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  1. I would be supportive of dealing Chen this offseason for some help in the lineup - having six starters is great, and I'd love to keep all six (due to the near certainty of injury or ineffectiveness), but I'm just not sure it will be a luxury we can afford going into this season given some of our other needs. Chen is a guy whose value is probably never going to be higher, so may be able to get a decent haul in return. Only issue is we'd end up with 5 righty starters, which is far from ideal; I know Buck tried to sequence his starters and hold guys out versus certain teams to create more favorable matchups. Wouldn't be able to do that at all this year, and would underscore the need for effective lefties out of the pen, too.

    Those negatives aside, still in favor of listening to what's out there and pulling the trigger if attractive.

  2. Almost certainly the right move to let him walk, but this is a hard pill to swallow for most O's fans, I would think. Nick is the consummate professional, always plays hard, and really represents the toughness and makeup of this team over the last few years. He was loyal through some lousy years, and I'm really thrilled he got to play in the playoffs this year. Always one of my favorite O's.

    All the best in Atlanta, Nick - hope he really excels there.

  3. It seems to me that Jones' future in the majors is in the bullpen, so I wouldn't mind seeing him there (though I know he started some last year and had some success). I know some have speculated that Wright could be a big league bullpen pitcher as well, but it seems more certain on Jones. If he can help the big club as a lefty out of the pen, let's give him that work to begin the year at AAA (assuming, of course, he doesn't make the big club out of camp).

    I would bet Yoon gets a chance to start at the beginning of the year, with a relatively short leash. Don't know enough about him to know if the pen is even a legit possibility for him.

    Bundy will start at Bowie, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him moved to Norfolk in a few months if he is having success. There may not be room for him in Baltimore; I'd expect that, unless he is completely lights out in the minors, he could be a late season call up with the intention of slotting him in the big league rotation next year. Have to hope he returns to near his pre-injury production, obviously, before any of that happens.

  4. If I'm rolling the dice I'd rather take a chance on Davis at 1/11 than on Cruz for three or four years and a higher average annual value.

    Strongly agree with this - I love Cruz for what he did this year, and he was a huge part of our success, but we're going to be paying premium prices for the premium numbers he put up. And as an aging slugger with a history of some health problems (and, of course, the PED suspension history), I'm not sure I want to go big with resigning Cruz. If we could get him on a favorable deal, then I'm listening.

    Much rather hope that Davis has a bounce back year. He is just one year removed from leading the league in homers and (I think) RBI. Don't think you just non-tender that.

  5. With apologies if this is misplaced and should've been it's own thread, because I'm struggling to cope, I did a quick review of free agents this coming off season.

    You can find a full list, at present, of this year's projected free agents:


    Who do you like and think the O's pursue? I think the best fit is Melky Cabrera, but he'll get a boatload of money and sign with a team in NY, LA, or Boston. Tough time seeing us go after him...

    More realistically, a couple guys I'm interested in sniffing around (assuming, as I expect, we try but cannot resign Cruz and let Markakis walk, which admittedly may not be a sound assumption):

    - Kendrys Morales, switch hitter who is still young-ish but has put up consistent numbers before this year. Decent average, decent OBP. Brings no speed, but a capable switch hitter that shouldn't come up too high a price, which may be his best asset. Could maybe get him for a decent bargain because he struggled this year? He's a bargain-ish guy that I think could bring really good value.

    - Asdrubal Cabrera - Again, a capable switch hitter with decent OBP, though the biggest issue is obviously where he plays. Regardless, fits in the lineup, if not on the field. Likely not happening because he's got no position with us, though. I like his game, though, and what he'd bring to the lineup.

    - Emilio Bonifacio - Perhaps the most likely of these three guys, he is a passable switch hitter (about .261 career BA and .319 career OBP) but is versatile (2B, 3B, and OF) and can steal bases (stolen 40, 30, 28, 26 bags the last four years). Still relatively young at 29, I know we've had interest in him previously and may bring a nice dimension to the offense while not breaking the bank. Kind of think we go after him aggressively.

    Anybody else you see on the list of free agents that you'd like us to pursue?

    Help me forget the last week with some talk about the '15 O's...

  6. The argument made by certain posters was that it was a playoff game and that real fans wouldn't leave even if the team was trailing heading into the bottom of the inning as well.

    I don't know you, but are you really defending the Nationals right now? On an O's board? Right now? Yeesh

  7. Until this season, I'd have agreed with you, but all of a sudden they've come out in droves. I've listened time and time again about how Angelos and MASN are the reason the Nats can't up their payroll, etc.

    Definitely pleased to see the Nats out of this, especially as an O's fan that lives in DC (but from Maryland). The O's are in direct competition with the Nationals for fans, revenue, etc. A beltways series may have created a fun, local World Series, but ultimately the Nationals getting there would've bolstered a franchise that is still trying to uproot Orioles' loyalties in the DMV. Not saying that diehards on either side (to the extent there are on the Nationals side) are candidates to switch over, but there are plenty of ambivalent or non-committal baseball fans that could be had.

    Bottom line: the Nationals losing is good for the Orioles in almost every single case.

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