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  1. Daniel Cabrera- Signed out of Dominican in ‘99
  2. Hope it’s true! Don’t care what the return is.
  3. He’s smiling in his picture and looks happy. I haven’t seen you explain your thoughts. Maybe I’m wrong just the vibe I got.
  4. I’m ok with Tate and throw ins but was hoping for more. Britton coming off injury-2mon rental..
  5. Yes you sound racist and whether you are or not those comments aren’t needed.
  6. Great buy low player. Pretty sure he cracks our roster at some point this year.
  7. They’re not out of it and are getting one of their best bats back this week. With the payroll and prospects the Dodgers have, they are buyers looking to make a run over anything else.
  8. monarchO

    Mychal Givens

    I don’t see how we can given 2018 performance and contact remaining. If someone ponies up equal value I hope so. Relievers have massive value around the league.
  9. I agree. He’s trying to do to much. Take the extra base when it’s not there. I like the fight but he needs to channel it better.
  10. Davis leading off aside our lineup is not as potent as we need. Davis and Trumbo need to resemble what Angelos is paying them.
  11. Based on last nights performance it could be awhile
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