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  1. That is exactly what I was doing in my head as I read it 😂
  2. VaBird1

    Nunez DFA

    I liked what he did in center as well, but would like a lead off hitter that gets on base batter than he has. Even his SSS splits vs. RHP from last year aren't impressive. That said when he is playing well, I really enjoy watching him.
  3. VaBird1

    Nunez DFA

    Here is a configuration that gets him there: https://www.fangraphs.com/roster-resource/depth-charts/orioles
  4. VaBird1

    Nunez DFA

    Hopefully they think Nevin and Diaz are ready to move up. I would have gotten rid of someone like Sulser first if they just wanted a roster spot 🤷‍♂️
  5. VaBird1

    Nunez DFA

  6. Too bad they didn’t take Ottawa 😀
  7. 100% agree. Frederick, Bowie, and Norfolk help them keep a foothold in places that otherwise might be lost.
  8. It looks like Arthur Rhodes, Benitez, and Pennington did. 🤷. Don’t have the 40 man, but assume they were on it all season.
  9. Totally agree. It kind of made sense to see if he and Susler could improve last season, but now they need to let the other guys fight it out.
  10. VaBird1

    BA Orioles Top 10

    He listed Westburg as Best Defensive Infielder and Best Athlete in the system btw
  11. VaBird1

    BA Orioles Top 10

    Rutschman Rodriguez Hall Kjerstad Mountcastle Henderson Diaz Baumann Kremer Akin Meoili was the contributor
  12. Ruiz hits well against lefties. It’s right-handers that give him problems.
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