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  1. There is plenty of lack of execution to go around. I don't know about Castro. His release point is all over the place. His mechanics will have to be more repeatable for him to have sustained, consistent success. I don't know if changes there would rob him of his velocity and explosive movement, but the current version isn't going to work. I see some similar problems the last couple of nights to the sloppy play in Buck's last year that set me off. Baserunning errors where we get late break to a bag because we aren't fundamentally sound on rounding bases aggressively and watching throws relative to the cut off. Guys missing signs (perhaps intentionally) and missing an opportunity to get down a sac bunt, then getting the sign (overtly) and giving a half-assed bunt effort to go down 2 strikes. Failure to take an approach to move runners over in close games. Of course, failing to cover home and letting 2 runs score on a past ball. I can deal with having a rebuilding team that is a little bit down in the talent department, but there is no excuse for those guys to not be executing fundamental baseball. I'll watch developing players or even overmatched players play, but I'm not going to watch bad baseball.
  2. I don't see a difference. I see him rushing the bat head out to try to pull fastballs. I had hoped to see fastballs getting deep and being driven middle away. Seeing the ball longer to chase less and have some hope of detecting a breaking ball.
  3. This guy pitched in the Independent Leagues last year. Did Cincy just pick him up this fall?
  4. If MLB would like to be like the NBA and bastardize the game and remove incentive to develop well rounded players, sure, legislate away
  5. You can warp the Davis question up in as many fancy analytics as you'd like, it'll come down to the old baseball adage, Hit 'em where they aint
  6. ....and not have Manny lead the team in HR despite leaving in mid-July
  7. 2. I also like AJ in RF. He looks pretty comfortable there and certainly much better than some of the DHs we've trotted out there the last few years. 4. Infielders are taught growing up to learn to throw from many different arm angles because there isn't always time to set and throw over the top. When charging slow rollers or bunts they are encouraged to come from down low and on double plays they are encouraged to use an arm angle most natural from where the ball is received. I think on routine ground balls most infielders go with what is most comfortable 5. Maybe the dugout is livelier because Trumbo isn't playing? We could bring pies back!
  8. I assumed this referred to potentially controllable players that teams were attempting to pass through revocable waivers as trade bait
  9. I expect to see his curveball become much better than what we saw last night. I think its a good to plus pitch for him. He seemed to be losing it high and arm side quite a bit last night. In his presser after the game, Buck mentioned some struggles with the different baseball used in MLB versus MiLB. He implied that there were some struggles there with getting the feel on his off speed stuff. Buck went on to mention how ridiculous it is that they use different balls and says he thinks it will get addressed this offseason. I spoke to a college pitcher that pitched in the CAA and he was telling me how much different the ball was when they played in a game at an ACC stadium (using the ACC ball vs the CAA ball). He kept a ball to show me the difference in the seams and it was unbelievable. The ACC ball seems were considerably more raised. He said his off speed stuff all had considerably more movement but it took him his whole bullpen plus part of the game to get comfortable with trying to control the pitches much less hit spots with them.
  10. This is an interesting scouting report and shows how things ebb and flow with making adjustments. When Mancini first came up, the thing that impressed me was how fast his hands were and his ability to turn on that inside fastball. Funny how that is now the book to get him out.
  11. I haven't seen every game since he's moved but I've seen a few. He looks pretty good out there to me, but compared to some of what we've become accustomed to seeing in the corner outfield the last few years he looks outstanding
  12. CosVT

    Buck and TTP

    It seems to me that there is finger pointing now for a problem that happened years ago. This is a development issue. A guy shouldn't be hitting the majors where he can either have a reasonable TTP or execute a pitch. This is the type of thing that should be getting worked out in the lower minors. It's a problem to have a guy in the game north of 1.5 in TTP, much less late in a close game. You don't have to be quick to the plate with every pitch. It's probably fine to be slower to the plate when you are throwing a change-up anyway. You have to have be able to keep them honest by having a good portion of your arsenal that you can get there quick or effectively throw off a slide step. That way the runners are at least having to roll the dice.
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