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  1. Played in college. Too small for the pros.
  2. I don’t have a problem with people using heroin. I know lots of people who do. Just seems like all are illegal so why choose one.
  3. Any coronavirus cases in a MLB city yet?
  4. I assume he meant Carioca. It’s a strength drill that most athletes do as part of a warmup
  5. International money?
  6. Why is one ok but not the other?
  7. FYI - they listed Hays and Mountcastle in the Top 20 Rookies article in the section: Ten More Rookies To Know.
  8. Velasquez has made a couple of nice plays at short, not sure if he is consistent or not on routine plays though.
  9. There wouldn’t have been extra inning playoffs without his bat either
  10. VaBird1

    BA Top 10

    11 Kramer 12 Lowther 13 Hall 14 Wells 15 Rom 16 Zimmerman 17 McKenna 18 Stowers 19 watson 20 Sedlock 21 Fenter 22 Knight 23 Hanifee 24 Greiner 25 Hernaiz 26 Pop 27 Tate 28 Urias 29 McCoy 30 Bannon
  11. My kid didn’t even know DC had a team until he was 7 or 8. He thought people were wearing Walgreens hats 😂 I couldn’t have been prouder.
  12. One other thing he did on an ongoing basis was replace people with negative WAR for someone slightly better. The back of the roster was constantly being improved.
  13. That fits with my perception.
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