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  1. Serious question, why can’t they just fix the field today? Is it raining anymore? I live 10 miles away and it never rained here.
  2. Would t it be beasties It makes sense because the Orioles were winning? When the Yankees were winning in the same stadium, same situation the game ended.
  3. Your description made me laugh out loud all over again
  4. He had 4.79 ERA in Bowie.
  5. I don’t mean noise, I was referring to the ball. A grown athlete hitting a fly ball does different things than when someone hits you a fungo.
  6. Fungos can’t replicate what a ball does when hit by a major league player.
  7. I would assume Eshelman, Hess, and Phillips are most in danger of being sent down. They all have options and seem to be the worst three on the team.
  8. I think people find him redundant. The team has a ton of infielders, and as you pointed out, he does look like much of a hitter.
  9. I found it most enjoyable about then 😂
  10. It also mentioned that Akin is up to 70 pitches.
  11. Is this what it was like to watch Honus Wagner?
  12. Once again an impressively meager pitching matchup. 😬
  13. I think he would like Paradise. You can get the O's games on TV and radio, it's close to Philly and Lancaster and an easy drive to Baltimore.
  14. I was thinking that it was nice that he was hitting the ball somewhere.
  15. Diaz in RF, Hays CF, Santander LF, Núñez DH, Mountcastle 1B
  16. Maybe it’s metric time?
  17. These are guys hurt most by not playing, IMO. I hope they are able to play somewhere in the fall or winter.
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