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  1. That's fine, and I certainly never suggested an F. Just saying the same argument you made against the inherited runners scored stat can be made against a good looking ERA after only 27 innings. All good. Props to Frobby for pulling the game by game stats. That's insightful.
  2. These are fair points - I regret I'm unable to figure out the precise situation into which he has entered, as I think it'd be interesting to see. Maybe others know of a place to find that out. I would, however, contest your point that this is a weak argument against the fact that he has a decent ERA. I would argue that a 2.28 ERA over 27 innings is, itself, an awfully small sample size. If his inherited runners scored is a SSS, there should at least be an acknowledgement that his ERA is as well. Ultimately, we can hide behind SSS as much as we want, but sometimes, it's what we've got. My
  3. Right, Tommy has allowed only 10 of 24 (so at least a better %), but Brach has similarly bad, allowing 9 of 17. None of these guys have been tremendous in that realm. SSS, got it, but you evaluate on the sample size you have. The point is, is anyone really agreeing with Matusz receiving a B+? Buck has also increasingly treated Matusz with kid gloves, appearing very reluctant to use him in big situations.
  4. This is silly. Matusz has allowed more than half of inherited runners to score (7 of 13 have scored.) That's how you "argue with a 2.28 ERA."
  5. I have. It's pretty mediocre actually. Also think the company is based out of Pittsburgh, unfortunately.
  6. Agreed they need to just standardize the camera angle so you can at least get perspective on how the ball is hit. Changing up the angle, combined with the rapid fire format (which I like) is a bit too disorienting. That said, I definitely like this format more than the old format. Manny had a great showing, but he is going to get lapped here by Pederson...which I'm okay with. Show well, have some fun.
  7. We open the second half with a nine game road trip against three other teams in the hunt: Detroit, New York, and Tampa. If that road trip goes how many of our other trips have gone this year (we are 17-26 on the road), we will have a pretty clear answer on where this team is headed (if we don't already). Since taking over first place with a doubleheader sweep against Cleveland, we have gone 3-10. Not promising, but hopefully a week off will help.
  8. I love Buck. Love him. But, assuming the bunt was called from the dugout (which I think is a good assumption), it was one of the more stunningly poor managerial decisions I've ever seen Buck make. Their pitcher had walked 3 of the 5 batters he faced. Why on planet Earth are we giving him an out? Was furious at the game last night.
  9. Speculation seems that it will be Wesley Wright, since it sounds like we have to end his rehab assignment. The guy has struggled pretty badly at AAA, but maybe we bring him up and give him a shot. The interesting thing to me is who goes to make room for him? We've already sent Gausman out to go to four starters, and the only other starter we won't need this weekend is Jimenez (pitching today), who obviously doesn't have options. Is it possible Matusz is out?
  10. This is the right move - glad we pulled the trigger. Good to see Bud say the right things, and I don't think he is just saying them. He's a good guy and has always seemed very heavily invested in the team - I'm sure he's not thrilled about it, but he's got to understand he's got no one but himself to blame. It's not like we didn't give him ample opportunity this year. I think he will do well out there for us.
  11. Despite the swoon of the last two games, I'm not overly concerned about adding a hitter. I would be happy to add a solid lefty in the bullpen (especially if Wesley Wright continues to struggle in rehab), DFA Matusz, and go to war. I don't want to see us gut our system.
  12. Shame to see him go, but was the obvious move with the glut of outfielders we have. All the best, Delmon.
  13. This. And, frankly, if he continues to struggle as a starter in his next few starts, I think it's what we'll do. I can't see a scenario in which we just DFA Bud without trying him in the pen first. Additionally, as I mentioned before, I'm sure he won't be happy, especially in a walk year, but it's not like we haven't given him a shot. He doesn't have much of a leg to stand on in that regard, in my opinion. We need AN arm out there, but there's no specific guy who should unquestionably be out there more than others. Nor is there a roster crunch with bullpen guys specifically (given how We
  14. I agree with you that it's worth a shot. Additionally, he wouldn't necessarily have to replace anyone in the bullpen, since we've been going short for a while (you'd call up Gausman to be your fifth starter, and Norris would effectively complete your bullpen as your seventh reliever). I think it's better than getting rid of him at this point, unless you find an unexpectedly willing trade partner.
  15. That's one of the interesting things about Tilly's struggles Toronto - they actually don't throw tons of lefties at you (at least not in the heart of their order). Donaldson, Bautista, Encarnacion, Martin, Colabello, even Devon Travis. Seems righties are OPS'ing .942 off Tillman this year (compared with .762 for his career, which is actually higher than a career .724 against lefties.) Would be interesting to see how those OPS splits are against righties OTHER than Toronto this year. Bet they'd be on par with his career numbers.
  16. I think we could be approaching a decision point on Norris. I'm unsure how exactly our starting rotation will fall between now and the All Star break (ie do we need Norris to make another start), but I believe if we see, most importantly A) Gausman look strong on Thursday and B) Norris struggle in another start or two, the All Star break and off days we are afforded thereafter will be the opportunity to move Bud to the 'pen. Many folks have speculated that he could be a very effective bullpen arm, and I think we may be able to take advantage of that. We've also been at 6 in the bullpen for
  17. 1. Yankees (they're the Yankees) 2. Red Sox (obnoxious fans with no idea how to handle success. Also, David Ortiz) 3. Nationals (MASN dispute and, just in general, they're a pretty soft franchise. The Walgreens emblem as a logo and "Natitude"? Please. Living in DC doesn't help me on this one.) The Blue Jays are creeping up there, but in nowhere near the same stratosphere as those teams. The Royals ticked me off last year a ton, too, but again, don't feel the same vitriol.
  18. Good article, thanks for putting it together. Agree almost entirely, except I'd give Delmon a slightly higher percentage and put Snider and Pearce about even. Maybe Snider a little bit higher chance of going.
  19. Sure - could be a trade or DFA. You may be right that we just continue down the bullpen juggling route for as long as we can. I'm not against it - may delay the inevitable and risks leaving us short but provides insurance for possible injury while hedging against ineffectiveness.
  20. Agree that it's gotta be Delmon today for Chen. However, if Schoop is coming back, too, that means we need a second. To be honest, I've got no idea who to give up at this point. The only guy I'd consider safe is Paredes (he's just been hitting too well, and has too much team control, to give up). Even Lough, who has been playing well and I thought would be safe as the back-up CF, could be in a little danger with Reimold showing he's at least functional out there. I doubt we DFA Pearce - his bat has been coming around a little bit and he's versatile. I think the most likely three, after D
  21. I'll throw Pat McCoy out there as my guess, given the possible need for a lefty reliever. Pretty mediocre numbers at Norfolk this year, though.
  22. I get you. I'm just not convinced Young is a better option than Pearce for the rest of the year.
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