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  1. Hey, anyone know what Ubaldo is doing?
  2. I was gping to vote for Trey numerous times. 2 times went ok. But the 3rd time I got stuck in the "are you a robot" thing. Round and round I went to the "click on all scenes that have a bus" then to "click on all scenes that have a traffic light" on and on ad nauseum. Finally escaped and got the vote recorded. Gak! Not doing that again..😧
  3. I have a brilliant (??) idea to at least fix our bullpen. Sign one or all of these guys to minor league contracts. None of them have pitched in the majors for at least 2 years. All of them were former starters who were demoted to mop up duty in the bullpen. So each has bullpen experience . Whoever of these guys we sign start them in the pen, in the minors. If any refuse a minor league assignment, release them right away. But my theory is that each will be very glad to get yet another chance. First clear up roster space by DFAing Straly. Then sign these guys to minor league contracts. Two
  4. I tried to put in a poll but the system here wouldn't allow me to do so. It kept telling me that I made unspecified errors and wouldn't allow me to fix it. So I am putting my choices here as thoigh it were a poll. Some of the choices are nonsensical or semi- nonsensical. But some are serious. Feel free to comment. 1. Draft promising prospects in the draft. 2. Spend oodles of money to sign 1 or 2 top drawer TOR free agents 3. Sign Ubaldo Jimenez. He isn't doing anything, he's cheap. And he'd provide veteran presence. 4. Put Chris Davis in the rotation. 5. Look in the
  5. Just one in the overall category: change up. Jamie Moyer. He had around 5 different speeds of change ups. His "fastball" was around 85 mph.
  6. Oh well... I always liked Gonzo. 🤔
  7. So does anyone know about Miguel Gonzalez?
  8. Does anyone know what .Miguel Gonzalez is up to?
  9. Os win!! Wrong thread because CD hsd nothing to do with it. But Os WIN!!
  10. It seems that CD is hitting the ball toward LF. That's progress.
  11. Maybe this is s silly idea. But unless/until he turns it around, can Hyde have the pitchers hit and put in a DH for Davis?
  12. You know what he needs to do? Learn how to bunt along the 3rd base line. This isn't last year's team or teams from the Showalter/Duquette era where all they did was try and hit it out of the park. Davis needs to get with the current time. Bunt the ball, dash down to 1b. Steal 2b. And so forth.
  13. 1I LOVE this team! In some ways, they resemble the Go-Go Sox (white not red) from back in 1959 when I rooted for them back in Chicago where I grew up. They hit, they run, they steal bases, they pitch. And they even hit home runs once in a while. They're not going to have 4 game (so far) winning streaks all the time. But they are a hungry team that wants to win.
  14. I know that my plus membership was renewed for the coming year. And yes, I have been away for awhile. But baseball season is coming on.
  15. The best thing for Bud Norris was being demoted to the bullpen and then being released a bit later. After spending a few years in various teams' bullpens he became the St Louis Cardinals closer.
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