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  1. This. He ain’t Mike Trout, but Drew Jackson would sure be a nice option to have right about now. Think we messed up on that one.
  2. It’s getting tough to watch, that’s for sure. Hopefully he can straighten himself out.
  3. It’s a fair point, but he has just been SO bad at the dish, I worry about permanently damaging his confidence. You could argue that if that’s a possibility, perhaps he was never going to make it anyway, but sometimes I think it’s just good to take a step back and hit the reset button a little. That’s where I’m at with Mullins.
  4. Good discussion on Williams vs Mullins. I do agree with those that think it is about time to denote Mullins - maybe not immediately, but if he is still scuffling this badly over the next week. I unfortunately fear it’s becoming more clear that he’s not going to consistently hit at the major league level, but if you think there is a chance he can, you’ve got to send him to AAA to find himself again. He’s just kind of drowning up here now, and you can sense his frustration. I’d like to give him a chance to regain some confidence.
  5. One of the many blessings of OPACY.
  6. Lol panic subsiding...it was all Frobby’s fault 🙂
  7. Did Hall get scratched tonight? MiLB app showing Bishop pitching, not Hall. A few of us were complaining about that app in another thread, so it wouldn’t shock me if they mixed up their lefties.
  8. I was gonna ask folks about this, but it is inexplicably horrible: unintuitive, multiple clicks to get to an in-game box score, no starting pitchers posted before the game, and the way they show a rainout is befuddling. I’m sure there are a million other issues that I just haven’t discovered, because all I do is try to jump on there to peruse the box scores. I guess they’re trying something new, but I really liked the previous app build, and it was just like the MLB app so that was easy. Sometimes they mess around with stuff for no good reason, but this is just embarrassing. Thank you guy
  9. But isn’t the right question how much we think we need for the prospects we are still interested in pursuing? Before we started trading away slots, we had $7-8 million (I believe that’s in the right ballpark, but someone can correct me). Just because we are trading slots doesn’t mean: A) that there is no value still out there (because as you indicate, the fact that other teams are trading for slots indicates some broader interest in remaining talent) and B) that we have no intention of signing a bunch of guys (as Frobby pointed out, we quietly have been signing players). Isn’t it just per
  10. I’m definitely having fun this week, but I’d still be shocked if we win more than 65 games this year. Probably should’ve/could’ve included the term “probably” in that statement. Obviously hope we continue to surprise.
  11. How many times do we expect CD to be intentionally walked this year? 😳
  12. Was thinking about posting something like this earlier tonight. Definitely taking the good with the bad, as he is an exciting player that does a lot of good things. But there are going to be plays where you’re left shaking your head (the play on the grounder tonight was kind of comically bad). I do agree with theocean’s take above too; the kind of player with energy that’s nice to see on what will be a lousy team.
  13. If you want to put it that way, fine. I just think you were being unnecessarily condescending.
  14. I’m just sayin.... the poster obviously spends a ton of time on a writeup then shares it here, and the only thing you got is to snipe at him/her about the inclusion of Rutschman.
  15. Then in your blog on Carolina League prospects, don’t include him. Lol, don’t have to be a d*ck. Nice writeup POR, thanks for sharing. I was a little disappointed that we’re starting Reyes in Frederick again. I guess I had hoped that his success at the end of last season could revitalize his career. Still possible, but would’ve liked to see us challenge him at Bowie. Oh well, if he hits, he’ll get there soon enough.
  16. Quite possibly. Though I’m interested in seeing how frequently guys can pitch if they are throwing ~3 innings each time out. We are certainly in uncharted territory philosophically, at least in terms of what we have seen in Baltimore.
  17. Largely agree with much of this. This thing is going to be highly unorthodox this year, with a few starters, a few openers, and a lot of mixing and matching throughout the middle innings to get by with guys that can give us 2-3 inning stints. Going to be a bit of a struggle, but will be interesting, if nothing else, to see us cover a LOT of mop up innings. This, as we all know, will not be a fun year.
  18. Thanks for flagging....I've had it the last few years and almost forgot about it this year. Much appreciated.
  19. I agree with you on this one. Sisco has showed out in camp this year, and coming off a year where his confidence appeared to be pretty shaken, I would want us to capitalize on what he’s done and keep him with the big club. Keep that confidence rolling and see if he can get back to where many thought he would be. And service time is less of an issue with him since he’s spent a good chunk of time in the majors already. Wanted to see him get a chance.
  20. Adam was one of my favorite Orioles ever. He was a worker, a leader, and a terrific citizen in the community. He was the face of the franchise during the longest run of success that I can remember (and I’m 33...oof). It’s a shame that most of our near-ML ready prospects are outfielders, because I’d love to have seen him for a few more years here. But I think we all knew it was time. Best of luck in Arizona, Adam. Hope they can be contenders, and he is a big part of it.
  21. Fair point on the “useful contributor” issue regarding arbitration implications...the bar certainly shouldn’t be too low. However, I tend to think the bad blood point is a little overstated; I think it’s just begrudgingly accepted as part of how business is done under the current CBA. It’s not like any of these guys are likely to be absolutely lighting the world on fire in the minors and painfully obviously ready for the bigs, so it’s defensible and not that egregious to keep them down in the minors for a portion of this year. No one is going to be putting up Kris Bryant-esqe absurd numbers, O
  22. Why? What’s the downside in doing it with players we hope are simply going to be solid starters or even useful contributors? On a team going nowhere like the 2019 Orioles, why not do it to preserve some more team control? I know things could change with the next CBA and make this moot, but you operate under the rules presently in place.
  23. From Roch today....a little concerning (http://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2019/02/early-notes-and-updates-before-orioles-rays-game.html): Minor league pitcher Zach Pop has been shut down after a pronounced drop in his velocity while closing out Saturday’s game - Hyde refers to it as “fatigue” - but he’s getting closer to resuming a normal schedule. “I think we’re going to ramp him up here in the next day or two,” Hyde said.
  24. I see that Keith Law is as unnecessarily confrontational and looking for a fight as ever... 🙄
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