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  1. Scott Feldman should be the first call. I like Chris and appreciate everything he has done here. But like everyone else here has articulated, he is just clearly finished.
  2. Even though he maybe wasn’t visibly frustrated, I disagree. I think that was a classic Mike Wright meltdown this weekend in New York. Gets into some trouble then compounds the issue with an incredibly damaging error. Then things start to snowball and he isn’t able to stem the negative tide. Maybe he was huffin and puffin and talkin to himself, but I think we’ve seen that before. Obviously want to see the guy do well, but I really think what has continued to plague Wright was fully on display.
  3. Well Chris is lookin’ pretty good right about now hah...
  4. Interesting, I wouldn’t be against it. Regardless, I think whoever is pitcher #13 in a week when Cobb is ready is the obvious move to make room for him. It kicks the decision can on Wright/Tillman/Cortes down the road a bit.
  5. Most likely at this juncture is a Yacabonis option back to AAA to make room for Cobb. Will be interesting when Trum and Rasmus are ready to be activated and we have to go back to 12 pitchers. I agree with those that say it has to be Tillman, but I’d be surprised if this org gives up on its (now clearly silly) investment this quickly.
  6. Thanks, was wondering about the date for him. Would like to see Hays force his way up by that point. Then whoever is playing worse - Rasmus or Gentry - goes. Santander also remains a possibility; he’s looked pretty good and has shown flashes, but especially if we plan to play Hays every day, we could option Santander to ensure he gets regular ABs. Less likely at this point, but possible. We also have to figure out what to do when Trumbo comes back. Probably DFA Alvarez I guess.
  7. I bet we give him about a month and change of semi-regular playing time. By that point, hopefully we’ll have a sense of whether or not Saunders might be an option (I’m not hopeful but you never know) or more likely if Hays is ready. Hays would need to stay down for what, a month and a half or so, to buy us an extra year of service time? Even a guy like Stewart or (less likely) Mullins could be a consideration. Same with the depth guys like Presley or Rickard. Additionally, we need to figure out Santander. It looks like he’s playing his way into staying beyond just his 44 days, and part wi
  8. Offense probably needs to score about a dozen to make that happen lol!
  9. I would assume Givens and Brach (back to back days) are both down, though maybe we’d give Brach another inning, but you definitely wouldn’t have him Sunday then. Probably prefer to stay away from Castro, Bleier, and Araujo, who had extended outings, though at 26 pitches per they weren’t particularly high pitch count outings considering the innings pitched. That said, honestly, it’s going to be a Nestor Cortes kind of day. I could see him just eating a bunch of innings if Tillman gets shelled. O’Day will be up too.
  10. Just a quick public service announcement, and this obviously won't help local Oriole fans, but if you're a T-Mobile subscriber you can get free MLB.TV streaming. It's usually made available right around opening day and you can sign up for a week-ish thereafter.
  11. There is perhaps no person I enjoy less hearing try to talk about baseball than Rick Dempsey. Helluva guy, fun Oriole, but I cannot even begin to imagine him making important baseball decisions. Sorry, I know that came across strong. Welcome to the board (sincerely) and I don't mean to be a jerk; I just do not think Dempsey has the chops. At all.
  12. It’s not that I’m not a little concerned about Brach, but I think I’m giving him at least a couple more chances. If CD fields that routine hopper (in the sun, I got it), that’s a totally different feel in that inning. Yes, maybe he still creates a mess for himself with control problems, and yes, an E3 and runner on first base shouldn’t panic him, but I want to give him a little more rope.
  13. I prefer to watch live too, because no chance of spoilers and sometimes I’m texting with some buddies during the games. However, I do record every game and watch the games we win later. If we lose, I just delete it. My wife loves how many O’s games clog our DVR btw, lol.
  14. If he's batting leadoff, definitely this. And I like us for 87 wins and the second wild card. Happy opening day, all!
  15. I agree that considering the circumstances of the decision not to rebuild, this offseason couldn’t have gone better. We got two hopefully quality starters with track records on manageable, tradable deals. And we plugged some holes with veterans without overspending or blocking prospects long term. I’m not sure we’ll make the playoffs, but again, considering the circumstances, I really love where we’re at.
  16. That’s fair. Certainly haven’t seen that all spring. Must’ve looked pretty good
  17. I bet it’ll be Castro unless Wright looks really awful. They want to stretch him out as a starter at AAA, even though I’m not sure it’s a great idea. Definitely expect him optioned when Cobb is ready.
  18. Interesting take on Wright, though I must say that I am completely disinterested in his feelings. He has had ample, ample opportunity to solidify himself as a pitcher in Baltimore. Either he can put up or he can’t... Still bet he makes the start the first time we need a fifth starter.
  19. Mass option confusion! Thanks all, interesting to hear when we have ground truth. Joely could be a really interesting piece if he was optionable this year. Obviously would just have to be more cautious in picking a spot for him if he doesn't.
  20. Ah ok, thanks, I had heard he was out of options. He was DFA'ed twice last year (by Philly and Texas, https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/orioles-joely-rodriguez-inks-minors-deal-with-orioles/), which seems a bit weird for a guy that actually still had an option available. Obviously would be great, though, if he does have an option left. Does anyone know a good place to check on that? I checked BBRef and they didn't have the info readily available, though perhaps I missed it.
  21. Great take, thanks. My only question on this approach: isn't Joely on a minor league deal right now with no options (I know he's on a MiL deal, though I may be incorrect on the options)? If so, we'd have to create a spot for him on the 40 (not a huge deal) but then DFA him after a week or two's time to bring up Cobb, thus exposing him to waivers to get him to Norfolk. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but if the above is the case, it would seem imprudent to risk losing club control of him for essentially a week of action. In that case, I'd rather just have Castro or Scott up for a week or so
  22. That, if accurate, is a nice little sweetener to an already good deal. Very stoked that this got done!
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