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  1. Thanks for posting, pretty good article. A little concerning to hear about focus and complacency issues in a young player, and it makes you wonder if yet another year in AA contributed to that. Hope that starting the year at AAA next year (presumably, at least) can motivate him and lock him in a bit.
  2. That. Or the Yankees fans shoving their 27 or whatever rings in our face 19 times every year. I'd rather have the former. Honestly, I'm most interested in being competitive as frequently as possible. And, to me, that's clearly easier in the NL East. So yes, I'd change in a heartbeat.
  3. This is an awesome idea. Well done, O’s.
  4. I’m virtually positive there is not. I think you can walk part of the way along the overpass, but then you have to take a series of stairs down to ground level, which I suspect is not well-trafficked at night after a game. Caveat is that I’ve done that walk like twice, a long time ago, and fairly, frankly, inebriated, so I don’t remember a lot of the specifics.
  5. Interesting and insightful, as always, thanks man. Shame we missed out on him, but sometimes this kind of thing will just happen I guess. Happy for him, though, and wish him the best.
  6. We’ve obviously beaten the whole Yaz thing to death, but I’m curious if Luke or others have looked closely into why they think he’s had success in SF, and if perhaps there’s something we missed in his development. Did they change his swing or stance or otherwise unlock something that perhaps our folks didn’t see? Certainly don’t want to draw too much of a comparison, because it’s obviously a totally different situation, but I’m thinking a Jake Arrietta type deal where the Giants were able to make some tweaks to a flawed player’s game and make him viable. (Understand fully that Jake has all the tools there, was just able to harness them, and Yaz is a different deal.) Mostly water under the bridge, and this is just one that didn’t go our way clearly, just curious if there was something identifiable (aside from starting to get to hit this ridiculous major league ball) that flipped the switch for him.
  7. Agreed, let's see what he can do. Not like we've got a bunch of Cy Young contenders blocking his way in the rotation....call him up and give him 2-3 starts.
  8. I was about to ask that very question....certainly what it seems like to me. Would be fun to see him move through high A and AA quickly next year. If he excels of course
  9. Means I switch over to my Ravens lanyard at work a little earlier this year lol...
  10. He should’ve. Probably would’ve lashed it for a double.
  11. ...for literally everyone else.... Brad Brach DFA by Cubs. Thoughts? 🧐
  12. So I saw Ryan Conroy pitch tonight, and I was fairly impressed. He actually pitched better than his very good line (6.2, 3 hits, 2 ER, 8Ks) because he gave up a bunt hit and a swinging bunt hit. Only one legit single before the reliever (Perkins) came in and let two inherited runners score. Mostly fastball/slider guy, though he mixed in at least one pitch that I believe was a split. Got a strikeout on it in a big moment early. He uses his slider a lot, which comes in around 85 with some quick, late bite. Fastball looks to be pretty average, sitting mostly 92 or so, but the Lowell club did have trouble turning it around. The two pitch feature does point to a relief profile, in which you’d like to see him add a few ticks up into the mid-90s. Regardless, I wouldn’t move him to the pen just yet, especially if he could hone that third pitch. Either way, I’d like to see him moved up to Delmarva, though I know there already aren’t enough starts to go around there.
  13. Sooo....what’s everyone think of Mountcastle’s low walk rate?
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