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  1. Chandler Shepherd fits the description 👀
  2. Another team can pay him league minimum and the Orioles pay the rest. Just like when they picked up Tony Bautista.
  3. That would be refreshing. Roch said Mountcastle will be getting regular time at 1B for the rest of the season, so that may help.
  4. VaBird1


    I was a college baseball player and drove five hours each way for it. Best decision I ever made.
  5. VaBird1


    It was absolutely stunning to be in stadium. I was surprised. Had goosebumps as it was happening.
  6. He can, but he is really a right fielder.
  7. Sisco and Severino should be getting a ton of at bats, he should be catching as much as needed to make that happen IMO.
  8. He and Bleier are both on the national team. Hope both of them pitch in the WBC next time. That team looked good without Bleier last time.
  9. Somehow they turned Chris Davis around to the IL. It was a brilliant move IMO.
  10. That is interesting. Maybe the Orioles wanted to try him in LF over 1B because he runs well?
  11. They think they saw something and fixed it in López. Hopefully they are right.
  12. That’s great! They changed Vavra from a 40 to a 45.
  13. He has looked good at the plate. It’s nice to see him hitting to all fields.
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