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  1. Frankly, it's tough to know what to think, and no one will probably ever know what happened - or didn't - aside from those immediately involved (and given the very young age of the accuser, perhaps there is even some question there). And I'll add the obvious (but sometimes obligatory in a forum such as this) statement that what he was accused of and seemingly reluctantly admitted to having done was absolutely horrible and disgusting (whether or not he made such an admission solely based on legal advice that admitting guilt would close the matter quickly and quietly is a separate point). At t
  2. B.P.A. That is the only philosophy that makes any sense, in my view, especially with all these kids being at least a couple years away and with such a high fail rate for baseball prospects.
  3. Good article on an admittedly unsettling issue. Will be very interesting to see where this kid ends up. https://www.si.com/mlb/2018/05/16/luke-heimlich-oregon-state
  4. As we get closer to 37, who are people in the know liking (Luke, others)? McClanahan, Rocker as potential overslots?
  5. I know slot value and preserving money is important, but I’d rather get the best damn prospect we can, unless the cost is absolutely astronomical to limit our ability later in the draft. I don’t know enough about any of these kids, so maybe we like him the best. I sure hope so.
  6. Yea the hourly forecasts have seemed pretty fickle today, as they often are. Doesn’t sound good just listening to how the announcers are talking about the prospects.
  7. Hourly forecast looks okay, but ultimately decided not to come up for it. 3 AM arrival back at home off an international flight last night did me in. Hope they get it in today for all those going.
  8. Sell everything that isn’t bolted down.
  9. Anybody got a good sense on the prospects of playing baseball today? I’m seeing the weather forecast and not loving it, debating the merits of driving up from DC. Thanks.
  10. That’s fair, but he should be spending extra time learning to bunt. It would help him, and us, a bunch.
  11. Lot of good discussion in this thread, although it is completely depressing. All I’ll add at this juncture is that I think I read the word “bunt” only a few times in this thread. There is no reason that Chris shouldn’t be bunting at least once a game, maybe more. He clearly can’t hit anymore, but if he can drop a ball down the completely uncovered third base line once a game, he would at least be getting on base. Who knows, maybe they’d shift him less and that could open things up a bit. Obviously not going to fix the core issue of his precipitous decline, but there is absolutely no valid reas
  12. Here you go: http://www.masnsports.com/media.php?show_id=3505928&p= It’s a fun interview (says Schoop thinks he’s Barry Bonds out there, ha) and he wishes Brooks well at the end.
  13. Nothing stopping us from trading him to replenish then throwing a pile of money at him in the off-season. Perhaps that makes it slightly less likely that he comes back here, but he will probably ultimately sign wherever pays him the most regardless. That’s the smartest approach we could take, IF we were willing to pay him gobs of money. I don’t believe we are willing to do so, but would be incredible if we could get a pretty nice haul of prospects then sign him back anyway. Agree too on the opt-out.
  14. Depressingly, I would not be shocked at all if that happened. ONLY this organization could let that happen...
  15. Yea the ushers in my section in left field (87) have been chasing people out of the extremely empty sections closer to the field all year. Did so on Thursday against the Royals. I understand why they do it, but in an empty stadium with lousy weather and one of the worst teams in baseball, it just really sends a crappy message to those fans that took the time to come out and watch.
  16. Of course we all knew the contents. I’m just saying the situation in general. And that this organization (read: the owner) stubbornly continues this approach even though everyone knows it’s idiocy. Thats why I described it as such.
  17. Have lived in DC for about 15 years and never even once began to consider rooting for the Nats. Gross.
  18. I'm banking on 'no' because I'm not making the drive from DC tonight with my tickets. I see an 85% or greater chance of rain for Baltimore starting at 7 and continuing through tomorrow morning, so I'm thinking this will be a rainout.
  19. I could see this happening. Though the thought of watching Trumbo try to play the outfield makes me queasy, most of what the O’s are doing now does as well so what’s the difference. Santander is showing some flashes but ultimately not producing. Rasmus is on the DL still with no signs of returning (could he even be done with that hip?) and has looked horrible anyway. Could we try Trumbo in right for a few weeks in hopes that playing the field wakes up his dormant bat? He is a career .857 OPS as a RF, compared to a career .703 as a DH. I think last year, in a SSS, he was better when playing the
  20. Thanks for posting. Glad they’re finally doing a dog day at the Yard. Definitely going to do that. The Sandlot day is great, too. I think that one is part of my 13.
  21. Without question, they should install WiFi. Makes little difference to me, but it’s all about improving fan experience and getting butts in the seats. Not everyone is like many of us, and can watch a game intently for nine innings. There are many, many casual fans who will be dissuaded from going to games if they can’t be connected, on social media, etc. It just is what it is. Kind of a no brainer to me.
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