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  1. My initial reaction was excitement. I then realized that the Orioles are so bad that I am excited to see a 33 year old journeyman pitcher purely because he throws a knuckleball.
  2. He’s been pitching well, hope he keeps it up.
  3. Why not just put the Yankees and Mets in the same division?
  4. I hate the DH but it looks like the NL will get it. That’s the only difference between leagues now. Umps are the same, no separate league offices, it’s all just for show.
  5. If they put the DH in the NL (as it sounds is likely) there isn’t any reason to not have a balanced schedule. The two “leagues” are now run by the same people and the DH is the only difference. Once that is gone they might as well put everyone together and you play each team the same number of times.
  6. Rutschman 2 Rodriguez 28 Hall 32 Henderson 88 Mountcastle 100 Kjerstad 109
  7. I don't think there is a rule against telling the batter which pitch is coming though...
  8. It’d be cool if the area where they grow turf next to the bullpen was in the field of play.
  9. Since Franco isn’t getting it done, I’d add Brannon to the group too.
  10. In the original list he was listed as “Just outside” FWIW. I’m excited about him.
  11. 2 Rutschman 11 Rodriguez 44 Hall 78 Kjerstad 90 Henderson
  12. I wouldn’t mind they Mickey Jannis show. Wynns will have to catch him though.
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