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  1. 8 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

    They deserve nothing.

    They got paid for their services.

    They signed contracts and those contracts have expired.

    Yeesh, come on man.  These guys worked their tails off in our city for our team for years.  They were instrumental in bringing winning ways back to a struggling franchise.  While they were both flawed, they generally did things the right way.  And they deserve a gracious sendoff.

    I know you, like some others, fancy yourself a calculating, emotionless baseball guy, but don't be a jerk.  

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  2. 1 hour ago, VaBird1 said:

    Seems like he started to add in the curve more as the year went on (haven’t checked, my impression).  I think he ended up being the starter with the best ERA.

    It’s incredible but you’re correct. Hess had a 4.88 ERA overall, Cobb a 4.90. Hess also had a 4.84 as a starter, with a 6 ERA in two relief outings.

    I agree that if he is decent in spring training, he probably has the inside track on a starting spot next year. Hopefully he can be a reasonably consistent, cheap backend innings eater; that’s probably his ceiling, which would be just fine.

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  3. Only the 2018 Orioles could have room for 40 players on the roster in September (maybe 41? don't know if you get a call-up for an extra man like you do during the rest of the season) and STILL need to use a position player to muscle through a game.

    Oof....can't wait for this season to be finished.

  4. 34 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    Dempsey was gushing about him on the postgame show.   He says Stewart has leadership qualities (I’ve heard that about him before) and premium bat speed (I haven’t heard that).

    I was curious about his latter point too.... I’m not sure I quite trust anything Rick Dempsey says, though. Can any of our folks that have scouted him chime in on the validity of DJ having “premium” bat speed?

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  5. 2 hours ago, Larry18 said:

    It's the opposite side of the service time manipulation coin. I'm fine with Adam's decision for whatever reason. I just don't care. I look at the two veterans the Phillies picked up in August (Bour and Bautista) and what their cost was and can't see Adam bringing much more than a organization bit (Bour) or cash (Bautista). Shoot Wilson Ramos only brought the Rays a PTBL. There is no scenario where Adam brings back anything of value, just salary relief.

    I agree with this take - sure it would’ve been nice to offload him, get a piece back, relieve some salary, and see him play in a race. Nonetheless, and it’s easier to say this because it isn’t my money, it really doesn’t matter that much because any prospect return was going to be pretty negligible. Heck, it could’ve just been that Zoellner guy we were all pissin and moanin about getting anyway.

    I was surprised and a little disappointed, but it really doesn’t matter that much. I certainly don’t think it warrants badmouthing Adam. It’s just getting so much attention because we’re so ghastly and have nothing else to talk about. Like probably most on here, I love Adam (and he’s one of my favorites all time) so I’ll just enjoy watching him for a few more games in orange.

  6. 17 minutes ago, ScGO's said:

    Means actually makes sense here.  Is it worth giving Kremer or Akin a start?  Probably not.

    After that I say try what Tampa is doing.  Could be a good way to try a potential idea out for 2019.

    I agree that Means is the guy I’d like to see. However, I recall reading someone say (perhaps it was Buck) that they don’t want to go with a guy that hasn’t been throwing in a while. I think that’s the potential problem; not sure if he’s been shut down for a few weeks.

  7. 18 minutes ago, Redskins Rick said:

    He is still finding lots of bench time, they dont like his glove at SS, according to CBS.sports, and my fantasy league, where I have him.

    Lol well we all could’ve told ‘em that. Was always a strange trade for the Brewers. And aside from Machado, it was probably our most impressive return.

    I think Jonathan will be fine for them, though I’m sure he is quite frustrated right now. I do feel bad for him. 

  8. 2 hours ago, ChuckS said:

    Norfolk:  1. Luis Ortiz 2. Keegan Akin 3. Dean Kramer 4. Dillon Tate 5. Rogers/Means/Hess/Ramirez (whichever one doesn't make the big league team) 

    Bowie: 1. Zak Lowther 2. Michael Baumann 3. Alex Wells 4. Bruce Zimmerman 5. Brian Gonzalez

    Littered with real prospects.  Should be fun to follow.  A far cry from what we've seen in those rotations the last several years.  

    Thanks for posting, definitely promising.  Good to see that I believe 7 of the 13 are lefties, as well.

  9. 1 hour ago, Luke-OH said:

    One of the things I’d seen watching his starts (I mentioned it in a thread or article at some point) is that often he’d drop his arm slot throwing the CB and it’d get slurvy and lose effectiveness. I wonder if that’s the release point issue he refers to in the interview.

    I’ve definitely noticed what Lord is talking about with succeeding without his best stuff or command, the kid is a competitor.

    Yup, a lot of the things you’ve pointed out about Hall in your commentary on him this year are reflected in his remarks. Nice work, always enjoy your insights. 

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  10. It’s a shame he’s not been hitting because with Trumbo likely out for the year, that would allow us to move Mancini to 1b/DH and audition Stewart. Maybe we do it anyway, but I’m admittedly less concerned about DJ’s service clock than I am about some others so I wouldn’t mind seeing him everyday in LF over the last month. Not sure it’s the right move with how he has been hitting though.

  11. 37 minutes ago, Frobby said:

    Hanifee pitched his best game in a while on Thursday, a five inning one hit shutout.    I didn’t include him in the Pitcher of the Year discussion, but he’s close, posting a 2.91 ERA in 127 innings at age 20 at Delmarva.   

    After frequently going 7 and even 8 innings in the first half of the season (7 times through July 8), it seems the O’s have backed him down a little, limiting him to 5 innings in his last six starts, including his last one in which he threw only 54 pitches.   They’ve also been spacing his games further apart.   He’s got time for two more starts but I expect he’ll only get one.   In any event it’s been a stellar season for Hanifee.

    He’s an interesting one, as the results have been terrific at a good age for Delmarva after posting remarkably similar numbers in Aberdeen last year (2.91 ERA, 1.055 WHIP, 5.7 K/9 this year vs 2.75 ERA, 1.121 WHIP, 5.8 K/9 last year). Obviously the one that you’d like to see improve would by the strikeout numbers, but I think that’s consistent with what Luke and others have said about needing to develop his secondaries more. Hopefully that can come over time. 

  12. 1 hour ago, Frobby said:

    .364/.364/.667 since his return from the injury.   Now that’s more like it!   19 games left in the MiL season, still time to do some damage. 

    Still time to get a base on balls, too!

    Mostly kidding, of course....would be really exciting if he finishes this year hitting well. Would be a major positive after a really tough year for him. 

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  13. 46 minutes ago, LocoChris said:

    To those who say they don’t care where he ends up — horse poop. You most certainly do care. I would absolutely hate to see him in pinstripes and I know you would to. It’s okay to admit that. It’s part of being a fan. 

    I agree. It’s okay to admit it’ll suck watching Manny club us while wearing pinstripes ~20 times a year. No one will take your Bill James Fan Club card.

  14. 27 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    I'm not at all sure that the money can be spent wisely at this point if VVM isn't one of the signees.

    I agree. Generally I scoff at “Blank or bust” kind of takes in situations like this, but I think here it is very appropriate. I’m sure we can find some fair prospects to throw some money at, but quite clearly we passed over a chance to get a greater prospect return to acquire all that extra slot money. And there is only one reason we would’ve done that. That reason has a double name. And I’m not talking about Duran Duran.

  15. 48 minutes ago, weams said:

    I am liking Encarnacion.  

    I am liking him too, though I’m concerned how often I see his name on the bottom of the box score after having committed an error. He has 31 errors this year, which is obviously a ton. Not sure the nature of most of these (throwing, fielding, etc), but hopefully he can clean it up.

  16. Go to games, people. You’re gonna be fine. It’s fun....they’ve got beer and good food and the Jumbotron and lots of giveaways and your kids can go for free. And there is a small chance you’ll see the Orioles win. And despite how small that chance is, it is orders of magnitude higher than the chances of something bad happening to you.

    Live your life. 

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