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  1. Last time I checked Nick's used crabs from the bay in season, Louisiana out of season.
  2. I thought the topic was legitimacy of the World Series.
  3. More than when the Royals played the Giants in the World Series?
  4. The Orioles have an entire menu of those.
  5. They could take all the fielders off one side on the field and then all you have to do is hit it to that side. Oh, wait.
  6. Probably got together with Coolbaugh to work out 😂
  7. I meant the upper level players like Mountcastle, Diaz, etc. BTW I don’t have a huge problem with the beginning roster not having those guys if that makes the team better long term, just pointing out that there are some players intentionally being left of the active roster.
  8. To be fair, they are artificially the worst team. If they let the best 26 play, they would win more games.
  9. I also think they like the optics better. If those guys don’t report until late then it takes a while to get game ready and before you know it they have an extra year of service time.
  10. A lot of the people who think in a similar way to Elias and Mejdal believe that you can accomplish just as much training the players without minor league games. I guess we will find out. Might not hurt the young guys to hit live pitching that has played AAA or pitched a little in the majors even it is isn't a "real" game.
  11. That would be the standard interpretation of the rule, yes.
  12. The Orioles should ask if they can have a runner start at second in the first inning. 🤗
  13. That guy makes me feel like a praying mantis.
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