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  1. I had blocked Fowler from mind somehow 🤣.
  2. We’re there any from 2013-2016? Not given you a hard time, just don’t remember any. I think sucking is why most people don’t want to play for the Orioles.
  3. Like Steve Wilkerson?😁
  4. Steve Wilkerson isn’t exactly Ozzie Smith out there
  5. I had been think that he was a good fit, but didn’t feel like braving the reaction 🤠
  6. #1 and #2 seem really clear cut to me
  7. Somebody didn’t vote for Ripken.
  8. If Mancini isn’t traded, I totally agree. He has to go at that point unless he can magically hit again.
  9. I found that call curious too
  10. Don’t forget Chris Davis. He doesn’t fit either group.
  11. C- Cisco and Severino (I assume they split time) 1B - Mancini 2B - Alberto Ss- Iglesias 3B - I would like to see Nunez but think it will be Ruiz LF - Smith until Stewart is ready CF- Hays RF - Santander DH - Davis. I can’t wait until this is resolved somehow.
  12. VaBird1

    The Athletic

    I canceled the Post when they stopped covering the Orioles. There wasn’t any other local news in it besides sports.
  13. What if it was included in the ground rules?
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