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  1. Here is there updated list: https://blogs.fangraphs.com/top-45-prospects-baltimore-orioles/ 45 players listed, maybe puts the Birds a tick ahead of the Yankees due to AR and Rodriguez. Though NY has a lot of 50s.
  2. He is coming back from TJ surgery, I believe
  3. VaBird1

    Play Ball

    I’m actually having a hard time remembering that.
  4. If the Orioles are even concerned with Ryan Mountcastle, I am happy.
  5. Here is the chart a lot of people use: https://www.drivelinebaseball.com/2019/01/deeper-dive-fastball-spin-rate/
  6. I am excited when I see Valaika’s name in the lineup but not Davis. Does that count?
  7. 1.5 WAR though which is the same as Hays and Mountcastle.
  8. ZIPS says yes. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/zips-2021-top-100-prospects/
  9. I think the first move is let Chris Davis go so a potentially productive player can be added to the roster. I would also try to trade King Felix.
  10. I might give Boston a 47% chance to finish 3rd.
  11. Longenhagen an McDaniel actually use him as the example of someone who shouldn't play infield. His arm is rated by McDaniel as a 45 on the 20-80 scale, but his arm utility is a 20. Arm utility is the assessment of whether or not your arm can make the plays needed in the infield. They hold him up as the perfect example of someone whose arm is passable in the outfield, but can't get the job done making all of the unique throws required in the infield.
  12. The hotel behind left field now blocks what was once a nice view of the skyline
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