bomb and the o's win by one tonight. let's see how it plays out but I like Flaherty better, more pop potential and a better glove
  10. This. My perception without the data to back it was that he was getting ahead of hitters but lacked the put away pitch. They kept fouling off decent pitches waiting for the mistake. 2 swings and misses with his stuff is incomprehensible. for whatever reason he lacked the put away pitch last night. lets hope he learns from that or sunday could be ugly
  11. Buck is not on his game early on. This one was stupid bad. How many times last year did Chen run out of gas around 100 pitches. Third game this year I believe buck has mismanaged
  12. bullpen? what bullpen
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