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  1. One thing that neither article mentions is that until the end of the 90s most players drafted did not play in college. Now they do, older and more developed.
  2. Kind of messed up that Betances is pitching in the AA playoffs.
  3. Same thing happened to me at my school!
  4. Perhaps, but he and Severino are tied for sixth best hitting performance on the team this year. 96 OPS+ is above average for a catcher.
  5. Just wanted to share why he might have been frustrated
  6. They should do it like NCAA football where you declare yourself champion.
  7. He gave up two hits on what would have been outs if the team was in a traditional defense.
  8. Mancini is the only righthanded bat in the lineup
  9. How many brooms do you think we will see in the stands?
  10. 1 bomb, 1 double, 1 backwards k
  11. That sounds way better than when the guys at church play it 😀
  12. When he left the mound he had given up 3 runs with two guys still on base. A ground ball double play would have made his line look good.
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